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My blog and gallery and pages seem to NOT be working – ARGH! So – be patient and I will see what my hubbie can come up with to fix it!


I will be developing a new referral program for weddings and seniors! STAY TUNED!



That is all!


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I have added a few new albums to the gallery – PROMOTIONAL – SPORTS SECTION – EXPECTING!


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Jared worked out a new gallery for me to manage easily!

I uploaded some new pictures this morning to MAN’S BEST FRIEND – PLANET EARTH – PORTRAITS – WELCOME TO OUR WORLD – WITH THIS RING

Check them out – some of them are with my new PHOTOSHOP actions I downloaded!

I still have some work moving pictures in PORTRAITS and PLANET EARTH but it should be all done soon!


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My gallery is MIA for the moment – Jared and I are trying to work out a gallery that I can easily manage!

If you are new to the site – please check out my previous blogs by the tabs on the R – that will help you get an idea of my work – the gallery will be up an running ASAP!



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Jared is the one that manages this website – THANKS JARED – he uploads the photos – changes my specials – pretty much everything except these blogs!

This morning it was brought to my attention that there were some photos in my WITH THIS RING gallery that were not barden photography. I don’t know how they got there – like I said – Jared uploads the photos – I don’t even know where to start!

I checked them out and indeed they were from the Yoder wedding but not mine. Jared had taken some of Indica’s photos off her website and added her name on them – but only some of them. He then put those pictures up on FACEBOOK – every picture that he put up on FBOOK of the wedding – some of mine – but most of Indica’s ended up on my gallery page.

Jared has to go to a seperate page and upload them to my website – which he didn’t do – cus they weren’t mine – obviously!

So – if you had seen the gallery and any photos of the Yoder wedding – the first few rows of pictures in the album – some were mine – but most were not.

I apologize greatly for this – I would never try to play off someone else’s photography as my own. They are no longer up there – but if it happens again –¬†for some strange reason – please let me know!

The past few days have kicked my butt – with photography¬†issues and misunderstandings and misinterpretations …

So I’m just giving satan a warning – BACK OFF!


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Jared has spent COUNTLESS hours improving my gallery for me – I cannot thank him enough for his support and work and love. Check out the gallery and let me know what you think.

I have a renewed spirit about the upcoming things in our lives – EXCITING wonderful things – stay tuned for details as they unfold!

Thanks again to all of those that support me and cheer me on – I couldn’t do it without your support every step of the way!

New …

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I have a new canvas print that I am showcasing at the BRIDAL EXPO – along with a collage print of Michel-Paul & Tonnie’s engagement.




My latest works …

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Until I find a better gallery to display my work – I am going to use an additional website. I use Shutterfly for all my photo storage and processing needs.

I make albums on Shutterfly and then display them on my Sfly site –


When you visit this site you can see all the albums that I have made and get an idea for what you can get. I am getting so behind with updating my blog with photo shoots since I am getting busier – which is GREAT – but not great for updating.

You can visit this page by checking my blogroll on the R hand side of my blog under my latest works.



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I changed our gallery around at home on my afternoon off work from the clinic. I was going to use the time to get a massage – but I was inspired to move around my work – and get out the harvest decorations.








In progress …

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Shutterfly changed their website and I can’t figure out how to save the pictures off the site to post to my blog. I also can’t figure out how to make them smaller from my camera directly. So – I have LOTS of new pictures – but I can’t get them up.

Also, if you are new to the website – make sure to check out all old blog entries – I tend to upload pics in the blog instead of the gallery. When I have a large block of time – I will tackle the gallery additions.

This week is a busy one. My cousins – 10 and 11 are coming tonight to spend the week with us – Mega Sports Camp at CNC this week. Jared and I are the soccer coaches – 5.30 to 9 each night this week. Tuesday afternoon I have off work so I will prolly spend it at the pool with Vanessa and Zach. Saturday I have a wedding in Athens – that my Aunt L is going to assist me with (thanks Aunt L for the assist and Amy for letting me borrow her camera – which is a twin to mine). Sunday we have to be back in Mansfield for Church – Children’s Sunday. Monday I have an appt. in King of Prussia for my jaw – unless I can get in with the guy in North Umberland – then I will go there. Then it’s pretty much free and clear till July 8th – when I have a family photo shoot in my backyard. On the 19th of July we leave with the in-laws for the beach for a WEEK. August is insane. I have three weddings, a graduation party, a church picnic, and seeing Trudy in Virginia for 3 days and 2 on the train. I have two weddings in September and then the Renaissance Faire. October brings Sara and Pete’s wedding and hopefully The Office convention. There I go again – planning my life away. Hopefully by the end of that insanity we will be working toward expanding our family.

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