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Hannah is such a sweet girl! I loved getting to know her at our session!

She is very interested in gardening and landscaping! Thankfully – my in-laws are too!


That last shot is one of my favorites!

Hannah – thank you so much for asking me to take your senior photos! Good luck in college!


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I met Rachel when little *S* was still inside her tummy! She is one of my favorite kiddos to photograph – she has SO much expression in her little face!

I love love LOVE those shots – and I couldn’t decide on color or black and white – so you get both!


If I didn’t already have a wall covered in canvas – I would be getting that image on the right – in a 20 x 30! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Rachel – thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives over the past two years – I look forward to our next session!


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This might be my favorite senior session. Ever.

The best part is – I boosted the color a little – lightened them up a little – and BAM!



BOOST – LIGHTEN – that is all natural! Such a GREAT location!

Zoe – thank you SO much for asking me to take your senior photos! I had a GREAT time!


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I met Heather either on FACEBOOK or at one the of ARNOT MALL BRIDAL EXPOS – I’m not sure now!

They’ve been married 3 years and are expecting a sweet baby boy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Heather & Melvin – I had a GREAT time with you guys! I cannot wait to see that handsome little miracle of yours!


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“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” – Westly to Buttercup in The Princess Bride – one of my favorite lines ever.

My biggest obstacle in all this is accepting – plain and simple – that life’s not fair. It’s really hard to get over – especially this time.

People ask all the time – oh you only have one child – you HAVE to have more – you know that right? When are you gonna have more?

What I would like to say is this – if it were only that easy. I would love to just decide to get pregnant this month and BAM! – it happens. But it doesn’t work that way – at least not for us. Maybe for you – maybe for people you know. But not us.

What I’ve been saying is this – well – we’ve had three miscarriages – two since Fitzy was born – so I have no idea. It’s uncomfortable. It’s weird. But I don’t know what else to say without being very sarcastic and mean.

Jealousy is the big thing right now. I am so angry and jealous at anyone who has more than one baby – even some that have “just” one. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for some and so “easy” for others – i say “easy” because I’ve been accused of not knowing the situation and jumping to conclusions that it was “easy” for someone. In my parents case – my dad pretty much just had to look at my mom and she got pregnant. No scary pregnancies. No longing for a child. No wondering if it would all be okay. So for some people – I know it’s easy. And that makes me so jealous. Why us?

Right now – I prefer to just stay at home and not be out. Not have to answer the hard questions – not on my part – I don’t care. But people get uncomfortable. Thankfully I have friends that make sure I see them and stop by – unannounced even.

Last week I wanted to just have surgery. Make it so that we can’t get pregnant anymore – so we don’t experience this heartache anymore. There is still part of me that thinks we should. But it’s an emotional response and one I just ultimately can’t do. In a year we will look at our lives and see where we are. Pray that God would maybe sorta kinda reveal a little bit of His plan for our lives and what we should be doing – what He has for us.

But life is pain. It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna happen over and over – maybe not the same pain – but pain nonetheless.

So I enjoy my beautifully painful life. Sometimes it’s hard – but I will. I enjoy this baby that God has blessed us with and the time we have with just him.

Thank you so much for praying – for texting – for messaging – for loving.

Please remember to pray for those I know – you know – the people you don’t know – that desire to be parents. Pray that God would calm their hearts and answer their prayers – with a YES – because while I sometimes think prayer is useless – sometimes I don’t.


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I love love LOVE senior sessions – I don’t have many scheduled for this year and that makes me a little sad!

Cheyenne won my free senior session at the career day drawing a few years ago!


Cheyenne – thanks again for having me! I had a GREAT time! Good luck this year and with your future adventures!

KATIE & CHRIS – 7.21.2012

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I met Katie through her cousin Ashley – who I met on FACEBOOK! I’ve been looking forward to this wedding ALL YEAR!

Adam Murtland was my AWESOME second shooter! He spent the day with the guys while I hung out with the girls! I HIGHLY recommend hiring a second shooter at your wedding! Once you see the photos – you’ll know why!

Any photos with the barden photography text on them WITHOUT my db logo – are ones that Adam shot and I edited. The rest are all mine.

This post is gonna be a long one – so sit tight!

LOVE those shots of the guys!

Some of my FAVORITE ring shots!

Special moments …

OH MY WORD! I LOVE these photos!

Right before the ceremony started – a feather drifted to the ground in the aisle!

I love that last shot Adam caught!





Chris & Katie – thank you SO much for asking me to spend the day with you!

Adam – thank you SO much for being the best second shooter a girl could ask for!

*C* – 2 YEARS

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I can’t even describe how excited I was to shoot this session!

Jen is my friend from college that I haven’t seen in YEARS. Out of the blue she emails me and we set up a session at my parents with her sweet little guy!

OH MY HEART! He is such a sweet boy and looks so much like his momma!

I LOVE those shots!

My parents have an abundance of animals at the farm – *C* was really interested in the cows!

It started to sprinkle – then POUR – so we ran into my parents greenhouse!

Then the porch for some bubbles!

Jen and *C* ran out in the rain – LOVE these last shots!

Jen – I am SO happy that you emailed me and SO happy that you are SO happy!

I’m so excited to reconnect with you!


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I’ve mentioned before how much I love Nicole & Dustin! I can’t believe that their little guy is 2 already!





*B* – 3 MONTHS

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I met Jessica when I took her maternity pictures and then the newborn pictures of sweet little *B* – which doesn’t seem like it was 3 months ago already!

Jessica’s husband Scot has two older kids that she wanted to include in this session – as a surprise to him!


Not gonna lie – 3 months is the HARDEST age for me to shoot – but I got some cute ones!


Jessica – thank you SO much for allowing me into your lives to capture the first year of your sweet girl!

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