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When Krissy told me that Gus wanted to PROPOSE during a photo session – I KNEW I had to come back to Mansfield over Thanksgiving to photograph it!!

She was CERTAINLY surprised!!




Gus needed time to get her grandmother’s diamond into a ring setting – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

Gus & Emily – I am SO excited for you BOTH!

Gus – you get EXTRA points for scheduling a photo session DURING your proposal!



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Krissy messaged me in the beginning of November hoping I might be able to photograph her daughter and her boyfriend over Thanksgiving!

I knew I would be at my parents – but I also knew I HAD to come back to Mansfield for this session!!

It was COLD. It was RAINY. But – do you see those smiles!? It didn’t matter!!

We went in their barn for a little break from the rain!



Emily & her sister – Grace. When I came into their lives – they were kiddos – LITTLE kiddos! Emily & her momma!!


Stay tuned TOMORROW for the REST of their session!!


This guy – and his crazy hair!!


He LOVES his baby sister!!

I mean – I know I’m biased because she’s my bestest – BUT – SO BEAUTIFUL!!

It was a chilly afternoon – BUT – the pictures MUST GO ON!!






Missy & Cody – I know you know how much I LOVE YOU GUYS – but I’ll say it again – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I cannot WAIT to meet this little girl!!

KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART THREE

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GORGEOUS!! AND the wind died down – just in time!


I ADORE that shot!

Time to get warm by the fire!

Such a precious moment – again – so much of photography is being in the right place at the right time!

Karen – THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking me to spend the afternoon with you!!

KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART TWO

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I wondered how Karen knew me – turns out I took her daughter’s senior photos – THIS daughter – only NINE years ago! NINE!

Waiting – impatiently waiting for the ceremony to start!

Can you see it? Can you feel it? SO MUCH EMOTION in that moment!

Time to get BUNDLED up and ready to brave the chilly weather & winds – because when you have a BEAUTIFUL view right out the door – you GO OUTSIDE & GET THE PICTURE!


KAREN & RICH – 10.21.2018 – PART ONE

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I got a message from Karen on FACEBOOK – hoping that I would be available for her intimate wedding in October!

Can I confess something to you?

When I first started this business – intimate weddings were NOT what I wanted. Because successful photographers book BIG events. BIG weddings! LOTS OF HOURS! ALL THE WEDDINGS!!

Can I tell you how differently I look at them now!? Don’t get me wrong – I still love the BIG WEDDINGS – the 6 or 8 hours spending the day with you!

But I have come to really love the small weddings. The intimate ceremonies. Spending a few hours with you and the people you hold most dear on one of the most memorable days of your life!

We were really hoping to have the ceremony outside – but that WIND and the chilly temperatures kept us inside by the fire!

I dressed for the occasion – so I took a little walk with THE DRESS!

I absolutely ADORE the getting ready room at Pine Cradle Lake!!

She LOVED that dress!!

I might have a little too much fun with those reflection shots – but I JUST LOVE THE PERSPECTIVE!


Stay tuned for the next two installments of Karen’s BEAUTIFUL wedding day!


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ALWAYS with that giant smile! I JUST LOVE HER!


They have a picture from their wedding on these steps – six years ago!

We tried ALL THE THINGS to get him to sit still and smile. But sometimes – it doesn’t work. But the shots you DO get are REAL & BEAUTIFUL!

ONE LAST ATTEMPT – and it’s better than ANY looking-at-the-camera-smiling-shot!

And because she really wanted to show me her mask!

AND the side she designed! WHICH IS MY FAVORITE!

I used to post all these photos on FACEBOOK for you to see – and then I changed the process so that you see the bulk of your session in the blog post!

When I posted a handful on FACEBOOK – Amanda messaged me and said – HOW DID YOU GET THESE!?

When the parents are having a rough time because their little ones aren’t listening and aren’t sitting and are ALWAYS ON THE MOVE – I’m pretty sure they leave hoping that maybe there might be a handful of good shots. JUST A FEW.

When a parent says – WERE WE EVEN AT THE SAME SESSION!? HOW DID YOU GET THESE!? THAT’S MY GOAL. Because I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve had a kid with a lollipop in his mouth – nearly screaming – the entire time – and yet – they are HUGE prints on my wall – because that was our life then.

And through the eyes of someone else – someone who knows what to look for – where to be – someone who is not IN that frustration with you – you see your family and your life through their eyes.

And you see the beauty – when you convinced yourself that it couldn’t possibly be there.

That’s what I want to give you – AN HOUR IN THE LIFE of your family. A new perspective to your every day.

Amanda – thank you SO MUCH for asking me back into your lives each year!


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I can’t believe that I’ve been photographing this family for TWO years already!

It seems like just yesterday that I met them in their backyard with a fresh baby boy!

Those shots – MELT MY HEART!!

Are you smiling yet? Because if you’re not – there MIGHT be something wrong!

This guy – he was ON THE MOVE THE ENTIRE TIME!!

I remember our family photo session when Enoch was two – it was a ROUGH one! He has a lollipop in EVERY SINGLE shot – or is reaching for said lollipop in EVERY SINGLE SHOT!

Thankfully – I get it. I have an ON THE GO kiddo – so I know.

THAT SMILE – it’s so very contagious!! STAY TUNED tomorrow for the rest of their session!

TARRA & ADAM – 10.6.2018

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Remember Nate? He was my assistant at Chelsea & Patrick’s wedding!

He came with me to Tarra & Adam’s wedding last month too!

I HIGHLY recommend hiring TWO photographers for your day – I simply can’t be in two places at once!



Nate – THANK YOU so much for coming along with me this fall! You did a GREAT job!!


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You might recognize Kristi & Patrick – they had the SURPRISE wedding in September!

They wanted to spend some time AFTER the wedding to get some shots together!

I absolutely ADORE that shot!!

And that one – and that other one – and the one after that!!



I LOVE that barn – it might be my new favorite place to shoot!

Kristi & Patrick – THANK YOU for making the trip to Mansfield!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Kristi & Patrick – THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming down to see me! I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!

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