My cousin Jake messaged me about some announcements he needed to make – and was hoping I would photograph their happy news!


There was a mistake in ordering the t-shirts – but nothing a sharpie can’t fix!!

A baby – a marriage – a new big brother! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!

Jake & Amanda – I am SO happy for you both!!


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Can I tell you something about this guy? It was COLD that day – not terribly cold but cold enough!

He never complained. He almost always had that giant smile on his face!!

I asked him to show me his teeth – he wasn’t wrong! I just meant SMILE with your teeth!


Patti – THANK YOU for coming to Mansfield and braving the cold!!

I hope to see you all again soon!!


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We LOVE summer around here!

I took the boys up to the property – my dream property!

It’s where Jared and I kinda-sorta “met” – where we got engaged AND where we got married!

It only makes sense to build a house there – someday – when we win the lottery we don’t play!

AND – Enoch was getting his hair cut – and I needed EVERY EXCUSE to take ALL THE PICTURES before that fateful day!

THAT FACE! That darling face that made me a momma on this earth!


Enoch took that one!

We take the long way home – and see the goats and Lil’ Sebastian – the boys don’t watch Parks and Recreation – obviously!

But they DO know about Lil’ Sebastian – AND they know the song – it’s the BEST!



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In June – we took Fitzy to the zoo – in the Bronx!

My sister and her husband live in New Jersey – so it’s two trips in one!

Crazy boy!

My sister has lost over 150 pounds in 14 months! I can’t stop telling everyone I meet about her! She looks (and feels) FANTASTIC!

Fitzy is a pretty cautious little guy – he didn’t want to get too close – didn’t want to pet anything – just enjoyed the day!

It was a LONG but great day!

Fitzy LOVES his Sammy (or as he calls her – Hammy) and Xavier. Both mornings he woke up saying – HAMMMMMY! HAMMMMY! HAMMMMMMMY!

Thanks SO much for having us over for the weekend – we love you guys!


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When I was in college – I saw a poster for a Student Activities trip – to the Renaissance Faire. I thought – my dad would LOVE that! I wonder how much it costs. I checked – $5 for me and $10 for my dad. SERIOUSLY?! That covered the fee into the Faire and the bus ride down!

That was 10 years ago! TEN YEARS! We went with the college up until they changed the policy on who could go. Then we made our own trip!

It’s kind of like Christmas for my dad. He saves all year and makes a suit of armor. We watch glass blowing – eat giant turkey legs and soup in a bread bowl – get cinnamon almonds for the trip home – bid at the pirate auction. The first year we went – it was just the two of us. We watched the glass blowing demonstration – they made a pumpkin. I’ve always wanted one and since this year was our anniversary – I got TWO!

We were hesitant about bringing Fitzy – but he did FANTASTIC! He slept a little on the way down and chatted with grandpa. Walked around the park or caught a ride on shoulders. Posed for pictures and roared like the dragon he was! He took a nap in the afternoon and met a little friend who shared her goldfish and some kisses. He slept almost the whole ride home – we tired him out!

Belinda let me borrow her dragon costume!

Make up artist – I am NOT. But it worked – till it got warm anad melted off!

The dragon and the knight he defeated!

It got REALLY warm – so the dragon turned into a pirate!

He was too little to ride the elephant – maybe in a few years!

Fitzy met this little girl on our trek around the park. He loved her.

I love these pictures! It’s just a mango Slush Puppie people!

We switched to the dragon costume I had originally bought because it was a little lighter and I would have felt horrible if he got the one from Belinda all sticky!

On our way out of the Faire – we had SO much fun!

He is TOO big!

The dragon and the knight – friends after all!


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I met Lisa and her family while we were attending church in Liberty and then took her oldest son’s senior pictures last summer!

She had me back for some family pictures – on a HOT day!


Thank you SO much for asking me to capture your family!


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OH MY WORD! This family was so sweet to spend time with and photograph! Vaughn’s sister Miranda is a client and friend of mine and she referred them to me! When I walked up to their house – little *K* was already out the door to welcome me and show me around to all the photo spots! I asked her what it was like to have twin babies and she said – it’s great – but it’s a lot of hard work! The twins are only two weeks older than Fitzy!

Seriously – SO CUTE!

Thank you SO much for welcoming me into your homes and hearts! I cannot WAIT to watch your little ones grow!!


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Britanny and I have had this session set up for quite some time! Her little guy *J* turned one in June! We set up the appointment then had to move it because of rain and some little teeth coming in on *J*’s part! We got a beautiful day and a happy little guy to work with!

He has a little bump on his head from an excited stumble at church – I took it out of the photos for Britanny but had to keep it in some copies too! It shows what a boy he is!


I LOVE those shots!!

MOLLY! I loved their puppas! It’s so nice to go to shoots and love on puppies while we still miss Schrute!

LOVE that series!!

Britanny – you have a sweet little guy! Thanks so much for opening up your home to me!!


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Today is a hard day. While we are still saying hello to our miracle Fitzy – we are saying goodbye to our baby Schrute.

We brought Fitzy home and Schrute did pretty well with him – other than the fact that he is HUGE! The next day he snapped at my sister and freaked out when we got home from visiting Fitz’s. He was jumping and panting and baring his teeth and not listening to us AT ALL. When he did get close to the baby he nudged him – HARD! He slept downstairs with Jared while Samm and I slept upstairs with the baby. Jared has been sleeping on the couch with Schrute since – I can’t have him in the bed with us – Schrute – not Jared!

I was so scared to be at home with my two babies – Schrute proved to be harder to take care of. I can’t lay Fitzy down ANYWHERE without worrying about Schrute getting in his face and nudging him – or stepping on him – or sitting on him. My days have been spent telling Schrute no – bringing the dog to the bathroom with me – anywhere I go while the baby is laying down. I can’t put Fitzy in his swing, on the floor, or on the couch or bed without worrying about Schrute stepping or sitting on him. He hasn’t been listening to us nearly as well as he normally does – which isn’t really that great anyway! I can’t nurse the baby without Schrute having his nose right on top of us – nudging hard.

Last week I took Fitzy over to Gramma’s and spent some time with Schrute alone – only to have him growl at me when I got near him! UNACCEPTABLE! Schrute’s head is about the size of Fitzy’s whole body – all it takes is one time – one chomp for it to be a fatal accident.

Bottom line – we LOVE our dog – but we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our baby. Jared and I don’t feel that Fitzy is safe while Schrute is in the house. I’m not enjoying the dog or our baby the way I need to be cus I am so watchful of both of them. I am not relaxed – I am way too stressed and worried that Schrute might snap at any minute.

Jared and I have CRIED and CRIED about this decision – Schrute is our BABY! He is an angel sent from God to get us through our miscarriage and struggle with getting pregnant. I am so thankful for him and the love he gave us the past two years. I cannot describe the impact he has had on my life. He has kept me company and listened to my cries. He has cuddled up with me when I needed a hug. (I know he is just a dog – but he is truly sent by God at the perfect time for us). He gives us that look that says he loves us no matter what. He waits anxiously for Jared to get home from work to shower him with kisses at the door! He cuddles up with us every night to sleep. He has brought so much joy to our lives!

Today Jared and his dad are taking him to his new home in Sunbury. He will be living with a woman and her hubbie who don’t have children – they have their dogs! Three great danes other than Schrute! A farm with lots of space to run – their own room and bed! Love and attention that will be POURED on him!

We know that he will be loved and taken care of – but it still sucks. Just sucks. People have told us to give him a few weeks – and we have – mostly because it took a while to find this perfect fit – and it’s been a stressful couple of weeks. If ANYTHING were to EVER happen to Fitzy because we couldn’t make the decision to take Schrute to a new home – you would have to institutionalize me! I would never EVER forgive myself. I am taking the little things that Schrute has done so far as warning signs. He is SO big that he doesn’t know what he is doing – where he is stepping – who he is sitting on – jumping on – chewing on. He is being so neglected with our attention on this sweet miracle – and he knows it. He deserves better.

It has been a heartbreaking decision but when it comes down to your dog or your child – there is no question.

We are so thankful for his love and companionship the past two years! We are so excited for his new family and the memories they will make together!

I took these photos on Friday – while I cried my goodbyes.

OH MY HEART – I think he knows.

Schrutie – we love you so much! Thank you for your friendship and sweet kisses over the past couple of years. Have so much fun with your new brothers and sister.


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I love Kelly! She is the SWEETEST person I have EVER met! I took her engagement photos and will be doing a bridal session with her soon! Her wedding is May 14th – so unfortunately I won’t be able to photograph her day – but I hope to be there with Fitzy! I know she is in GREAT hands with Bridget!

Kelly has become a GREAT friend! We had lunch a few weeks ago and I met her sweet puppa – Bella!

I love love LOVE those last shots!

I also LOVE that Kelly and Dane are crazy dog lovers!

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