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I am LOVING newborn sessions lately!

Whimsical and magically posed newborns are not my strength!!

*R* cooperated for a few frames!

*R* was MUCH more cooperative in her momma’s arms!

I just ADORE those shots! Moments like these don’t seem to be important.

Just a routine task – swaddling the baby. But the newborn days go by so fast – and your memory has a funny way of over-writing.

Before you know it – scenes like these are gone. It’s such a beautiful image!

Those MIGHT be my favorite shots from this session! OH MY HEART!

OH WAIT – I love ALL of those!

Katie – thank you SO MUCH for asking me to come capture this sweet time in your life!

I can’t wait to see you guys this summer!


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Michaelia and Travis welcomed their second little boy into their SWEET family!



Little toes. Big hands. Little babies. Big brothers.

That last shot – momma hugs – daddy smiles. MY FAVORITE!

Baby yawns!

Little *E* – thank you for the hugs and kisses and cuddles! You are going to be a GREAT big brother!


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I love that Fitzy really got into Easter this year! He loved asking questions about Jesus and hearing about what Jesus did and does for us!

Jared’s parents hold an egg hunt for them and they had a GREAT time! I took some cell phone shots – but didn’t get my camera out for that one!

We planned on going to an egg hunt with my parents at their church but Fitzy didn’t like the idea of running around a field picking up random eggs – he wanted them hidden!

So we stayed home and invited the cousins over for a REAL egg HUNT!

Cute guys!!

We had a GREAT Easter celebrating Jesus and family and little egg hunts!


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*G* is THREE already!

That first picture – OH MY WORD!!!

Those two shots! I can’t deal!

And little sister – DARLING!

Nicole – you are a BEAUTIFUL rule-breaking moth! I LOVE YOU!!!


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Rochelle and I attend MOPS together and our hubbies work together – AND – she has cute kiddos!

Her oldest and Fitzy are both all about STAR WARS right now!

I was SO excited when she asked me to capture their family!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!


I love that last one – blurriness and all!

That last shot – absolutely adorable!

Thank you guys! I loved spending time with you!


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I made Fitzy’s Valentine’s for his little preschool class!

You R2 cool! Yoda one for me! You’re my only hope!


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I had my camera out – and some down time over the winter – so I captured my sweet boys.


And this one – he’s a sweetie!


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I was SO excited to photograph this little guy and his family!

Jennifer – thank you SO much for asking me to capture these SWEET moments for you!


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I met Dan last year when he did my first color tattoo!

I’ve gotten to know his wife too – hanging out and talking pictures and babies and life!!

They are awesome people and FANTASTIC parents!

Their little guy *C* celebrated his FIRST birthday earlier this year!



My FAVORITE shots!

And those ones! Such a sweet moment!

He wasn’t too interested in the cake!

Dan & Kaitlyn – thank you SO much for asking me to capture this time in your life!


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I was SO excited when Liz’s mom asked me to come to her SIXTEENTH birthday party!

Thanks SO much for asking me to come snap some shots for you! Have a GREAT YEAR!!

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