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I held a little contest on FACEBOOK recently – post a picture of your kiddos outside doing what they LOVE!!

And you get entered to win a FREE mini session at the creek!!

Desiree WON!!

Her littlest had just woken up – and was NOT in the mood for any creek exploring or photos!

MY FAVORITE SHOTS!! A different perspective – one I happen to LOVE!

Mini sessions can be hard for the kiddos that need time to warm up to the thought of a stranger with a camera in their face!


ONE LAST CHANCE to get a smile!



I WON in the end – I usually do – a SMILE – even a few smiles!

Always let them be silly!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making the trip to Mansfield! I hope I see your family again soon!!


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On Tuesdays – I have Sierra’s kids – every other Tuesday that is!

Her youngest son was intrigued by the DINO picture we have on the wall – so I told him I could give him one!!

I will never pretend to be a PHOTOSHOP expert – but it will make some kiddos happy!!

Which one is your favorite!?


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We showed up a little early for Missy’s session – so I took advantage of having my camera with me!

I LOVE coming to the playground and chasing your kids around – getting them in action – the BEST way to shoot – in my opinion!

We met up with Sierra and her kiddos for ice cream – and I took advantage of having ALL our kids together!!

8 – 3 – 8 – 10 – 6 months – 5 – 7 – 5!!

This mom thing – it’s not easy – and having a tribe – it helps SO MUCH!!!

Missy and I were close and we knew Sierra – but one day about two years ago – Sierra told me she wanted to make an effort to get to know Missy & I better – she needed a few 3 AM friends and she was hoping Missy and I might be those friends. And sometimes it’s hard to bring someone else into a close relationship – and people ask how we manage it.

We try. We make an effort. We are CRAZY busy – we all work – we all have family and other friends we spend time with – we sat down to try and figure out a time we could all have a sleepover for a weekend – and it was OCTOBER 26th before 2 of us said YES – we are FREE!! But the third wasn’t – so we said – let’s come back to this later. But sometimes it’s – hey – wanna do dinner NOW!? What are you doing in an hour!? We help each other. We encourage each other. We love each other and every kid in that picture – I love them. Missy loves them. Sierra loves them.

I love that our kids love each other. That this big group of kids – do they argue!? Yep. But do they love each other!? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I love you guys – SO MUCH!!!



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As promised – the rest of Missy’s session – because I can’t STOP!!

And because I can – this is Missy and her family 7 years ago compared to Missy and her family NOW!!

And it’s crazy – I was photographing my new friend Missy and now I’m photographing my best friend Missy!

She kinda loves her momma – just a little bit!!

BROTHERS!! And those crystal clear blue eyes!!


Missy SEVEN years ago with her baby boy! AND NOW – with her baby girl!!

I really wanted to recreate that photo from 7 years ago – but this girl will not gently sit on her dad’s arm and stay still!


She was SO HAPPY standing up and dancing!!

We’ve decided that Missy must be a vampire – has she even aged!?

Jared and the boys came with me to our session – because we were meeting up with Sierra for ice cream – so once we were done they NEEDED to take a photo of Missy & Cody themselves!

And I think this is one they took – but I’m not totally sure!

It must have been – because I moved in closer once I saw what they were snapping!

I couldn’t pass up that photo!! THAT was the face I was looking to recreate!!

MISSY & CODY – I know you know – but I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

It’s amazing – because I picked up a camera and decided to write about our hurts – Missy and I went from new friends to BEST friends!

ONE decision – just ONE decision – shapes your ENTIRE life!!!


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If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time – you know who Missy is.

And you know she had a baby girl 6 months ago – CAN YOU BELIEVE it’s been SIX months!?

But – she also has this guy – who will be EIGHT this December!

And she has that guy – who is 19! And I’m gonna get that shot of those brothers for as long as I can!


Sweet baby girl – words escape me. This baby girl has been prayed for. Waited for. SO MUCH!!

That middle guy – the littlest big brother – he could NOT stop looking at that baby girl!

He said – Danielle. Do you know what!? Grace is BEAUTIFUL. Isn’t she just BEAUTIFUL!?

THOSE FACES!! Missy – I know you know – but LOOK at your CHILDREN!!






Stay tuned for the rest of their session!!


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Jack has a Christmas birthday – and winter in PA is usually NOT the best time to take outdoor portraits!!

So – we had a half-birthday shoot!!

Jack will be FIVE this Christmas! FIVE!? Gah. How is that possible.

Last year he was diagnosed with Autism. He had a pretty severe speech delay.

And now. NOW. I can’t get together with my sister and him without crying.

He talks SO MUCH. He understands SO MUCH. He asks SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Did you know that finding a therapy that works for YOU and YOUR child is THE KEY!!

Go with your gut – and sometimes you have to go with the gut of the people that love you and want the best for you.

Sometimes a diagnosis is TERRIFYING. The thought of a diagnosis is crippling.

And sometimes a diagnosis is THE KEY.

Jack is kind. Jack is empathetic. Jack is FULL of questions. And a while ago – he wasn’t.

And my sister cried because he wasn’t talking. And now we cry because he doesn’t STOP talking!!

This is where his mom & dad said YES – FOREVER!!


NOPE – THAT one is my favorite!!

And one of us together – because I don’t think I have ANY of us together!!

I think he looks more like me than my sister – if he looks anything like anyone except his dad – because he’s his clone!

JACKIE BOY – we love you so much and are SO PROUD of all you’ve done and all that you WILL do!


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My sister came to visit in July – so we all stayed at the farm together!!

I posted a blog recently where Enoch helped my mom make food for Ebony and feed her. Jack hadn’t been able to help yet – so Enoch had to step aside – which was HARD for him.

You know what else is hard!? Navigating boundaries and relationships with your siblings when you all have kids and parent differently!

My sister lives 3 hours away and my brother about 6 – we live about 45 minutes from my parents. We see them quite often.

And when we are all visiting together – I have a hard time. Because I want to see my family and I want my kids to experience their cousins. BUT I also want my niece and nephews to experience G & Pa without my kids there monopolizing ALL the time and attention!!

SO – Enoch had a little bit of a hard time handing it over to Jack – because we are a selfish race!

AND – he ended up doing really well with the sharing! After his initial whining of course.

Jack is 13 months younger than Enoch – but they’re about the same size – the Trout genes are strong!!

THOSE GUYS – Jack only calls him Enochguy and Enoch usually calls him Jackieboy!

I LOVE THAT SHOT!! Makes me laugh every single time!!

That’s Red and her gorgeous little guy – Brownie!!

I hope we have a few more years with Red!!

Jack with his little arm around G – I know that everyone loves their mom – but our mom is AMAZING!!!

THAT FACE!!! Like I said – EVERY CHILD should grow up on a farm!!

That guy – look at how GROWN UP he is looking!!

THAT SHOT – I see teenage Enoch in that face!!

ALSO – if you need a cat – if you want a cat – DO YOU WANT A CAT!? My parents might have a few you could take!!

Do you drop off your pregnant cats at farms – PLEASE don’t.

We are NOT bringing a kitten home – but if we did – it would be that one!!


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I managed to catch a few shots of this little guy without him noticing!

THE WHOLE FAMILY – the ones that were able to make it!

Black & white moments – my favorite moments!

I LOVE THAT SHOT!! Exactly what motherhood feels like – beauty & chaos.

He wasn’t crying – but that face would tell you otherwise!

THIS IS THE LIFE – sitting on the lake – surrounded by your family – your grandchildren – enjoying the place you’ve loved for so long!


Grandparents that jump in the lake with their grandchildren – are the BEST!!

Jenna – thank you so much for asking me to photograph your family at such a special place for you all!!


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I’ve been taking photos for Jenna for a LONG time! Nearly 10 years I think!!

THIS time she wanted the WHOLE family – the ones that could make it – to join in on a session!!

He did NOT want to be without his momma for a picture – but it’s still so beautiful!!

Jenna and her kiddos!! Her hubby wasn’t able to make the trip home this time but hopefully next time he’ll get in on pictures!

THEY HAVE GROWN TOO MUCH – SOOO MUCH! *E* was just a baby when I started taking their photos!! AND NOW LOOK AT HIM!

Stay tuned for the rest of their session!!



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I truly believe that every child should grow up with a farm!!

Ebony thinks that Enoch and Fitzy are her cow friends – or maybe she thinks she is a person like them!

That little kitten found a home a few weeks ago!!

THESE are the memories I put on my walls!

Enoch is VERY bothered by the flies that stay on Ebony – so he thought if he held on to her – they would leave her alone!

That guy …

They’ve stopped counting at 20 – because – farm life means an abundance of farm cats. Because people love dropping off their cats in the country.

That one – she is such a sweetie – and she already found a home!

That’s Red’s sister – Blondie. It’s how we decorate the farm – and my kitchen!!

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