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We spend our summers outside. The past two summers have been spent creek exploring. WE LOVE IT!!

In September – I asked Megan if she would take photos of us in our FAVORITE creek!!

BUT – we grabbed a few shots with the neighbors first!!

The boys brought some LEGOS with them. Because this shale is the PERFECT place for LEGOS!!


That might be my FAVORITE picture of us!!


Those shots – they mean the WORLD to me!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH MEGAN!!!! These are my FAVORITE family photos yet!!!


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When the sun starts setting earlier – I need to be with you beautiful people before Jared gets out of work.

Jared’s parents live right next door & while they are still here and not traveling the winter away – they keep the boys for us.

She LOVES the silhouette shots and had been asking to fit them in somewhere – but my late fall schedule was completely packed!!

Unfortunately – someone had to cancel because their son was pretty sick and needed to recuperate.

So I scheduled a silhouette session for them!

She had asked if I would bring the boys along – I had planned to surprise them anyway!!

It’s a BIRD!! It’s a PLANE!!



He wasn’t scolding him – but it sure looked like he was!!




They said – can you get a picture of us fighting!?


THANK YOU for watching those sweet boys while I take photos of beautiful people!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!


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Last week we met up with my friend Megan at our FAVORITE place in Mansfield to have our family photos taken!!

When I get them ALL back – I’ll show you!

But here are a couple – just because!!

This might be my FAVORITE picture of us – EVER!!! This is my favorite spot on the creek – and that’s my favorite guy!!

When we started – I told Megan I wanted mostly all lifestyle shots of us just exploring the creek – like we’ve done SO MANY days this summer!

But I did want one of all of us looking at the camera – THIS IS PERFECT!!

And THIS ONE!!! This is EXACTLY what I had envisioned in my head!

It’s SO VERY hard to NOT take your own family photos – and while I ALWAYS love our photos with Megan – this year – they were AMAZING – exactly what I envisioned!!

And I’ve only seen a handful of shots!

After our photos we went to dinner – ICE CREAM!!

Those boys – those amazing miracles!

Did you know that I never buy clothes for family photos!?

Typically I pick my outfit and then Jared picks his around that. And then I go through the clothes for the boys and pick out something that will compliment the colors we have!!

The boys are OBSESSED with basketball right now and I found these REAL basketball jerseys on clearance at WAL*MART and they LOVE them.

So when they asked if they could wear them for family photos – ABSOLUTELY!! Because that’s how I want our family captured – REAL.

After ice cream we went to Mara’s for a little fire and some fireworks to celebrate Becca’s birthday a little late and Jared’s birthday a little early!

This is the first time my kids have ever really SEEN fireworks! When Fitzy was little – we took him but they were too loud and he never wanted to see them after that!


That Mara – WE LOVE HER!!!

Get together with your people. As often as you can. I promise you – it will make ALL the difference!!

Becca and her baby Grace – you MUST make sure to grab that little girl before Becca does – because you will NEVER get her after she grabs her!!

Did you know that I LOVE grainy photos!? They’re my favorite!!

I am SO glad that I thought to grab my camera before we left!!


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Our friend Becca had a birthday. We were planning on getting together for a bonfire – a FANCY bonfire as per Becca’s request – but storms were in the forecast.

SO – we moved the party to our house!

Enoch wanted to make some signs for the party!

It wasn’t a SURPRISE – but the WE LOVE YOU SORTA – all their idea!!

Fitzy wanted to DRESS UP too – so he borrowed a skirt and a jacket from my closet!!



Becca really does care about us – but give her that baby – and we don’t exit anymore!

Because babies are the BEST birthday gifts!!



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I had a wedding last weekend – did you know that I LOVE weddings!?

I was charging batteries and checking over my equipment and Enoch wanted some pictures taken!

And now that I have this BRIGHT kitchen and a WHOLE LOT of space – I didn’t even have to ask him to move to the living room!

He’s lost his two bottom teeth and those two top teeth and just hanging there!

Sometimes I forget that he’s only 5 – closer to 6 than not – and then sometimes he feels so little still!

THERE’S the REAL smile!!

He starts kindergarten soon – THREE WEEKS!!

I remember trying to figure out what grade Fitzy would be in when Enoch went to kindergarten – and HERE IT IS ALREADY!

We’ve had such a fun summer and I plan on doing ALL the fun things with the three weeks we have left!!


Do you have a youngest kiddo at home going off to school this year!? What will you do with your time during the day!?


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On Tuesdays – I have Sierra’s kids – every other Tuesday that is!

Her youngest son was intrigued by the DINO picture we have on the wall – so I told him I could give him one!!

I will never pretend to be a PHOTOSHOP expert – but it will make some kiddos happy!!

Which one is your favorite!?


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We showed up a little early for Missy’s session – so I took advantage of having my camera with me!

I LOVE coming to the playground and chasing your kids around – getting them in action – the BEST way to shoot – in my opinion!

We met up with Sierra and her kiddos for ice cream – and I took advantage of having ALL our kids together!!

8 – 3 – 8 – 10 – 6 months – 5 – 7 – 5!!

This mom thing – it’s not easy – and having a tribe – it helps SO MUCH!!!

Missy and I were close and we knew Sierra – but one day about two years ago – Sierra told me she wanted to make an effort to get to know Missy & I better – she needed a few 3 AM friends and she was hoping Missy and I might be those friends. And sometimes it’s hard to bring someone else into a close relationship – and people ask how we manage it.

We try. We make an effort. We are CRAZY busy – we all work – we all have family and other friends we spend time with – we sat down to try and figure out a time we could all have a sleepover for a weekend – and it was OCTOBER 26th before 2 of us said YES – we are FREE!! But the third wasn’t – so we said – let’s come back to this later. But sometimes it’s – hey – wanna do dinner NOW!? What are you doing in an hour!? We help each other. We encourage each other. We love each other and every kid in that picture – I love them. Missy loves them. Sierra loves them.

I love that our kids love each other. That this big group of kids – do they argue!? Yep. But do they love each other!? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I love you guys – SO MUCH!!!



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I truly believe that every child should grow up with a farm!!

Ebony thinks that Enoch and Fitzy are her cow friends – or maybe she thinks she is a person like them!

That little kitten found a home a few weeks ago!!

THESE are the memories I put on my walls!

Enoch is VERY bothered by the flies that stay on Ebony – so he thought if he held on to her – they would leave her alone!

That guy …

They’ve stopped counting at 20 – because – farm life means an abundance of farm cats. Because people love dropping off their cats in the country.

That one – she is such a sweetie – and she already found a home!

That’s Red’s sister – Blondie. It’s how we decorate the farm – and my kitchen!!


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My parents have a small farm – and Enoch LOVES the cows! He has loved them since he was a baby – even though their MOO scared him so much he shook!!

Right now they have a baby girl that needs bottle fed! E was SUPER excited to help make the formula AND feed her!

ALSO – if you want a little kitten – they’ve got LOTS to pick from!!

Her name is Ebony! Her mom kicked her in the head and wanted nothing to do with her – so my parents adopted her!

I rarely take REAL pictures of my kiddos anymore – it’s something that I struggle with – living in the moment or living behind the camera capturing the moment.

I’m so happy I pulled my camera out for THESE moments!!


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15 years ago we said yes. i do. always.

he loves me so well and the depth of my love for him is so different than that moment.

our lives are so different yet the same in some ways.

we’ve changed and grown. together.

it’s been happy and sad. fun and scary. slow and fast.

i wouldn’t want anyone else by my side through everything life has thrown at us.

we’ve gone through 5 vehicles. we’ve been in times of want and times of plenty. unbearable physical pain. losing jobs. moving in with parents. self-employment. one puppy. 3 miscarriages. infertility. 2 miracle babies here on earth. depression and mania. my love languages aren’t his strong points. his love languages aren’t mine. getting too close to someone else. skunks. raccoons. sleepless nights. babies in our bed. addictions. doubts. moving into this house and all that comes with it. moments of heartache and moments of heartburst.

we were supposed to be sitting somewhere with our feet in the ocean and only each other. but. this house happened. so instead we sit on the deck with our children and the people who have stepped into our lives. the people who have been in our lives. the people who have listened as we cried and said STAY instead of LEAVE. choose love. choose grace.

15 years. we cannot be old enough to be married 15 years.

he loves me at my worst and holds me at my weakest.

i love him.


and now – a few things have changed!!

i miss those people in the pictures from 15 years ago so much!!

it’s amazing how life doesn’t look anything like i thought it would yet i wouldn’t change it because it’s made us who we are.

and i’m so thankful for the people in today’s pictures!

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