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You would think that scheduling photos with my best friend and her family might be one of the easiest things to do – but every year we have to reschedule several times for one reason or another BUT every year it works out perfectly in the end!!


Missy and the girl she has been dreaming about for over 20 years!!!

Grace is 3 and her brother is 10 and she’s NOT much shorter than he is!! We’re all wondering just how tall she will end up being! I think she will be taller than me!

Aiden and his BIG brother!!

Missy and her boys!


LOVE those ones!!

Isn’t she just ADORABLE!?

Missy & Cody – you know how much I absolutely love you – but I will say it again – I LOVE YOU!!!

It’s absolutely crazy to me that because of THIS blog right here – we have each other!!!


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I LOVE my annual session with this family!!

I absolutely ADORE those shots!!


Swinging photos are some of my favorite photos!!

EXACTLY what childhood is supposed to be like!!!

He speaks to the animals!!

I love EVERYTHING about those last few shots!!!

Karla – THANK YOU so much for spending the evening with me! I LOVE our sessions!!!


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Our friends Bethany and Perry had their sweet baby girl in August!!

Baby rolls are my FAVORITE!!!

Isn’t she just lovely!?


That little nose – her profile is so gorgeous!!

Bethany & Perry – I am SO happy for you both! Selah has already grown so much since this session!!

Thank you for asking me to photograph your sweet girl!!


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On the morning of August 21st – I got a text from my friend and fellow photog Megan. She had a client who dabbled in photography and had a very small backyard wedding that night but her kiddos were sick and the groom was undergoing treatments for cancer and didn’t want to risk exposing him to anything extra. Megan wasn’t available either. I texted my in-laws and worked out childcare because Jared also had plans that night.

I was able to make it!

You know that I love all things about photography – weddings – family sessions – newborns – births – seniors. ALL OF THEM.

BUT – being asked to photograph intimate backyard weddings – especially this one – ones in the midst of hard times – it’s a humbling and moving experience.

Dylan and Rhonda have a beautiful home and a garage full of all the things he loves – classic cars being one!

They went into the garage to discuss the order of the ceremony with the officiant and their son.

I loved the reflections and composition of that moment.

Dylan and Rhonda chose August 21st as their wedding date because it was their 21st anniversary!


There were several people that wanted to be there but couldn’t. FACETIME is one of the greatest inventions EVER!!

Those are my favorite shots from the evening – you can FEEL the emotion.

A handmade gift – among the many they received.

Before I left – I wanted to make sure to get some photos of Rhonda & Dylan together in front of their beautiful home they’ve built!

On October 14th – Dylan passed away after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer.

I didn’t know them at all really. I spent a little over an hour with them on their wedding day – but I cried when I read it.

You can FEEL the love in these photos and I knew how much he loved and was loved.

Rhonda – I am happy that our paths crossed and I was able to be there with you and give you these photos to remember that beautiful day – however I am sure the memories are already vivid in your mind.

THANK YOU for welcoming me into your circle – if only for a little bit of time.

I know that you have an amazing support system surrounding you and I pray that you feel God giving you His strength.


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I met Shaina YEARS ago when I photographed her daughter Hannah!

I was SO excited when she asked me about photographing her intimate wedding in their backyard!!



Sometimes family photos do not work out the way you thought they might!!

Shaina – thank you SO MUCH for asking me to spend your wedding day with you!!

I can’t WAIT to meet that new little guy soon!!




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I met Desiree through Missy!! They’ve been friends for a very long time!

I got to our session a little early so I captured a few “getting ready” photos!

THIS is the moment she realized that her baby boy is taller than her!!

I’m SO glad I was able to get that on camera!!

I spent the morning photographing girls willing to get IN the water and ended my day photographing girls in waterfalls!! IT WAS A GOOD DAY!!

Desiree – thank you SO MUCH for asking me to photograph your beautiful family!!! I can’t WAIT to see where we go next time!!


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I have been photographing Ella since she was SIX MONTHS OLD!

And THIS year – she’ll be graduating!!

She wanted a few shots in the snow – so I kept her on call for a snowy day!

Those shots MIGHT be my FAVORITE!!


But wait – THOSE might be my favorite too!!

ELLA!! Thank you so much for braving the cold! I LOVE these photos!!

BUT – she didn’t ONLY want snowy photos – so we waited for summer too!

Her mom told me she HAD to get a shot of us together – because I’ve been capturing almost her entire life!!

That shot on the left was my favorite for a VERY long time – and it still is!! It wasn’t posed – just a perfect moment in time and it opened my eyes even more to capturing life as it is without forcing anything. My friend Mike made a GIANT cloth portrait from that print and I gave it to Ella years ago. Seeing these two photos side-by-side reminds me that I’m living out my dream job!!

BRAVING THE SNOW & THE CHILLY CREEK WATER – Ella – you’re my favorite!!

Ella – I am so happy that I’ve been able to watch you grow up!!

Whatever you decide to do in life – make sure you love it. Find that thing to do and do it well!!


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When I met Amy – her daughter Ella was only 6 months old. She was the smiliest – brightest blue-eyed – fieriest red-haired little baby!!

This is her TODAY!?

She’s a SENIOR this year!!!

I worked closely with Amy at Phoenix Rehab. One day she said to me – we didn’t plan on saying anything until a little later – but you’ll need to know why I’m feeling the way I am.

I’m pregnant and SO VERY SICK and it wasn’t like this with Ella. I said – maybe it’s twins!?


After her first ultrasound appointment – she came into the office and slammed the photo face-down. She said – LOOK AT THE PHOTO!!!

Baby A & Baby B!? TWINS!? Yes. Twins!!


It’s SO hard to believe that the little babies I photographed at every chance I had – have turned into these beautiful young women.

I babysat them often for Amy. And NOW – they’re watching MY kids for me!? HOW CAN THAT BE!?

Those are my favorite!!

And just as a reference – here’s a shot I took when they were little vs. today!!!

We ALWAYS grab a shot of the twins together!!

Amy – Ella – Addy – Mady – THANK YOU so much for spending the morning with me AND getting IN the water!!

I love that I’ve been able to capture your WHOLE LIVES!!! THANK YOU ENDLESSLY!!




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Stephanie & Zack Martin were kind enough to offer their SUNFLOWER fields for local photographers to use!!

There were several nights that 3 of us were there using the same field some of the time!

I LOVE being a part of a community that encourages instead of competes.

The patterns in nature are BREATHTAKING!!

Remember – you might have been planted at the same time as someone else – but you’re not blooming yet.

Your time will come.

Zack & Stephanie – THANK YOU ENDLESSLY for your generous nature! SO MANY people were given the photos of their dreams!



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Jillian and her family were my LAST sunflower session of the season!!

We usually do fall photos – but she saw the sunflower field and said – I’ve ALWAYS wanted photos in a sunflower field!!



SO MUCH SO that I want to put it on MY wall!!

I can’t imagine having a studio – I would have SO MANY of your amazing faces on my walls!!

Jillian ALWAYS wanted sunflower photos in her wedding dress – so she brought it along!!

Jillian – thank you SO much for asking me into your lives year after year!!!

We NEED to make 2022 the year we get together for dinner and NOT just pictures!!!



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