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A friend posted on FACEBOOK about her FREE trial of BLUE APRON!

I messaged her and asked her how you go about getting one! Her friend is a member that uses it and had a few free trials to give away!

The first night – we made tempura fried cod and thai rice and salad! I don’t love fish – I’ve only ever liked it when my brother made it with about a stick a butter! But – it was YUMMY!!!

The second night – lamb and beef and mushroom stew with parmesan potatoes! Fitzy made most of it – and everyone but Enoch – ate every single bite!

The third night – grilled chicken and couscous – and I took some photos to document the process!

Fitzy wants to be a chef someday – so I encourage him to cook as much as he wants!

While the boys didn’t love the couscous – everything else was a thumbs up! And it was ALL a thumbs up for me!

BLUE APRON – we are LOVING this whole process and idea!

While I don’t think we will be weekly subscribers – from time-to-time we will probably sign up for deliveries!