*E* – 6 MONTHS

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Melanie’s little guy is 6 months old already – and just about one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!


Melanie – you look GORGEOUS!


Melanie – he is SO beautiful!


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I first photographed *G* when he was in his momma’s belly! The first year of this little guy’s life has FLOWN by!


OH MY WORD! I love love LOVE that shot on the right! He is SO HANDSOME!

He was such a happy boy with his cake – we put him in the pool to clean and cool off!

Arica – thank you SO much for choosing me to capture the first year of your little guy!


MELISSA & NICK – 6.16.2012

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I met Melissa at her twin sister’s wedding in 2010! I loved working with her family and have been looking forward to this wedding all year!

She was married in Rochester so my dad and Jared and Fitzy spent the day with my cousins and then joined me at the hotel later that night!

Nick waiting for his bride! I love being able to get that shot!

My fab assistant – Adam Murtland – got the shots of the guys while I focused on the girls!



Melissa & Nick – thank you SO much for asking me to capture your day! Adam – thank you for coming along and assisting!



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Jared and Jaime grew up together and we are blessed to be good friends with their family!

Jaime and Travis were blessed with their third sweet miracle two months after we had Fitzy – it’ll be fun to have them grow up together!

Little *L* was having some moments – but I clicked anyway – they turned out to be too good to miss!

*G* is such a sweet girl!

*L* did NOT want to stay in this crib – but he warmed up quick!


Jaime – thank you SO much for asking me to capture this BEAUTIFUL time for you! We love you guys!

*E* – 9 MONTHS

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*E* was such a little ham for our session!

I can’t believe how much she’s changed in just 3 months!

Sara – if we are ever blessed with a sweet girl – you HAVE to let me borrow this outfit!

OH MY HEART! I love this little outfit too!

I cannot WAIT to see you guys at her YEAR session – it’s gone way too fast!


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I met Brandy quite a while ago at Athens Wesleyan small group – I think! She married a guy I’ve gone to school with since I was in 3rd grade – I think! My memory is SO bad anymore!

Either way – I did her nephew’s newborn shots a few months ago and it was time for a BIG family session!

I couldn’t believe that *B* is 5 months old already – I feel like I JUST did his newborn shots!

OH MY WORD! I did *M*’s newborn and year shots – and cannot believe that she will be THREE!

Isn’t she SO SWEET!

Her little sister *M* – so sweet!


It was GREAT to see you all! I hope you LOVE your pictures!


BECKY & JOSH – 6.9.2012

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I’ve been looking forward to Becky and Josh’s wedding all year! When I walked in and saw her dress – I got even more excited!


Just as we got done with these photos – the rain started – lightly. Then it came down. Hard. The ceremony was outside – so we waited it out – but the rain kept coming. Becky held it together so well!

Waiting for the rain – it didn’t stop.We moved to the reception location for the ceremony – where it rained off and on most of the afternoon. But like I said – Becky held it together SO well!

We watched the skies closely and took any down time at the reception as a chance to get the pictures we needed!

Becky & Josh – thank you SO much for asking me to capture your wedding! If rain on your wedding day is good luck – you guys will have lots!


*E* – 2 YEARS

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Nicole has become such a good friend in the 2 years I’ve known her as a client! 2 years – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

I very rarely get smiling pictures of *E* – so I LOVE these ones!

Those might be my FAVORITE shots EVER of *E*!

Dustin & Nicole – we love you guys SO much!


*L* – 9 MONTHS

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I cannot believe that little *L* is 9 months old already!


Lauren – I am SO thankful that we met and you asked me to photograph your little guy!


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Fitzy is AMAZING! He is so smart and joyful! He isn’t walking by himself yet – and I tend to compare to everyone else and wonder why he is so far behind – but crawling gets him there faster!

He knows where is nose and his ears and belly button are – and LOVES looking for YOUR belly button too!

He says ball and dada and mama and book and baba and a few more! He loves to shake his head no and wave his arms when he means yes! He LOVES to be in the water and looks forward to his morning bath in the sink!

He LOVES to look through all his books before we get out of bed in the morning!

He has two more teeth coming in on top!


LOOK AT THOSE TEETH! My mom has a picture of me like this – we look SO much alike!

The past month has been so busy – crazy with weddings and photography and conferences and plans and just life in general!

I’ve been having migraines (which I was pretty much over) about every week or so the last month and I told Jared – after the 4th one in 3 weeks – that I must be pregnant.

When I was pregnant the first time in 2009 – I didn’t have any symptoms. When I was pregnant with Fitzy – I had migraines and morning sickness and was SO tired. When I was pregnant this January – I didn’t have any symptoms – which is how I knew that we would be miscarrying.

Well – I took a test and had an appointment this morning – and the results are in!

We are pregnant!

I’m excited and scared. Mostly scared. This is our 4th pregnancy with 2 out of 3 ending in miscarriage. If we have another miscarriage – we are done. It’s too hurtful and emotionally taxing. I’ve been a little crampy and then remembered that I was with Fitzy in the early early weeks.

This baby would be due March 19th. Our first miscarriage was March 17th. So – I’m praying that this baby is intended for our arms and will complete our little family!

We are sharing so early because we covet your prayers! Pray that this little baby is healthy and comfy in my belly. Pray that we could be excited and not spend our days in worry.

And pray that those women and men out there crying out for babies of their own have their miracles!

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