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Michele won a family session in June and after several rainy days – we finally got her session in!

I LOVE those shots!

Michele – I hope you LOVE your photos!


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At the end of September – we spent the day with our friend Aszur and her family!

She took a few shots of us on their property – thank you Aszur – I LOVE them!

I am so in love with our little family! It’s been a difficult year – and we are so looking forward to moving on and embracing what life has in store for us – even if it’s more rough roads (which seems to be the norm for us).

*S* – 3 MONTHS

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I love when clients get gift certificates for their family!

Holly gave Megan a gift certificate for her little guy *S* and we finally figured out a time for pictures!

Normally – 3 month olds are the hardest for me to photograph – but this little guy was WONDERFUL!


My parents have a BEAUTIFUL property! This little patch of trees worked perfectly for our session!

Megan – it was GREAT to meet you and cuddle your little guy!

Holly – thanks SO much for giving the gift of photography!


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Seventeen. I cannot believe that Fitzy’s been here for 17 months!

I brought Fitzy along on a session – which I don’t like to do – but Jared was along in no time to pick him up!

OH MY HEART! I cannot even deal with the cuteness!

I LOVE that series – so sweet!

One more shot – on my way home from the session with the *B* family that night!



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Dillan entered the *B* family into the BEAUTIFUL contest earlier this year – and his submission won them a free session!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Dillan – thanks SO much for nominating this BEAUTIFUL family!

Michelle & Phil – you guys are AWESOME!


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I met with Megan on a BEAUTIFUL morning for her senior session!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo!

I LOVE those shots!

The last shots are usually my favorites – and this time was no exception!

Megan – thanks SO much for asking me to capture your senior photos! I had a GREAT time!


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I very rarely do sessions in my backyard – but I wanted to make sure I fit these cute sisters in – and it worked out GREAT!

My BFF – Johna – got me the white baby carriage for my birthday last year – she knows the way to my heart!


OH MY HEART – I cannot get over this carriage! The only downfall is that I can’t get it into my car – so you’ll have to come to my backyard if you want it in your next session!


*K* – thank you SO much for bringing your girls for a sweet session! I hope to see you again!


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I met with Melvin & Heather for their maternity session in August!

They were gifted a newborn session for their sweet little miracle – which reminds me – GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE A GREAT IDEA!

This chair – I fell in LOVE with this chair! I told them it might come up missing!

Absolute perfection!

You guys are so blessed! I can’t wait to watch your little guy grow!


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Today is Thursday – October 11th – your 3rd birthday. I have a dear friend who has a daughter your age. It’s bittersweet. I love watching her and witnessing her growth – but it reminds me of the little boy you would be.

I truly believe that you had your daddy’s eyes – a sea green. You would probably be tall like your little brother. You would love Fitzy. You would be building legos together and reading books. You would love your grandparents and spend all day in the field with gpa Trout or dancing with gma Barden.

I have a picture of you in my head – but sometimes I just like to keep it safe in there instead of describe how you look to me.

You’ve got your hands full in heaven – with a little brother and sister – cousins too. I’ve wondered before if you have birthdays in heaven – but I’d like to think you do.

Today you’ll play with your little friends – maybe run through a sprinkler. You’ll open presents – mostly just cotton candy – since it’s easily made in the clouds. You’ll eat cake and ice cream. It will be a great day!

I’ve been really sad lately. I’ve been really angry. And jealous. Your daddy struggles with anxiety – and it’s been pretty bad lately. I’m trying to help him – but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m wishing for the year to be over – we lost two more babies this year and it seems like it’s been years since it happened. I take pictures of people that have babies when we should have. It’s hard. I love capturing those moments for them but I can tell you that I cry on the way home. Sometimes even on the way there. It’s funny how time as a whole seems to go SO fast but as a day by day process – it creeps by at an extremely slow pace. We found a house we loved. It didn’t work out. I’ve been so very sad about it. I’ve been so angry with people that were able to move whenever they wanted. I’ve been so jealous. I’m trying to be excited about this house we are in. But when I look around at all that NEEDS to be done – I get sad again. We need to do SO much to this house to make it even remotely what we might want. I see a mountain – that I don’t want to climb. A mountain I never wanted to be standing on in the first place. Maybe it’s because I’m home all day and I just see every little thing that I don’t like. Sticking it’s tongue out at me – teasing me. But I’m having a very hard time accepting that we are here. To stay.

I’ve also had a really hard time trusting. It’s been a really hard year and your daddy and I know that we will get through this rough patch – but the hits keep coming – knocking me down again and again.

I feel like God has forgotten me. Seriously.

Now you have to understand something about me that might surprise you – or not. I have control issues – you know this. But I also have trust issues – because I have control issues. When you think you’re in control – the only person you trust is – yourself.

I don’t trust God – wholeheartedly. THAT might surprise you. I talk about it a lot – that God is in control and He will do what He does. But when I really truly think about it – I don’t completely trust Him. Or maybe it’s better put this way – I don’t trust that He will indeed make it all good.

I just needed to get it all out there – and since you are hanging out in heaven with JC all day – I thought maybe you could cheer me on as I try to embrace a new attitude of trust. I want to be happy in His will – not just wishing I was.

Little Enoch – we miss you terribly down here. I can’t believe that we’ve spent three years without you in our arms. I never knew your face but I see it everyday. I never heard your voice but I hear it now and then. You are loved. You are missed. But for some reason – heaven needed you more than we did.



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Bridget is a fellow photographer and holds an EXTRA special place in my heart – she captured the birth of our sweet Fitzy!

We’ve been planning this session for MONTHS! We FINALLY got it in – and I’m glad we waited – it was BEAUTIFUL!

Bridget – I know you are like me and you HATE being in front of the camera – but I truly LOVE these shots of your family!

OH MY WORD – that shot of your three kiddos – LOVE IT!

I prefer the top shot – just because it’s the way I shoot – but I added the cropped version – just in case!

Sweet *E* – such a happy girl!

Bridget – thank you SO much for all you’ve captured for us! I hold the photos you took for us dear to my heart and I hope you treasure these ones too!

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