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This summer I have 5 weddings scheduled. In anticipation of wedding season, here are some of my favorite wedding shots from summer/fall weddings.



























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When I was sixteen, my cousin Vanessa was born. Two days shy of a year later, her brother Zachary was born, the summer I turned seventeen. My sister and I babysat them quite frequently and were around for a large portion of their “tot” lives. When Zach was two, I went away to college. Samm, my sister, graduated two years after me and spent more time with them. While I was in Mansfield going to college, I missed out on a lot of their lives. Four years ago this June, Vanessa and Zach were in my wedding. This is the Zach that I remember…


It was emotional for me knowing that I would now be living in Mansfield all the time and not getting to see them over the summer when I wanted to or on frequent weekend trips “home”.


To my surprise, about a month ago, my aunt called me and said Zach would like to come and stay with us some weekend and watch Star Wars with you guys. On Friday night, Jared and I met them in Troy and brought Zach back with us. The agenda called for all six Star Wars movies.


I didn’t know what to expect from this kid, who is now 10, but in my mind stays at about 5 permanently. There are times when I am talking to Vanessa or Zach and I catch myself treating them like the little babies I remember leaving so long ago. We had so much fun this weekend. Jared is still trying to recuperate from the flu, so we laid low. Friday night we watched the first two of the middle trilogy, made popcorn, and played video games.


Zach showed me some of his artwork, freehand I might add …


Saturday brought the other 4 movies, a “hike”, and cookies.







We took him back to Troy this morning to meet his parents. He wanted to stay longer and I was so touched that I get to have a relationship back with this “baby” that I once held so near and dear to my heart. I was painfully aware of the years that have passed since I last took real time to sit down and talk with Zach or make time in my “busy” life to stop and see him and Vanessa. Hopefully this weekend will pave the way for many more to come.


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Jared hasn’t been feeling well since Saturday. While we were at my parents we stayed in our pj’s practically all weekend. Monday morning Jared woke up and said that he wasn’t going into work. Jared is very particular about his job and missing work. He has an amazing work ethic and for him to miss work is a HUGE deal. When I came home to check on him at lunch on Monday he was still sleeping. He slept until 3 that afternoon. Today he didn’t go to work either, so I took him to the doctor’s this afternoon. The prognosis is the flu. I took this shot of him Friday night when it was first starting to hit him.


So keep him in your prayers. He has orders from the doctor to stay off work till next week.

I said in my earlier post that we visited with my brother. Here is a shot Jared snapped of us.


And one final shot of my aunt and uncle’s puppy, Mowzer.



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Last night I scanned and uploaded some pictures of me from way back when. I cannot believe that it is March 3rd of 2008 already. Time flies so fast, too fast really.


Derek, Samantha, and me at Gramma Geiger’s.


Drama queen Danielle on the left and Samantha on the right. I was upset because I couldn’t sit in the chair. Dad and newborn giant Derek. He was over 11 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long.


My first birthday party. Oh dad, those shorts …


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This weekend we went to Montoursville to spend time with our friends Jess and Bryan. Jess and Jared have been friends since their freshman year of college. Jess and I became friends our sophomore year of college and not through any connection of Jared. She was in our wedding and I in hers. We are the type of friends who don’t talk every day or every week for that matter. I am a horrible phone person. Give me email or even real mail over talking on the phone. But when we do get together it’s like we are leaving off on a conversation that just ended. Bryan and Jess are the type of friends who are there for you at a moment’s notice. When Jared and I had to move out of our apt. almost 3 yrs. ago, Bryan and Jess came up that weekend and helped us move, without us even mentioning any help. We love them dearly. On the way home, Jared and I talked about how God has blessed us with wonderful friends. Here is a picture of Jess and I from college.