KELLY & JOE – 9.15.12

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I’ve known Kelly & Joe for quite a while now! I photographed her sister’s wedding a few years ago and have done family photos for them in the past!

If I could shoot at this location every day – I would be a happy happy girl!

Purple shoes – how I LOVE purple!


Kelly & Joe’s daughters – such sweethearts!

Those shots with the shoes in the mirror are some of my favorites!


OH MY WORD – that weeping willow – I wanted to dig it up and take it home!

I couldn’t have asked for a better family shot! The secret – I told *A* that she could take a picture of her mom if she gave me a BIG smile!


Kelly & Joe – thank you SO much for asking me to capture your wedding!


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I’ve photographed *E* since she was in her momma’s belly! I cannot believe that a year has FLOWN by already!

I had a wedding the day of her party – so I had to miss it – so sad. We met in Troy on a Sunday morning – bright and early!

Isn’t she beautiful!

*E* – it’s been so great watching you grow! I hope your move brings new adventures! When you do come home for a visit – try and convince your parents to get some pictures!

AUTUMN & RYAN – 9.8.2012

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I’ve known Autumn for a LONG time. She “dated” my brother in middle school I think – so I say dated loosely – cus we all remember middle school!

She is a local photographer and SUCH a sweetheart!

I’m not gonna lie – doing a session for another photographer adds a little bit of nervousness on my end – so you can imagine a wedding! We had talked before that Autumn could have 5 freak out moments available to her. She could tell me what a horrible job I was doing – what shots I wasn’t getting – could just totally FREAK out if she needed to. She didn’t use ONE – not a single one! I honestly don’t know if I could keep my cool as a bride and a photographer!

She didn’t even freak out about the rain – and did it rain. And rain and rain and rain. The forecast was AWFUL – monsoon like winds and rain all day – getting severe around 3 pm – right when the ceremony started. Thankfully – it rained all morning. The ceremony was moved inside – BUT – we were able to get outside pictures and it was clear for the rest of the night!

Autumn is a CRAZY crafty girl. She made most of the things for her wedding – beautifully!

If you remember her bridal session shoes – they were pink. So Autumn painted them – awesome!

The wedding was at Hidden Valley Campground – which was BEAUTIFUL!

Autumn’s mom MADE the wedding cake AND the flower girl dresses AND did all the alterations on ALL the dresses! She is also an amazingly crafty woman!

And the rain rain rain came down down down …

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture in the frame – such an awesome idea!

Craig Griffin came along with me and took the photos of the guys – can’t wait to see them all! I’ll post a preview when I get them!


MY FAVORITE! I might have to get a BIG print of that one on the left!


Autumn & Ryan – thank you again SO MUCH for asking me to capture your wedding! I had a GREAT time!


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Mackenzie had BEAUTIFUL light for her session – which happened to be on her birthday!

I LOVE those shots!

Mackenzie – thank you SO much for asking me to capture this moment for you! Best of luck next year!



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I love Missy & Cody! They have become GREAT friends – one of those connections through struggling to have babies!

Missy scheduled a session for her in-law family – and it was a BEAUTIFUL night!


Thank you guys for such a great night!


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I love this family! Alexander was only 5 days old at our session – but was great!

They are so in love with their little brother!

I LOVE THOSE SHOTS – totally unexpected – always the best!

OH MY HEART – look at those piggies!

LOOK AT THAT FACE! He is so cuddly and sweet!

Julie & Steve – I am so thankful you’ve asked me to capture your family! I can’t wait to see you in 6 months!


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I’ve been looking forward to this newborn session all month!

Taylor and Tom are GORGEOUS – so I knew baby *S* would be!

He was NOT happy with me putting that hat on his head!



Teeny little smile – he DOES like me!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots! As soon I walked in – I KNEW we had to use that clock!

One last shot with his GREAT grandma – doesn’t she look amazing!

Taylor & Tom – he is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see him more and take his 6 month photos!


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We live in Jared’s grandparents’ house (and it’s looking more and more like we won’t be moving to Wellsboro (insert sad face) so I better start saying OUR house) – and while his grandparents are here in PA – they stay with Jared’s parents.

They left a little early this year and I wanted to make sure to get some photos with them!

My dear friend Megan came up and took these photos really quick for us –

After dinner I took these ones!



16 months in this photo – 16 months going on 5 – oh my goodness!

Megan – thank you SO much for coming up and taking a few shots for us!

Outlaws – I love you dearly!



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*M* is my favorite four year old!

Her cousins were visiting so we took advantage and got some shots with them!

She looks TOO grown up!


She LOVES LOVES LOVES Fitzy! And her is pretty fond of her too!

*M* – I love you so much! I can’t believe you are FOUR!



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Today is Thursday – September 13th. Your due date was today. We should have been in the hospital – looking down at your sweet face. Marveling over your tiny hands and how much you look like your brother. Wondering what color your eyes would be – if you would have blonde hair like Fitzy. Announcing your name to everyone and watching their reactions over this tiny miracle.

Instead – you are celebrating in heaven with your older and younger brother. Enoch and Lewis are holding your hand. Everything happens for a reason. If we hadn’t lost you – we wouldn’t have baby Lewis – but we won’t get to hold him either. You are at peace and surrounded by love and joy. I imagine that you dance and clap your hands like Fitzy does when he hears worship music – that you follow Jesus around just to be near Him. I doubt that in heaven you even have time to think about us – but I imagine you do.

This has been the hardest year of our lives – and there have been some pretty hard ones. When we found out about you we were so shocked and thankful. The day I started bleeding – I knew I was losing you. I held onto Fitzy and cried. I prayed for you to stay – but soon my prayers changed. I prayed for strength to handle this life without you. The strength I would need in knowing that I wouldn’t see your face for a long time. I wouldn’t hold you. I wouldn’t hear your cries and your laughter. I wouldn’t listen to you say mama. I wouldn’t watch you grow. I wouldn’t cry as your dad danced with you at your wedding. I wouldn’t marvel over your babies one day. I prayed for the strength I would need in knowing that one more time I would have to say goodbye to one of my babies.

It was really hard. Our reactions surprised us – shook us to our very cores. We lost hope. We were angry that Jesus was dancing with you and we wouldn’t be. We had been through this before – and while that made it a little easier to swallow – we still felt numb. We still feel numb sometimes. People ask me if Fitzy is our only. Sometimes I say yes. Sometimes I say no. I don’t like to make people uncomfortable – but I want them to know that we didn’t forget about you. I want the world to know that I am a mother of four – while I only hold one.

I don’t want YOU to think we have forgotten you. Sometimes I feel guilty for being happy – for laughing and smiling. For enjoying life – because you are not here. It’s not fair.

But it is beautiful. Because you are surrounded by love. You are surrounded by beauty.

JC – I miss you more than you could ever know. I have friends that are having babies just days from your birthday. I don’t know how I’m going to see them. I don’t know how I’m going to look at their babies and feel joy and not jealousy. I don’t know why you came to us for such a short time – but we are blessed to call you our daughter. Fitzy would love you so much.

Happy birthday baby girl.

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