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I am so excited to announce some new products that I’m able to offer!

I will still be offering the albums and canvas prints I always have. I have ADDED some top-quality products to go along with them!

I will be working with LIFETIME to bring you flush-mount albums – there are three different options!







*photos provided by LIFETIME*

I will also be offering canvas prints and albums through White House Custom Colour!











*photos provided by WHCC*

If you are interested in any of these products – please let me know!!!!!


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A new chapter is starting for BARDEN PHOTOGRAPHY!

I am offering some new services, a community outreach contest, and an additional photographer.

Lots of you know that KT joined us this year – booking 11 weddings for 2010 so far!

If I am booked for your wedding – you have the option to still use barden photography and KT will be your photographer.

KT now has her own blog and her own schedule! If you would like to inquire about KT’s prices – jot me an email!

You will also notice that the banner has changed at the top of the website – if not you might need to refresh – focusing on seniors.

Mandy & Jason – thank you so much for being my cover models these past few months!

Melissa – welcome as the new face of barden photography!

I am so excited about senior photos this year! I have already surpassed my over 30 goal – and that was for the class of 2010.

My goal for the class of 2011 is … 100 seniors – from any and all surrounding schools!

I only have about 2 open dates for weddings this year and already have 4 for 2011!

KT has lots of open dates for 2010 – check out her schedule if you are interested!

As I look ahead at the future of barden photography I am humbled and amazed that I have the support of so many of YOU!


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I have new pricing options!

I am still working on a price list for all the products that we will have to offer – but you can check out the new prices on the pricing page!


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I will be changing my packages and pricing soon – hopefully to be effective 9.1.2009!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!


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bc-back bc-front

My business cards! Thanks again to Kelli Hurtzig for all her hard work!


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I have been thinking about having a watermark and logo designed for quite some time. Jared works with a graphic designer who said she would love to help out!

Her name is Kelli Hurtzig –

She was so patient and did an amazing job of creating just what I was looking for!

We will be applying this change to the website soon!

Here is the finished LOGO!


I will be getting new business cards and now have an AWESOME watermark too!

Thanks again Kelli!

Pricing info …

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Check out the new additions under the pricing page –

make sure to click the link for the package type!

Thanks to my wonderful hubbie!

What a night …

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I have Tuesday afternoons off work at the clinic – and Jared did not feel well yesterday so he slept all morning. I came home from work- made lunch – took some clothes to the dry cleaners – dropped off *K*’s senior pictures to her mom – did laundry – and worked on my ideas for updating my website.

At 3 I has an appt. with my doctor for my recurring stomach issues. Lately I haven’t been able to get up or go to bed without a nagging stomach ache – I am thinking it’s just stress. My appt. was at 3 – like I said – at 3.30 I got up to ask the receptionist when I would be taken in – she said I was next. At 4 they called my name – and 4.30 the doctor came in. Now – I know that I work in a PT clinic so it’s a little different but I have never EVER had to have a patient wait that long! So I described my symptoms and they want to test me for an ulcer! So I was right – ulcers are caused by stress, right? Wrong.¬† Seems that they are caused by a bacteria in your stomach. So we have to set up that fun appt. (if you could pray for me that God heals me without even having to go get checked out – that would be wonderful)

So I thought we would stop at Verizon on our way to vote ‘cus my phone has stopped alerting me of missed calls and voice mails. We were at Verizon for about 50 minutes with the guy on the phone with the tech and resetting my phone and then reinstalling my phone and then resetting my phone and good news is that the VM and missed call alert works but now my phone goes straight to VM when I get a call. So now after almost an hour wait I am getting a new phone shipped to me!

Verizon is right across the street from the Boro building so we walked over to vote – the line was out the door and around the sidewalk up to the church! We voted in 2004 and we had to wait maybe 10 minutes – if that. This year – 42 minutes later – we voted. I was numebr 1212 at 6.42 PM. It will be interesting to see how Tioga County voted as a whole.

It was an afternoon and evening of waiting – which tired me out – I fell asleep at 9.30 while Jared and I watched coverage of the election!

I think I must have been in line waiting for more nervousness and worry to be handed out when God was giving out the qualities of patience and sympathy!