I'm Danielle.

My maiden name is Trout & my dad wanted to name me Rainbow! Rainbow WOULD have been a much more interesting name!!

Jared & I have been married 15 years! We have been through A LOT in just 15 years of marriage. I love him. He loves me SO VERY WELL. We have 2 boys - Fitzgerald (8) and Enoch (6).

I love babies but I never want another one in my house.

I love the smell of spring in Mansfield.

I love thunderstorms.

I love the color purple - not the movie - the actual color.

My favorite movie is Jurassic Park - since the moment I saw it in 6th grade.

I usually write in ALL CAPS & don't like odd numbers.

I tend to speak my mind.

I know the power of finding your people & loving them hard.

I take photos of your life - a crazy & beautiful & painful & joyful life.

I love spending an hour in the life of YOU! Creek exploring. Playing instruments. Having a picnic. Hiking. Sledding. Having a backyard fire. Going to the playground. The things you LOVE to do!

Seemingly insignificant moments are my FAVORITE moments. Tying your son's shoes. Brushing your daughter's hair. Holding a little hand. Wiping a tear away.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in Jesus & His power to alter your life.

I want to pray for you - walk through your joys & your heartaches.

While I pretty much photograph ALL the things - I especially LOVE weddings & pregnancy & birth & babies & families!!

I love weddings but I also LOVE marriages. Jared & I are part of Marriage Encounter (a weekend experience to renew & refresh your marriage) & it's one of our FAVORITE weekends of the year!!

I love pregnancy & birth & babies & I have a soft spot for those that are longing to have a baby in their arms. We lost 3 pregnancies & those losses changed every fiber of our existence. I pray for & cry with couples who yearn for children. When I get to photograph those same couples with babies in their arms - it's indescribable.

Let me spend an hour in the life of YOU!!



*I might be pretty talented - but I'm not talented enough to take my OWN family photos - my friend and fellow photographer Megan Hampton took that AMAZING photo of Jared & I!!