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We went up to Matt & Johna’s a few weekends ago! Fitzy was not hurting for affection – that’s for sure!

I just can’t get enough of him!

The many faces of a sweetness!

Look at the smile on little *B* and that dimple on my Fitzy!

I love this series! It’s like *B* is telling him how she got her bandage and he does NOT believe her!

Auntie Johna!

Thanks so much for being great friends!!


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On Saturday the 28th of May I held the mini-mini sessions to benefit Nicholas and his heart surgery!

We only had 4 families come – but considering that most of the town didn’t even have power yet – it was probably easily forgotten.

Thank you so much Sarah, Stephanie, Angie & Peggy for coming down and supporting Nicholas!


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We went to my parents for Memorial Day and spent it with our family – and all the babies that were born recently!

Grandma Trout LOVES pinching baby cheeks!

Jared hates the baby legwarmers. I LOVE them!

Blayze is on the bottom in the green – he will be 2 in July! Fitzy is up top with Rowyn next to him! Sayge is on the bottom in the red – she was born on May 17th! Darrell is the only great-grandchild on my mom’s side of the family that’s missing from the picture!

Rowyn will mess you up if you try anything with her baby cousin!

My Uncle Bob meeting Fitzy for the first time!

It was HOT in here! This is the life – huh!

Our friends had a baby exactly a week after we had Fitzy! We haven’t seen them in 4 years and they stopped by on Memorial Day to introduce us to their little guy!


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While my parents and brother and sister were here – we had a tornado in Mansfield! We were in the house for 26 hours without power – which I know was much worse for lots of people in town and around this area – so I am thankful it was only 26 hours without power. We played board games together and actually spent time together instead of being plopped in front of the television the whole time!

Of course we got some snuggling time in with babies too!

Rowyn is almost exactly 3 months older than Fitzy – and she LOVES him!

LOOK AT HER! She is such a pretty little baby!

My sister would kidnap him to NJ in a second if I let her!

Grandma Barden had to come over and get some snuggles in!

It was quite an eventful weekend and we will NEVER forget my 30th birthday!


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We had Fitzy dedicated at Liberty Bible Church on May 29th! My family was all here and we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to do it!

During a dedication we thank God for this beautiful baby – for lending him to us and asking His direction in raising him. Our families and the church agree to hold us accountable in raising Fitz under God’s direction! We asked Jared’s dad, Rob Fitzgerald, my brother, and Dan Fitzgerald to say a prayer for our little guy!

Derek asked if I wanted him to hold Fitzy up like in The Lion King – I said OF COURSE!

Our pastor – Lon – with the babe!

The Fitzgerald family – minus Dave & Christy!

Dan showing Fitzy some love!

My sister with her sweet nephew – Jessica and Derek with the little guy!

My parents and Jared’s parents with their first grandson!

We are so thankful for our parents and the love they have shown us! We’ve had GREAT examples to lead is into parenthood!

Thank You God for allowing us the joy of raising this baby! We pray above all that he grows up to love and follow You!


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We are LOVING this baby boy! He is so perfect and such a blessing!

Here are some photos during his 3rd week with us!


He LOVES his play mat!

He also LOVES his moose!

Such a cutie!


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I love spring! I love the smell of fresh grass, the buds on all the trees, and the flowers – oh how I love the flowers!

Normally I document the coming spring at each moment – but this year we were in the hospital over those three days welcoming our own spring miracle!

Here are some of the shots I took last month!

Remember – God takes care of the flowers in the field – and YOU are so much more important to Him – He will take care of you!!


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My sister held a baby shower for Fitzy on April 2nd! She did such a great job with all the games and decorations!

My friend and fellow photog – Aszur – took some shots for us!

The creepy babies Samm used for the games!

Stephanie made this AWESOME cake for me!

I love the little Pooh pajamas! Thanks Aszur!

Aszur is due with her 3rd little guy in June!

Samm – thanks so much for your hard work and AWESOME shower for us!!!!

Thank you to Aszur for the photos and to everyone for coming!!!! Fitzy is so blessed to be so loved!!


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Aszur took some maternity photos of me in early April!

These were some of my favorites! I added some textures and edits but they were taken by Aszur!

Thanks again Aszur! I am so glad that God crossed our paths!! I cannot wait to be with you during your delivery of your THIRD miracle!


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The month of MAY was – NEWBORNS (birth to 2 weeks)!

5th place from Karen!

4th place from Ashleigh!

3rd place from Stacy!

2nd place by Amy!

1st place by Belinda!

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER is a photo submitted by Marianne! I love the newness of this photo – the emotion on momma’s face!

Thank you again for sharing your photos with me!

Along with bragging rights – Marianne – you get a $10 GC to shutterfly – make sure to email me again with your email address to confirm!

Karen, Ashleigh, Stacy, Amy, and Belinda – enjoy your bragging rights!

Encourage one another!

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