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I met with Travis & Nina on a BITTER cold Sunday morning in January – most likely my coldest session yet!


You guys were awesome – even though it was FRIGID! I can’t wait to see your wedding photos!


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Mariah and I met on FACEBOOK!

We met for our session on a chilly afternoon – but it worked GREAT for our pictures!


Mariah – thanks SO much for asking me capture you! Have a GREAT senior year!

*G* – 6 MONTHS

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I love my . baby . clients – but they seem to grow SO fast!



Arica – I love love LOVE photographing your little guy! He is just so cute!


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9 months. So much happens in 9 months.

You can find out about a tiny life growing inside you and have it burst out with that first breath – in 9 months.

You start school in the fall as a senior and graduate in the summer – suddenly an adult – in 9 months.

You can watch that tiny life that burst out of you grow into a climbing – crawling – babbling – smiling – not so tiny (but still pretty small) baby – in 9 months.

You can fall head over heels in love.

You can watch your entire life change.

You can discover that a hug from your child is the best gift in the world.

You can marvel at God’s love – through the eyes of this little baby.

In 9 months.


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*C* was such a sweet little girl to photograph – I couldn’t get over how petite she is!


Louise – thanks so much for inviting me into your home! I loved spending time with your little one!


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Today Fitzy is 39 weeks old – on Saturday he will be 9 months! CRAZINESS!!

LOOK AT THAT FACE! He is such a happy guy! Still not sleeping through the night – nor the greatest – but we are working on it and gaining slowly!

He says dada and whispers kitty cat – which is strange since we don’t have a cat. He loves his “toes – ears – nose” learning book – we probably read it 20 times a day!

Yesterday marked 7 weeks pregnant with our newest little baby! I am still in shock and waiting for more symptoms to show up – but each pregnancy is different (so they say) – and I do feel pretty awful in the evenings this time around.

We’ve been off facebook since Saturday morning – and I will admit I do miss it. BUT – I was/am seriously addicted and needed to get my face out of the computer and spend time with this little growing guy and my hubby and my house and my laundry. We plan on a two week hiatus but I am hoping to stay off (dare I say it) forever! I will always keep blogging about our life and my clients and their beautiful faces! I will always email a sneak peek to my clients that they can upload to facebook – but I am so sick of the drama.

I’m sick of other photographers messaging be and blaming me for their problems. I’m sick of asking for forgiveness and people using facebook as a means of throwing it back in my face. I’m sick of writing a status and people being offended thinking it’s about them. I’m sick of seeing a status update and assuming it’s about me. I’m sick of liking a video or comment and getting crap from people who think it’s offensive. I’m sick of people assuming the worst about where I spend my time. I’m sick of family members who can’t grow up and tell me what their problem is. So – I’m done! If I can convince Jared to stay off too – then we won’t be back.

PS – don’t forget about that . babies . babies . babies . special! And don’t forget to keep up with my hubbie!


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Sheri has two of the cutest little kids!

Her little girl is betrothed to Fitzy!


*L* told me that he reads the paper EVERY SINGLE DAY! So we had to get a picture of that!

I love love LOVE that top picture!

She was such a little model for me!

Look at those two little teeth!

LOOK AT HER! She is such a doll!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dresser! And those shots!

Sheri – thank you SO much for having me into your home! I cannot WAIT to capture your family this summer!


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Baby *E* made his debut on Fitzy’s 8 month birthday! He is one of the five certain miracles we had been praying for – the third one to show his beautiful face!

He is tiny and sweet – such a little miracle!


I can’t even remember Fitzy being that tiny! They are just so perfect!

Melanie – he is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you!



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On Thursday – January 19th – Fitzy turned 38 weeks old!

38 weeks is the last picture I have since we had Fitzy before our week 39 picture could happen!

Here is a comparison at 38 weeks in and 38 weeks out!

He is such a happy – lovey – joyous – smart baby!

He can crawl – pull himself up to standing – wave – scowl – and loves to give hugs!

I cannot believe that as I sit here and type this – we have another little one on the way! Absolutely crazy!

I cannot wait to have a belly and to feel Fitzy’s little brother or sister move around! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant!

Some – if not all of you – may have noticed that we aren’t friends on FACEBOOK anymore. I deactivated my account – Jared and I both! We plan on a two week hiatus (if not longer)! It’s been a day and Jared and I have talked more – spent more time together – gone to sleep earlier – it’s AMAZING! I know that my barden photography page is also gone – which totally sucks – but it was we needed to do.

I will be updating my blog a little more with some personal stuff – and client photos as usual!

Don’t forget about the . babies . babies . babies . special!

. babies . babies . babies .

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. babies . babies . babies .

There are so many babies on the way!

I am feeling slightly anxious because I don’t have any of the symptoms I did with Fitzy when we were pregnant. With our first pregnancy I didn’t have any symptoms – and we lost that baby – it just makes me a little nervous! BUT – I am trusting that God is in control and has our little baby in His hands!

To celebrate all the babies on the way – and the babies that we are praying for that WILL be on the way – I want to offer a . babies . special!

For that first year of life I offer – maternity – newborn – 3 months – 6 months – 9 months – 12 months all for $1000 (which is a $200 savings) and comes out to $166 a session!

For those of you that don’t want to do belly shots – I offer – newborn – 3 months – 6 months – 9 months – 12 months all for $800 (which is a $200 savings) and comes out to $160 a session!

I also offer – maternity – newborn – 6 months – 12 months all for $700 (which is a savings of $100) and comes out to $175 a session!

Again – for those of you that don’t want to do belly shots – I offer – newborn – 6 months – 12 months all for $500 (which is a $100 savings) and comes out to $166 a session!

I know that some of you are JUST finding out about your pregnancies and want to wait a little longer to commit!

I will run a special until the end of March! If you put down your deposit – which is the amount of a session in your particular package – you will get a FREE 16 x 20 canvas print at the end of the first year! Your deposit must be in my hand by 3.31.2012!

I know that some of you are due right around when we are – I am taking off the month of July (but would open maternity spots if needed) and the months of September through February most likely (with some exceptions) but if you are willing to come to Mansfield for your newborn sessions – I can totally fit you in and make it work! For those of you in Mansfield I would just come to you!

If you are a former barden photography bride – you get an extra bonus!

When you choose the $1000 package – at the end of the first year you will receive a 30 page – 12 x 12 album of your sessions AND a 16 x 20 canvas print! You can choose one print or a collection of prints to display on your canvas!

When you choose the $800 package – at the end of the first year you will receive a 30 page – 12 x 12 album of your sessions OR a 16 x 20 canvas print! You can choose one print or a collection of prints to display on your canvas!

If you want to set up your sessions – jot me an email @ dcbarden(at)!

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