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I held Christmas minis at my parents house over Thanksgiving – and it was FREEZING!

Libby – thank you SO much for braving the weather and bringing your sweet boy!

Cousins – sweet boys! While the indoor locale wasn’t the most ideal – it worked!

Thank you Leah – Kelly – Katie for bringing your boys out!

Katie – thanks for braving the weather! I am so happy we got a few outdoor family shots for you!

Jessica – thank you for bringing your GORGEOUS kiddos out in the cold!

Jillian – it was GREAT to see you! That boy of yours – reminds me SO much of my Fitzy!

You guys – thank you SO much for coming out – you are all AWESOME!


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Natalie and her little guy stopped by for my Christmas minis!

Isn’t he BEAUTIFUL! Natalie – thank you SO much for stopping by!


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Nicole is a strong strong momma. I was so thankful to get to see her and hug her and her babes.

I ADORE that shot! Absolutely beautiful!

Nicole – I LOVE YOU. I’ll see you soon!


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I met Emily and her sweet family when I took newborn photos of her little guy *H*!

I couldn’t believe it was time for his 6 month session already!

We met on a chilly November afternoon – but wanted to try for some outdoor shots!

I LOVE those!!

Emily – thank you SO much for asking me to photograph your family! I cannot WAIT to see you guys in May!



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Man – I am WAY BEHIND on blogging!

Here are some shots from a gorgeous fall day in Mansfield!

I’ve just recently discovered the beauty in where – meaning our exact location in our home – we live. And it’s amazing to see it with new eyes!


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Because the bitter cold bleakness of the winter seems to drag on – here are some pictures to remind us of the warmth that will be coming back – granted – it’s a warmth that brings the winter – but still.

I absolutely LOVE where I grew up – ESPECIALLY during fall!

The moon – space. I was born to be a space traveler. I hate flying. But the thought of going to the moon – another galaxy. Warp drive. Sign me up. Sigh.

What IF you fly? What if you never try. And then you’re missing out on the best thing to ever happen. I personally think we set too many expectations for ourselves and the people around us.

I want my boys to love Jesus and love people. I want them to enjoy school and try their best – but I also think that straight A’s should be the last of their worries. I want them to try. And fail. I want them to try and succeed. Because life isn’t perfect. It’s about mistakes and forgiveness. It’s about successes and grace. I want them to have a great sense of self-worth – because it’s really hard to love and be loved when you don’t. I want them to experience life. In it’s wonderful and horrible and beautiful glory. I want them to look at a sky and see so much more. I want them to live in grace.

Fear is a healthy thing – when it’s fear of the cars in the street – or getting too close to the edge. Not when it’s about trying and failing. Because you will always fail – at least once – but really so much more. BUT – you will also fly – at least once. But really. So. Much. More.


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I met Leslie at the Arnot Mall Bridal Expo – several years ago – we’ve stayed in touch through facebook!

She was actually one of the 5 women that started our prayer list for mommas wanting babies. Her oldest – *C* – was the second of those five sweet miracles to be born!

And now – I’ve photographed all 5 of them!

She brought down her sweet girls for a Christmas mini session!



That last shot – absolute PERFECTION!

Leslie – thank you so much for bringing your girls down! It was GREAT to see you again!


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Mark is our new pastor at Church of the New Covenant! I was so excited to take pictures for his family during my mini sessions!

Such a BEAUTIFUL family! Thank you SO much for coming out!


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I said earlier that Jared’s parents came to my parents for Thanksgiving. And it’s indeed a BEAUTIFUL thing.

I am SO very thankful that Jared has become truly a part of my family and the same for me with his.

It’s wonderful to celebrate together. No jealousies. No arguments. Family. Truly family.

Fitzy – with both his grandmothers – AWESOME!

Just remember – your parents are just as excited to become grandparents – just as excited as you are to hold your little babies.

I am SO thankful for the relationship that our kids have with their grandparents!


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Over Thanksgiving – Jared’s parents came to my parents house – which let me tell you – is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

My dearest aunt L grabbed her guys and ran out before the sun set. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Brian & Brenda wanted a few snowy shots too!

And since it was snowy – Fitzy wanted in on the action!

But – he was sad that he couldn’t be IN the pictures with G and Pa – so down he went!

My parents – and their Scottish Highlander!

It’s been a LONG time since my parents had their picture taken – alone!

And a GORGEOUS sunset to end the Thanksgiving break!

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