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Grandparents and their grandchildren – a bond like no other!

Extended family pictures used to intimidate me – but I LOVE them now!

I know it’s cheesy – but just think – because these two people said YES to each other! It’s crazy when you think about it!

I assure you – no fathers were harmed in the making of this photograph!

Jenna and her little crew have been faithful clients for the past – what – FIVE years? Probably longer than that!

Jenna – thank you for asking me to capture your ENTIRE family! We need to get “your” side done soon!!

Also – Jenna is a LULAROE consultant! If you don’t know what LULAROE is – you’ve been warned if you choose to investigate!

Make sure to head on over to FACEBOOK and join her LULAROE group!



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Aszur and I met – oh my word – before I was pregnant with Fitzy – so I think in 2009!? Is that right Aszur? That seems way too long!

She had her third child 6 weeks after I had my first – and she let me photograph that experience! My first one!

She was starting out with photography and we clicked and became fast friends!

They built their dream home. The five of them. Aszur and the boys. And while I remember her saying that she was pretty sure they were a 3 kiddo family – she always just had this longing in her eyes. In her heart. She’s a great momma. An inspiring wife. And so they took a chance. And asked God if they were done. Or not. They were not. And MUCH to her surprise – a girl!


That little guy! What a ham!


Aszur – you are such a beautiful soul! I am so thankful that we met!

And while we don’ see each other on a regular basis – it doesn’t matter. There is still love and friendship when we do!

You won’t want to miss her HOME birth! That will be featured in a few weeks!


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The problem with putting off blogging – I forget what the sessions were about – sometimes!

Nicole – is *A* TWO here! That just doesn’t seem possible to me – but I think she is! TWO right?!

FAMILY – they come in all shapes and sizes! And this one in particular – they are survivors!

Nicole – WE LOVE YOU!


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Fitzy graduated from PRESCHOOL at NCA in May – I think? Maybe it was June – I forgot already! And since I’ve been busy living life and shooting amazing sessions – my blog has been neglected since JUNE! So – anyway – he graduated almost a YEAR AGO!

OH MY WORD! That little boy – well – he’s always been a big guy – even when he was a little baby!

He LOVED PRESCHOOL! He LOVED Mrs. Wilson and he LOVES making friends!

Fitzy – you are so very loved. You want to be a chef and a swimming teacher. You love deeply and you live loudly. You are more than I could have EVER hoped for! WE LOVE YOU!


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Don’t you just LOVE that field! PERFECTION!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Kristina – you are ALWAYS the first to say hello! You are helpful and kind. You are generous and comforting!

I loved working with you! I can’t wait to see where life takes you after graduation! Whatever you do – do it with everything you have!


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I photographed *F* while she was in her momma’s belly and had the joy of photographing her birth too!

She will be TWO this summer – it was hard enough to believe that she was turning ONE!

I ADORE those shots!

Kelly – thank you SO much for trusting me with these memories for your family!


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I love photographing families over and over again – seeing the changes in 6 months or a year! It’s so rewarding! Faith & Luke – you guys bring such a smile to my face when I come see you!

I first photographed their family when their little guy *M* was brand new!

And then I got to photograph little *C* as a brand new baby!

Tiny baby legs. Little pouty lips. Miracles.

Momma and her babies!

Faith & Luke – thank you for trusting me with your memories! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

*D* – 6 MONTHS

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This little guy reminds me SO MUCH of my Enoch!

*D* – you are such a sweet happy little guy! I love photographing your sweet family!


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I LOVED photographing little *W* over the past FIRST year of his life!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Aren’t they ADORABLE!

Kara – thank you so much for allowing me the honor of photographing your family during the first year as a family of FOUR!



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I met Johna over TEN years ago – which is JUST CRAZY!

We hit it off right away – and while our lives have changed and we’ve grown apart in terms of actually seeing each other – but when we do connect – it’s real and awesome!

She and her husband have a little girl – *M* – and she’s such a sweet thing! Over the past year – they’ve opened their hearts and their homes to foster care – and it’s made such a profound impact on their lives! She wanted some pictures to remember their foster children – and while I can’t post them here – I assure you – they are DARLING!

Johna – I just LOVE you SO MUCH! I’m so thankful that 10 years ago – you applied for a job that CHANGED YOUR LIFE!

And I’m so proud of what you stand for. Positive change. Kindness. Freedom. Fun. Providing a voice for those little lives that can’t speak for themselves yet. YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL!

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