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Over Thanksgiving I held mini-session openings at my parents. While the mini-sessions were a giant flop – ONE beautiful family got some great photos!


That picture of little *C* is one of my favorite shots EVER!

We brought little *L* inside for some quick shots!


Thank you guys SO much for coming out in the snow and cold! Can’t wait to see you again!


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Julie and her family won a photo session when Amy submitted them for the annual BEAUTIFUL contest!

She booked a session with me for minis in November – but since it was such a small turnout – I took them on a Sunday afternoon in November!

Thanks SO much for asking me to capture your Christmas memories!


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I LOVE this family! I’ve been photographing them since Lauren was pregnant with little *L*!


He reminds me SO much of Fitzy – except for those amazing blue eyes!

Thanks SO much for asking me to capture your memories!


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We spent the week with my parents for Thanksgiving and since my parents are visiting my brother for Christmas – we opened our gifts then!

He LOVES his ornament from Samm!

He loves this puzzle too! We put it together at least 10 times a day!

He is such a little chef! We call him Remy!

I got these ornaments for my brother-in-law – Xavier. When he was little his parents told him that the mice were helpers for Santa. He would stare at them for hours – willing them to come to life. It’s one of his fondest memories! He was so excited to see them again!

I made this Simba for my nephew Judah – I LOVE IT!

I made this nesting doll for my niece Rowyn!

And a rooster for Fitzy!

This owl for my friend Stephanie and her new baby boy was the inspiration for all the little sewing projects!

I am so thankful for our amazing families! I’ll post later about our Christmas with Jared’s parents!


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Fitzy has beautiful blonde hair – curly hair! Unfortunately it’s a hot mess most of the time!

Samm cut it over Thanksgiving for me – just a teeny trim!


I kept one little strand!

He does indeed cry – I assure you. He loves getting a bath but HATES having his hair washed!

He looks like such a little man now!


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My sister is a ROCK STAR – she’s lost over 100 pounds in SEVEN MONTHS!

She was home over Thanksgiving and we took some pictures to show off her new bod!

Fitzy had to join in too!



Baby boy – you hold my heart!

Samm – I am SO proud of you!

And we can’t forget to add one of Fitzy and Gramma!

ONE HUNDRED POUNDS GONE! SO PROUD OF YOU! She’s got quite a bit more to lose to reach her goal! Pray for her with me! Encourage her! Uplift her! I’m afraid to say that she will probably be skinnier than me when she reaches her goal! I better step it up too!


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I met Stephanie in 2009. She was looking for a wedding photographer! I didn’t have a date open – but after meeting her – I made an opening! She is sweet and caring and kindhearted and gorgeous and has such a heart for Jesus!

We did two bridal sessions and became friends – the BEST kind of clients! I photographed her wedding in June of 2010 and have done a few sessions here and there with her family since then!

She had asked me to pray for them – they wanted a baby!

My mom made that quilt for our wedding! The squares with the black yarn were crocheted when she was pregnant with me!

Pregnancy looks GREAT on you Stephanie!

They are due right after Christmas – so this picture was perfect!


SERIOUSLY – so beautiful!

Thank you SO much for letting me capture one more BEAUTIFUL moment in your life!

I cannot WAIT to see the pictures of your new family!


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Sadie and I have had this session scheduled since JANUARY! We scheduled for August Рthen September Рthen October Рthen FINALLY  November was OUR month!

Thank you guys SO much for sticking it out in the cold and being patient with our lovely weather this year!


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I met Libby a few years ago when I took some 5th generation photos for her! We have a lot of mutual friends and stayed in touch on FACEBOOK. Then she started dating Dan. Dan is one of Fitzy’s namesakes – and we LOVE him.

She wanted some photos of her little guy *E* and Dan – well – just because. Libby’s house was one of those that got hit hard with the flooding last year – she lost EVERYTHING on the first floor. She needs some smiles on her new walls!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

I know I’ve done this pose a lot lately – but I just can’t get enough of it!

Throw a cute baby boy in there – and it’s even BETTER!



How to get the best shots of a little boy? Let him climb a dirt mound Р WORKS EVERY TIME!

Seriously – a photographer’s DREAM!

*E* threw his head back on that last shot – PERFECTION!

Libby & Dan – we just LOVE you guys so much! Thanks for asking me to capture THIS moment in your lives!


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I met Rachel on FACEBOOK! We set up her appointment for mid-November – thinking for sure we would need to bundle up! We had such a beautiful day!

I LOVE those shots!

Give me a brick wall and a happy couple – and I’m set!

It was SO great to meet you guys!


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