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On Tuesdays – I have Sierra’s kids – every other Tuesday that is!

Her youngest son was intrigued by the DINO picture we have on the wall – so I told him I could give him one!!

I will never pretend to be a PHOTOSHOP expert – but it will make some kiddos happy!!

Which one is your favorite!?


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We showed up a little early for Missy’s session – so I took advantage of having my camera with me!

I LOVE coming to the playground and chasing your kids around – getting them in action – the BEST way to shoot – in my opinion!

We met up with Sierra and her kiddos for ice cream – and I took advantage of having ALL our kids together!!

8 – 3 – 8 – 10 – 6 months – 5 – 7 – 5!!

This mom thing – it’s not easy – and having a tribe – it helps SO MUCH!!!

Missy and I were close and we knew Sierra – but one day about two years ago – Sierra told me she wanted to make an effort to get to know Missy & I better – she needed a few 3 AM friends and she was hoping Missy and I might be those friends. And sometimes it’s hard to bring someone else into a close relationship – and people ask how we manage it.

We try. We make an effort. We are CRAZY busy – we all work – we all have family and other friends we spend time with – we sat down to try and figure out a time we could all have a sleepover for a weekend – and it was OCTOBER 26th before 2 of us said YES – we are FREE!! But the third wasn’t – so we said – let’s come back to this later. But sometimes it’s – hey – wanna do dinner NOW!? What are you doing in an hour!? We help each other. We encourage each other. We love each other and every kid in that picture – I love them. Missy loves them. Sierra loves them.

I love that our kids love each other. That this big group of kids – do they argue!? Yep. But do they love each other!? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I love you guys – SO MUCH!!!



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We were waiting for Amy to come out with the crowd of people – but we had to go in and FIND her! And I am SO GLAD we did!!

It’s been an emotional year – to say the least – and the tears flowed!!

AMY!! Thank you SO MUCH for asking me along to capture these AMAZING moments in your life!!

And Allison – whatever you do – make sure you LOVE it!!


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I met Amy last year when she asked me to take senior pictures for her daughter and her friends – do you remember the BREAKFAST CLUB session!?

Well – a year has passed already – and they’re graduating!

Amy asked me to come to graduation and photograph her daughter and their group of friends!

As I was sitting in the stands – looking at the program – I realized that I graduated high school 20 years ago that week.

And I had written a letter to my grandmother about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic (I had no interest in photographing people)!!

Not only was I sitting in a gymnasium full of kids exactly where I was 20 years ago – but I was also hired to take their photos! SURREAL!!

Stay tuned for the rest of graduation!!


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So – in case you missed it – my bestest friend had a baby.

And she’s almost five months old!!

I mean – that FACE!! LOOK AT THAT FACE!!


The boys love her. And she especially loves Fitzy!

Can you BELIEVE she’s almost 5 months old already!? I cannot!


This guy – and his crazy hair!!


He LOVES his baby sister!!

I mean – I know I’m biased because she’s my bestest – BUT – SO BEAUTIFUL!!

It was a chilly afternoon – BUT – the pictures MUST GO ON!!






Missy & Cody – I know you know how much I LOVE YOU GUYS – but I’ll say it again – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I cannot WAIT to meet this little girl!!


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Have I mentioned that my dearest best friend is having a baby!? I think I might have!

Aiden couldn’t WAIT to help open ALL the presents!!


That guy – he kept everybody laughing the entire time!

I am NOT a party planner. It’s NOT my thing! Turns out – it’s NOT Sierra’s thing either!




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If you read THE baby announcement – you know a little bit of Missy & Cody’s journey.

Cody recently encountered Jesus and it’s been AMAZING to watch his transformation!

He made the beautiful decision to be baptized!

So – I’ve known Sierra for a while now – since she and I were pregnant with Asa & Enoch – but only in the terms of yeah – I know WHO she is.

But – we’ve grown closer over the years. Her husband and Cody have gotten pretty close – starting with their shared love of ALL things car-related!

Missy & Sierra have gotten close while their husbands were growing their friendship.

Jared & Cody & Jose all get along really well. Sierra & Missy & I all get along really well. AND our kids LOVE hanging out with each other. WIN WIN WIN!!

Jose and our pastor Mark were in the water with Cody!

Everything was going smoothly – Cody got a little choked up giving his testimony – but nothing too weepy for the crowd – until …

Jose started to pray – then Cody was crying – I was crying – Missy was crying – and I’m guessing a few other people were crying!

Cody didn’t really care whether Sierra wanted a wet hug or not!

The ONLY blue-eyed kiddo IN THE BUNCH!

That guy – so much going on in that head of his. And Asa JUST turned FIVE! Enoch will be FIVE in November!

The ONLY GIRL in the bunch! FOR NOW!

CODY – I am so thankful to walk this journey with you and your family! I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU!!


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The Creation Museum is about 45 minutes north of the ARK – so when you go to one – you might as well go to the other!

The Creation Museum was even harder at keeping Enoch’s attention! It was a little bit of a rough day!

They advertised an encounter with one of the animals from the museum!

We looked EVERYWHERE for this place – and then it was just a couple of geckos – that you couldn’t touch. Just watch. The boys were NOT enthused!



We were surprised by how pro-dinosaur the ARK ENCOUNTER & the CREATION MUSEUM was!

Which made me QUITE HAPPY!

The dark side of Noah’s ARK – the people left behind. Ugh. Another part of the story you don’t really think about!

And when the ARK came to a stop. Can you imagine the thoughts when they first stepped out? It’s just US. Just 8 people. And a bunch of animals! (Also – did the animals STILL talk at that point?)

That guy – he fell asleep – he was DONE! So was Enoch!


Look at me boys! Hey! Guys! BOYS! LOOK AT ME!!

I LOVE THOSE SHOTS! Those Barden brothers!


But – I’m not a regular mom – I’m a cool mom!

We drove for a few hours and then stopped for dinner – then drove a little but more – and stopped for the night!

Enoch wanted to read his devotionals – just like you do MOM!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his book was upside-down!

That guy – he’s been putting us through the paces this past week and a half – but I’ll write more about that in an upcoming blog.

Find good friends. Friends that will love you and hug you and call you out. Friends that will help you. Friends that will love and discipline your children. Friends that will drive over 8 hours to see the ARK with you. Friends that you can journey through life with. Keep them close.

Friends – WE LOVE YOU!


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The boys had a few things they REALLY wanted to do this summer.

Taking a trip to Noah’s ARK was one of those things!

I mentioned it to Missy and she said – OH OH OH! We want to come too!

Our boys LOVE spending the night in hotels! We drove ALL DAY to Kentucky – and those boys – they were awesome!

When this guy is up for a quick photoshoot – we do a quick photoshoot!

We are up early in the morning anyway – so we got an early start!

Imagine what you MIGHT think the ARK will look like – the massive size – the biggest you can ever imagine.


That GIANT leaf!!

When you drive over 8 hours – you get the cheesy pictures!

I will say this – the ARK isn’t really for the little guys. Enoch is GO GO GO anyway – it was rough reminding him to wait and stay. And read. And wait. And read. Be patient.

It’s so crazy to SEE the ARK! Think about all the things that you don’t realize when you read the Bible.

They were on the ARK for 5 months – if I remember right. Where were the animals? In pens? Crates? What did they eat? Where did ALL the waste go? Did they fight? Did they reproduce while on the ARK? What did Noah and his family eat? The constant noise! The constant SMELL! How LONG it took to build the ark. Cut down the wood – transport the wood – put it together – seal it. BUILD ALL THE THINGS. PREPARE ALL THE FOOD!

And satan – I bet he wasn’t in the form of just a regular old garden snake. ALSO – ANIMALS SPOKE? Was Eve like – WHOA! WHAT! YOU SPEAK? Or did all the animals talk to them? Did she tell Adam that the serpent spoke to her and he was all – EVE! You CANNOT just tell people you can understand serpents! They’ll think you’re a PARSELTONGUE! ARE YOU A PARSELTONGUE!? (For those of you that don’t get that – it’s Harry Potter!) And he forgot to leave out that you will not surely die a physical death RIGHT NOW. But being removed from God’s paradise – that’s still a death.

And Cody’s shadow was PERFECT at that moment!

Have you seen Night at the Museum? The models and miniatures reminded us so much of that movie!

This one – we might not be building golden snake statues – BUT – what are we worshipping? (Speaking to myself here too!)

The company that built the ARK replica took advantage of the unmentioned parts in the Bible – giving names to the nameless – giving the characters a little backstory. Creative freedoms. They had a little movie about Noah and an interview with a tabloid newspaper – cus Noah was CRAZY! And people LOVE to hear all about the CRAZIES!

This is also interesting to me – the flood happened. It’s fact. I believe it. And I realize that not EVERYONE believes the Bible as truth – but it didn’t REALLY hit me until walking through the ARK. Would you go there and pay the price to tour if you didn’t believe? If you didn’t think it was truth? A part of history?

That serpent – there he is again.


Jared & Enoch are on that wall!

Mining for FOSSILS!!

MOM! I don’t think these goats are real – they MUST be fake! They don’t even MOVE!!

This yak – he heard Cody coming – and CLIMBED up his fence to see him!

Not just SEE him – KISS HIM!!

Tune in tomorrow to see our trip to the CREATION MUSEUM!!

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