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Missy was able to rest (as best as you can while in labor) for a small chunk of the evening into the early morning.

Cody, Missy’s mom, and I were able to drift on and off in the hospital chairs as best as you can imagine …

But then it started!

And she says baby … it’s 3 AM and I don’t want to push out this baby!

December 27th – 3 AM – let’s start pushing. I say us like it’s a group effort!

So tired – so very very tired – and so close to meeting her little girl – but it still seems so far!

There’s not much I feel like I can do to help. She’s going to be in pain no matter what. That pain WILL end.

BUT until then – I CAN get cold washcloths!

And it REALLY starts!

These photos – this part was hard for me.

I don’t have much sympathy and empathy in general – but watching my dearest friend be so close to meeting her daughter and feeling the contraction come and knowing that she has to push but doesn’t really want to … ooooh – that was hard to watch!!


AND I very seriously got so wrapped up in the emotion of the moment – that I forgot I was taking pictures!

The focus isn’t where I would love for it to be – but I think you can still feel the emotion in this moment!! In fact – I KNOW you can!

OH MY HEART!!! She’s here – after 2 hours & 18 minutes of pushing – about 33 hours of labor all together – and 9 years (yes – years) of waiting for this little girl – SHE IS HERE!!

That tiny tear – that FRESH baby – that beautiful MIRACLE!!


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You’ve seen me post about Missy. And her husband Cody. And their kiddos.

When their youngest when born – Missy and I were just starting our friendship. I had planned on photographing his birth but he came early and I wasn’t in town.

I could have made it. I could have rearranged my schedule. But – I didn’t. And they’ve never let me live it down!

Missy and I have grown so very close over the past seven years – and when they found out that Grace would be here – the big joke was that I would miss it.

Missy & Johna are my dearest friends. Missy was due December 30th and Johna’s adoption ceremony was December 21st. I couldn’t possibly miss either. Johna was there when my boys were born. My two dearest friends were laboring and I HAD to be there for them. I told Missy that she could go into labor anytime – Christmas Eve – Christmas morning – just NOT on the 21st!!

Thankfully – she didn’t!! WHEW!!

And I was able to be there for Johna’s “birth” and make it to Missy’s!

She was induced on December 26th and I came up after my morning session!

Missy labors loooooooooooong. I got there at 11 am. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

And played some UNO to pass the time.

And face-timed with Aiden.


We help create life. We carry that life. We bring that life into this world. And we nourish is. But man oh man – or woman oh woman – does it HURT!!

Missy’s mom and I thought that we might have a baby by 8 pm. Surely she’ll have a December 26th birthday …


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CHRISTMAS! Over & done with – ALREADY!!

Over Thanksgiving – Jared & Fitzy went to a Lakers game in Cleveland – so that was most of Fitzy’s Christmas present!!

BUT – he knew he would have a few gifts under the tree!!

Board games & basketball shoes & a HOT WHEELS set & more games. Books & socks & a watch.

We took Jared’s parents to Corning to make a Christmas tree or a snowman for Christmas! The boys picked trees – the orange one is Enoch’s!

Those Barden brothers. They are something else!

Enoch & Fitzy shopped at the thrift store shop their school held! Fitzy got his brother a floor puzzle – he got Jared a book & he got me two necklaces.

Enoch got Jared a book & me an ornament. They spent a total of $2.50 – it was THE BEST!!

After presents – we spent the morning with the neighbors!

Fitzy read the Christmas story this year. Sometimes I forget that he can read!!

The boys were QUITE surprised about their video games!!

We had a relaxing Christmas with our families! HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS!?


I was anxiously waiting for news from Mary about her little bundle! He arrived right before Thanksgiving!!



Mary & Lance – I am SO very happy for you!!

THANK YOU for letting me capture this AMAZING time in your lives!!


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When Krissy told me that Gus wanted to PROPOSE during a photo session – I KNEW I had to come back to Mansfield over Thanksgiving to photograph it!!

She was CERTAINLY surprised!!




Gus needed time to get her grandmother’s diamond into a ring setting – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

Gus & Emily – I am SO excited for you BOTH!

Gus – you get EXTRA points for scheduling a photo session DURING your proposal!



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Krissy messaged me in the beginning of November hoping I might be able to photograph her daughter and her boyfriend over Thanksgiving!

I knew I would be at my parents – but I also knew I HAD to come back to Mansfield for this session!!

It was COLD. It was RAINY. But – do you see those smiles!? It didn’t matter!!

We went in their barn for a little break from the rain!



Emily & her sister – Grace. When I came into their lives – they were kiddos – LITTLE kiddos! Emily & her momma!!


Stay tuned TOMORROW for the REST of their session!!


This guy – and his crazy hair!!


He LOVES his baby sister!!

I mean – I know I’m biased because she’s my bestest – BUT – SO BEAUTIFUL!!

It was a chilly afternoon – BUT – the pictures MUST GO ON!!






Missy & Cody – I know you know how much I LOVE YOU GUYS – but I’ll say it again – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I cannot WAIT to meet this little girl!!

KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART THREE

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GORGEOUS!! AND the wind died down – just in time!


I ADORE that shot!

Time to get warm by the fire!

Such a precious moment – again – so much of photography is being in the right place at the right time!

Karen – THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking me to spend the afternoon with you!!

KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART TWO

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I wondered how Karen knew me – turns out I took her daughter’s senior photos – THIS daughter – only NINE years ago! NINE!

Waiting – impatiently waiting for the ceremony to start!

Can you see it? Can you feel it? SO MUCH EMOTION in that moment!

Time to get BUNDLED up and ready to brave the chilly weather & winds – because when you have a BEAUTIFUL view right out the door – you GO OUTSIDE & GET THE PICTURE!


KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART ONE

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I got a message from Karen on FACEBOOK – hoping that I would be available for her intimate wedding in October!

Can I confess something to you?

When I first started this business – intimate weddings were NOT what I wanted. Because successful photographers book BIG events. BIG weddings! LOTS OF HOURS! ALL THE WEDDINGS!!

Can I tell you how differently I look at them now!? Don’t get me wrong – I still love the BIG WEDDINGS – the 6 or 8 hours spending the day with you!

But I have come to really love the small weddings. The intimate ceremonies. Spending a few hours with you and the people you hold most dear on one of the most memorable days of your life!

We were really hoping to have the ceremony outside – but that WIND and the chilly temperatures kept us inside by the fire!

I dressed for the occasion – so I took a little walk with THE DRESS!

I absolutely ADORE the getting ready room at Pine Cradle Lake!!

She LOVED that dress!!

I might have a little too much fun with those reflection shots – but I JUST LOVE THE PERSPECTIVE!


Stay tuned for the next two installments of Karen’s BEAUTIFUL wedding day!

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