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Sometimes I’m a jerk. Sometimes I talk about people and get mad about things that never really happened – I just like to think they did. Sometimes I get jealous – really really jealous. Sometimes I state my opinion when in fact it would have been better in the long (and short) run if I had kept it to myself. Sometimes I’m selfish.

I want to be the hands & feet of Jesus – to go where He sends me. But I don’t want to be a jerk doing it.

Since starting barden photography – I’ve had the opportunity to mentor a few aspiring photographers – and it always seemed to burn me in the end. I’ve lost clients because bringing on an assistant didn’t work. I’ve lost clients to the people that were starting a business. I’ve been very VERY upset about this. I’ve felt cheated and hurt and in some ways betrayed. It’s been about MY feelings. I forget that I once was an aspiring photographer whose friends supported me. I started out at lower prices and clients came to me instead of “better – more established” photographers. I didn’t think of any of this then – because I wasn’t getting hurt. I’ve apologized and asked for forgiveness. I’m sure I’ve missed people. So – if I’ve been short when you asked for advice, if I’ve written a status on facebook that hurt you (which is a WHOLE other blog in itself) – if I haven’t encouraged you and supported you – I apologize.

When I decided to become a “photographer” and start my own business – I didn’t even think about having babies in the picture. Photography was my identity. Everything depended on the amount of clients and what clients stayed “loyal” to me. I’m having a VERY hard time with facebook lately. There are LOTS of photographers popping up all over – and I see my beautiful clients in their photos – and I think “why aren’t they in mine?” It shouldn’t matter – it doesn’t matter – in the long run. Why? Because it’s not why I’m here. It’s been an added bonus – but it’s not why I live and breathe. I live and breathe to share the love of Jesus. To be His hands and feet. To be a daughter – a sister – a niece – a friend – a wife – a mother. It’s awesome that God has given me this gift and vision to capture people. I’m thankful for that – and for all of you that I’ve met.

I’m not booking as quickly as I used to – and sometimes I freak out about that. I know that I am not the best – I know that I’m not the cheapest – I know that I am not that friend you are supporting with their new business. It still hurts. It still sucks. BUT – I am a momma now. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with this little boy. He is growing faster than I could have ever imagined and I feel like I am missing out – even though I am home with him. I have friends I’ve been praying for that are having babies. I have 20+ more friends that I am praying for to be blessed with babies. And I know that God is nudging me to focus on being a momma and a wife and a child of God – and a sister and a niece and a daughter and a friend.

And His hands and feet.




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Stacy has such a SWEET baby girl that I loved cuddling! I just can’t believe how tiny babies are – it doesn’t seem like Fitzy was EVER that small!

How cute is she!!

Stacy – thank you so much for welcoming me into your home to capture this beautiful time!


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Today is Fitzy’s 7 month birthday!

Starting last night at 6 and ending at midnight tonight – I am running a special!

EMAIL me at dcbarden@gmail.com to schedule your session or SESSIONS for 2012 and get $50 off per session!

I will need your deposit of $100 in my mailbox by Saturday – December 10th!

In your EMAIL give me some dates that you would like to schedule – we MUST book the session today with a concrete date. Emails that are received tonight till midnight will be locked in as long as the deposit is received by December 10th!

In 2012 I will be taking sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – you can check out my schedule to see what is open!

This special WILL NOT apply to mini-sessions if I decide to hold them or currently scheduled/booked appointments.


And because a post from a photographer isn’t a post without a photo – check out my sweetness – happy 7 months my love!


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I met Brandi on FACEBOOK! We set up a session for her little guy in early November and we got a BEAUTIFUL day!

Look at that face!! SO SWEET!

Brandi – thank you SO much for meeting me! *B* is so cute and I had a GREAT time!


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Do you believe in miracles?

I do. I’m not gonna lie – there was a time that I didn’t know if I did or not. Maybe for other people but not for me.

Missy and I talked many times about that very thing. I met Missy through my blog and FACEBOOK. We were both struggling with miscarriages and infertility. We both had (Missy & Cody still have) great danes. We clicked. We cried together. We had doggy dates. We prayed for each other.

Missy & Cody were at a point after several miscarriages and surgeries where their only options were in vitro or adoption. Their first in vitro experience was miraculous. They are now expecting a sweet baby boy next month!

I LOVE those shots!


Missy & Cody – I am SO thankful that God crossed our paths and we traveled this road together! I cannot wait to meet *A* and watch our babies grow up together! We love you!


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Melanie and I met on FACEBOOK and through my blog – we were both struggling with not getting pregnant and wanting a sweet baby. We met up for lunch a few times and she made Fitzy his favorite blanket – which I call his “melanie”. When Fitzy was born she came to the house to see us and had just found out she was pregnant with her own miracle – but was still keeping it a secret!

I have been praying and praying for Melanie and her husband to be blessed with a sweet one – and now our boys will grow up together!


Melanie has been wanting that last shot for maternity photos FOREVER! We call it the “dave & jenna” since I first took it with them!

Melanie – I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and am SO HAPPY for you!


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Katie and I have had this appointment set up for months! We met on the last day of October – a VERY brisk afternoon – but it worked out GREAT!

I could seriously shoot her all day!

Some of my favorites!!



I don’t watch Twilight but I imagine those photos having a Twilight-y feel!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!!!

Thanks SO much Katie! I had a great time! Have a great senior year and good luck with your college plans!

TRUDY & SCOTT – 10.22.2011

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I’ve known Trudy since the fall of 1999. She was one of the first faces that greeted me when I walked into my dorm at Philadelphia University. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to stay away from my family – I wasn’t ready for this! She was my RA and went above and beyond any duties she may have had that year!

She helped me get through the homesickness. She let me stay in her room when I needed a break from my roommates. She stayed up with me and talked. She let me cry on her shoulder.

When December came and it was time to leave – I was ready to stay. I had made the decision to transfer to Mansfield University – about 40 minutes from home – instead of 4 hours.

Trudy and I stayed in touch and made a point to see each other once a year – sometimes once a semester. I helped introduce her to Jesus! We wrote many, many emails back and forth. About school – God – boys – just life in general!

She was a bridesmaid in my wedding in 2004 and when she called me earlier this year to ask if I would be in hers – I was SO excited for her!

As some of you know – I have control issues. I think I can take on the world sometimes. I said – well I would LOVE to photograph your wedding but I would love to be a bridesmaid. I did both at Johna’s wedding and my sister’s wedding – I can do it! I just needed someone to come with me to take the photos that I am in! Usually my Aunt Lori does that job – thank goodness for her! But this was a 7 hour drive to Virginia – leaving on a Thursday and coming back on a Sunday.

My dear friend and fellow AMAZING photographer – Megan Hampton – kindly volunteered to go with me! It was a GREAT trip – we talked the whole way – making the drive seem SO much quicker! We get along really well and worked together smoothly. She took amazing photos for my dear friend and I am so thankful for that!

Any of the photos in this post that DO NOT have the “db” circle next to the barden photography text are photos that Megan took and I edited.

Scott surprised Trudy with these pearls at the rehearsal dinner!

I love Trudy’s dress – especially in this photo!

Megan took the photos of Trudy getting ready while I went outside with the guys!

I love love LOVE those shots! I don’t know why lately – but I am so in love with out of focus bride photos!


Scott only have ONE request – he HAD to have a picture of all the guys with their socks!

TRUDY – you’re married!!!!


I LOVE those perspectives!

Megan – THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING! You are an amazing photographer and a fantastic friend!

Trudy – I am SO SO SO happy for you! I love you dearly!


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I love photographing twins! Whether they are teeny tiny or high school seniors!

I’ll post Chad’s photos first –

And then Clint –

Their mom wanted some shots with their older sister Jenna!

Thanks so much for asking me to capture these moments for you! I hope you both have a great senior year!



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My new favorite – MATERNITY! It’s always been a favorite but lately I’ve been doing more and more and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results!

Kelly called me about pictures of her little guy and I knew right away I had to squeeze her in!

I love when clients trust my vision!

I really firmly believe that God is using me to tell baby stories. I know the heartache and struggle of losing a baby – trying to get pregnant – being told there isn’t a very big chance you might ever be – and then when you least expect it – you are! I am so thankful for this gift God has blessed me with!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture! My new favorite!!

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