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The summer of 2016 was AMAZING! We swam and played. And swam. And ate ice cream. And swam.

Ashley & Max came over one day in August for some swimming and ice cream. And she said – we should go to Disney! I said. Yes. Sure. Disney.

Disney is CRAZY expensive. I’ve never been.

Flying. HA. Flying. NOPE!

So we looked – just to look. And found out that we could actually share a room if we went before Enoch’s birthday – November 19th.

AND Enoch wouldn’t need a ticket for the parks. And if we drove – all 7 of us in our van – we could maybe swing it. Maybe.

But we wanted it to be a surprise if we did it. From the boys AND our husbands! WHAT!

We called work and got the time off. WE BOOKED THE TRIP! WHAT!

I don’t do things like this. I mean – NEVER!

NEVER. And yet – I did! WHAT!

Ashley informed me that we would get receipts in the mail – I said – don’t worry! I’ll make sure to get the mail before he comes home!

And then I got a text from Jared – while I was at my parents – we got mail from Disney? I said – yes – it’s just junk mail! He said – it has all our names on it and confirmation of a payment received? SHOOT!!

So – it wasn’t a surprise anymore. And Ashley spilled the beans to Matt once Jared knew.

AND we decided driving would be CRAZY! And we might not stay friends after DRIVING to Disney with three children and packed like sardines!

I found some good deals on tickets and we figured out transportation and hotels for the days that we couldn’t get lodging at Disney!

BUT – we kept it a surprise from the kiddos! And almost everyone else!

I packed the bags while Fitzy was at school – loaded the car – picked him up and we headed to the AIRPORT!

We stopped and picked up Ashley and her boys – Fitzy asked what was in the luggage – just clothes that Ashley was giving me. And we were just headed to the movies! Even when we got to the airport – NOTHING! I got our little sign that we made out – and read it to the boys – and they were excited – but didn’t FREAK OUT like we thought they would!

We spent the few days before Disney at a WATERPARK HOTEL!

I don’t have all the photos from our trip to put in this blog – but if you follow me on INSTAGRAM – I’m sure you saw them!

And then! DISNEY! All the photos here are from the DISNEY photographers – which is TOTALLY WORTH IT by the way!

Max – he was NOT feeling good – and spent the rest of Animal Kingdom day at the hotel. Poor guy!


Enoch did NOT like Chewbacca without me being RIGHT THERE!

Kylo Ren was TERRIFYING!

Thankfully Max felt better for STAR WARS!

And our last day at the parks! MAGIC KINGDOM!

We were FIRST in line for Tinkerbell AND Mickey! SCORE!

So – this was my first trip to Disney – Enoch & Fitzgerald had never been either!

Jared & Ashley said – we MUST do Haunted Mansion! It’s great! SO FUN!


You might notice that I am not in these pictures – it’s not because I don’t like Merida – it’s because I was waiting in line FOR 90 MINUTES to see Winnie the Pooh!


Matt & Ashley stayed at Magic Kingdom quite late! But we called it a night a night a little earlier!

While I LOVED Hollywood Studios – my FAVORITE part of Disney was breakfast at Beast’s Castle!

We had tried and tried and TRIED to get a reservation – but alas. No luck.

Tuesday night – we were lying in bed and Ashley said – THERE’S AN OPENING FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW!

LET’S DO IT! So we got up early – and made it in to the park! Even got FIRST IN LINE for Mickey & Tinkerbell!

We made it to the Castle JUST IN TIME! And Ashley FOUND THE BEST TABLE IN THE WHOLE CASTLE! RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WILTING ROSE! IN THE WEST WING! Fitzy did not enjoy the West Wing – it was dark and thundering and flashing with lightning!

We spent our last day at Disney Springs! Eating and a little shopping and EATING and building legos and EATING!

We had a GREAT time on our friendcation! And the BEST part – we STILL LOVE EACH OTHER after spending a week together!