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This was a forward from my Aunt L –







*photos are NOT courtesy of barden photography*


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Monday morning we woke up to quite the scene in Schrute’s room – in the night he had torn apart his chew toy and made quite the mess of his crate – we assumed that he couldn’t hold it during the night. Needless to say – Jared ended up on his hands and knees scrubbing down the tray before he went to work – since I had to work at 7 that morning. Coming home at lunch – I found the same scene – only worse. He had thrown his mess everywhere – in all the little crevices of the crate – I cried and cried – calling Jared and unloading – which I tend to do. Once Jared got home he took the crate to the car wash with his dad – it was the only way to get it clean!

Tuesday afternoon I was home with him all afternoon – so we didn’t have another incident – until Wednesday morning when Jared’s mom came over to check oh him and found the same mess. I cam home at lunch – changed into different clothes – started the scrubbing – tried to use snow to help – crying the entire time – giving myself quite the headache. Jared’s mom was over – the poor woman – not knowing how to deal with me and my bundle of anger and crying and sobbing.

(I tend to lean more toward the dramatic if you haven’t noticed).

We are going to get a smaller crate – since that is what everyone recommends – and try that – I think that he is just mad that we are leaving him alone!

Today when I came home for lunch – he was fine – when I got home from work tonight – he was fine. I put a bowl with some ice in his crate – hoping that is what helps. I feel bad for the little guy – being all alone after being with his brothers and sisters for so long!

He is sleeping on out bedroom on his dog bed on the floor – and it’s working out GREAT – there are a few times a night we have to wake up and tell him no and take him out – but we would much rather that option than waking up to a mess!

I am trying to control my emotions better – I never thought I had much of a temper – but I am finding this out the hard way – along with Jared – bless his heart!

It is amazing to me that when I am being a jerk and cannot stand myself – Jared still loves me – even though he might not be happy with me at the moment – he still loves me and makes me want to be a better person!

That being said – here are the updated pictures of Schrute –










Other than the messy episodes – he is a PERFECT puppy! We have given him 3 baths since Monday due to his little tantrums! He isn’t too fond of the baths but he does well enough! That little spot on his nose is a cut from trying to get out of his crate during his mess on Monday! We love him dearly and I know his grandparents love him just as much! Jared and I weighed him unofficially and he is about 18 lbs. We have another vet appt. Tuesday so we will find out then!


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Thanks to barden photography brides – we made the BEST OF 2008 @ ONEWED.COM!



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Friday night we dropped off Schrute with Jared’s parents and went to the NCA basketball game before heading to my parents in Athens to stay the night. Our wake-up call was 4 AM to catch the 7.20 AM bus in Scranton heading to NYC!

We thought for sure we would sleep on the way to the bus station – but no luck. Jared, PM, my cousin Matt, my Aunt L, and I were so excited to get en route to see CHICAGO! The bus ride down was good – we watched Gran Torino – the new Clint Eastwood movie – luckily the volume was a little “wonky” during the first half so I missed out on all the swearing – good thing! It is a good movie – great message – and the best part was – it is a brand new movie and we got to see it for free – granted it was on a tiny little screen – but still!

We arrived at the bus station a little after 9 and grabbed breakfast. Then we ventured out on the streets of NYC! We hit the M & M store – where we saw every color imaginable and a $3000 diamond-encrusted jacket for the ULTIMATE M & M lover!


Aunt L met Morgan Freeman


at the wax museum …

We walked up to Central Park and got some pictures on the edge!




PM had mentioned that the APPLE store is close to Central Park – so we HAD to go in and check it out – Jared was in HEAVEN!


We saw the computer that I am going to get soon – and a new iPod – that Jared wants to get soon.

We walked through a fur protest at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

We managed to make it back to CHICAGO early and stand in line waiting for the doors to open – it was COLD!

Our seats were in the upper balcony – second row – in a VERY tight fit!

The show started and I was shocked that there was not much room on the stage – since they had the entire band on the stage as well. It was a good show – but not great – I was expecting something of BROADWAY proportions – and I thought that the movie version was MUCH better!



Melora Hardin – Jan on The Office – was playing the part of Roxie Hart – so that was AWESOME to see – since we had met her at The Office CONVENTION!

After the show we went to the NBC store to get a DUNDER MIFFLIN beanie and scarf but they were all sold out – so we got the next best thing – A DOG LEASH for Schrute – which is so fitting since he is named after Dwight Schrute on The Office! There were tons of great shirts too – but not for the price they wanted!

Then we went back to the train station to grab dinner and wait for the bus back to Scranton! The ride home was not non-stop so we did not have a movie waiting – which was all the better since we were all TIRED! We made it to Scranton shortly after 9.30 and then started the 2 hour ride back to my parents and then the hour ride back to Mansfield – PM dropped us off at about 12.45 AM – made for a long day – BUT A FUN DAY!

CHICAGO didn’t turn out to be the show I thought it would be – but we had great company!

Sunday after chuch we celebrated Jared’s dad’s birthday with lunch and then picked up Schrute – who was so excited to see us! Jared helped me move my office downstairs and set up a new room for Rutie.

I’ll post new pictures of my office space soon!


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CONGRATS to Natasha on winning a free photo session with barden photography!

Kari has booked a wedding for October 2009!


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It was SO AWESOME to see my name in print –




My booth was the 8th one down from SEARS!


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We have had Schrute for a week – what a week it has been!

We took him to the vet on Tuesday and he is doing well at 15 lbs.

We have been keeping him in his crate at night and during the day while we are at work. I come home at lunch and play with him and take him out. He had a few accidents in the house and I had a little breakdown on Friday. He is such a cuddler and a sleeper!

This weekend we went to NYC (pictures to come later) and the grandparents kept him from Friday night till about 2 this afternoon! It went well although I think Jared’s mom would still prefer a baby!


playing at lunchtime …


looking all sweet and innocent …


cuddle time with Jared in the morning!


Wednesday night …


taking a nap …





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The breeders – Big Piney Danes – took a picture of us when we picked up Schrute – who I have taken to calling Rutie!


I cannot believe that is has only been a week since we’ve had him – feels like he has always been here!


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Schrute is HOME!

We left at 8 AM on Sunday morning to pick him up – there was no snow in Mansfield and none on the way – we took the MAPQUEST directions taking us through Lock Haven and Altoona – ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN!

Even though it was not snowing in Mansfield – there was PLENTY of snow on the way down!



What should have been a 4 hour trip took 6 hours in the snow and slush – I am not a good passenger (or driver for that matter) in bad weather – too worrisome!

We made it – FINALLY! We got to see Schrute with his brother and sisters – I didn’t take my camera in b/c I was too exhausted from the ride! Mary sat in the back with Schrute while we decided to go back via the TURNPIKE and Harrisburg to 15 – a way we all know and love!





Mary started driving before we hit Harrisburg and we had a little confusion with what route to take and got a little lost – but finally managed to make it to a spot we all recognized!

Jared slept in the backseat with his new best friend!

Schrute loves Jared – he has been at his side since we got home!






Last night was tough – he cried and whimpered – luckily the crate is far away from our bedroom and we can’t hear him too much!

This morning was also tough leaving him in a crate while we are at work – Gramma and Grampa Barden spent some time with him today to help with the loneliness!

Once April rolls around – I will be able to be home with him most days!


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