One year ago …

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Barden family beach portrait 2007.

Barden family beach portrait 2008. Thank you Brandon.

I love comparison pictures. A year ago – I think we look so different. Dr. Robinson tells me that the shape of my face will change with this device – I hope so – look at the difference in my face from 1 year ago – my weight isn’t any different but my face is shorter and chubbier. I am hoping to get that defined jaw line back. Nonetheless – this is one of my FAVORITE pictures of Jared and I together.

OC MD Part One.

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My vacation blog stopped short on Day Five – which I think was Wednesday. Thursday I didn’t feel too good – the heat, the sunburn, my jaw, and my fluid filled ears – all conspired against me. Jared and I spent the afternoon inside watching a X-Files marathon to get ready for the movie. Friday we spent ALL day on the beach – the last full day. Saturday we left around 10 AM – driving out of OC i got a migraine so I tried to sleep most of the car ride home – which took about 10 hours. We stopped at a few outlets and then to grab a bite to eat around Thorndale PA. We got home and unpacked – threw a load of laundry in – and went to bed. We slept in and recuperated Sunday morning – then spent the afternoon with Mara – who missed us like CRAZY! Our Second Annual Barden Family Vacation had come and gone.

I am posting the pictures from Jared’s camera first – ‘cus it is much easier than trying to organize them with mine.


Jared and I our first night on the beach.


It seems to be that moms are always in control.




Dinner on the Boardwalk – it is so nice to sit out in the fresh air and enjoy a meal with those you love.


Will someone PLEASE tell me what the deal is with these sunglasses!


Hanging out in the living room – watching a movie before bed.



OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE – Jared’s favorite place to eat – home or away.


The BEST onion we’ve ever seen.


Mom and dad enjoying the sun …


Trying to get a picture of all of us together …



Dinner at Seacrets – mom and dad’s favorite place to eat in OC MD.



Thrasher’s fries – a MUST HAVE on the Boardwalk.


Please note the AWESOME tan on half my forehead. It was all over my head – but the peeling began.


My AWESOME tan gave way to slight tan underneath – but I have learned that I need to actually wear an SPF now.

Vibrant …

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TMJ Relief Fund

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So – I have mentioned it before but I will say it again – I have the BEST family ever. My family, friends, and church family have blessed me with their love and kindness. I have a TMJ Relief Fund – thanks for the name to Jessica (my sister-in-law) – that people have been contributing to. I am amazed and so humbled by what people have given me thus far. I am not only talking about monetary gifts – but prayers and kind words. As an update for all of you who keep up with what is going on in the region of my TMJ life – I had my second appt. yesterday with Dr.  Robinson. He hooked me up to a TENS unit – an electrical stimulation device – to help relax my muscles – for about 70 minutes. He then took molds of my bite to send out to make the device that I will wear all along my bottom teeth. August 19th is the appt. where I will be hooked up to the TENS for about 45 minutes and then have the device fitted and in place! I can hardly wait. I will have trouble speaking for the first few weeks – or so I am told – but I am willing to sacrifice that to feel better. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I think of the life that I will be living in a  few months – God willing. I have the calmest peace about this device – I truly believe that THIS is what God has in store for me – for us. Again – thank you to all of you who have given or are giving of your time and money to help me in this endeavor. I cannot even express to you in words what it means to me to know that I am in your prayers and that you are willing to help me in this purchase. I would love to make a little graph on the side of my blog that shows how much I need and where I am in that goal – but I don’t know how.THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU.  

Day five.

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This morning we woke up and headed straight out to the beach. Jared and I wanted to find a spot next the sweet, kissing old man and his family – but they weren’t out there yet. The lifegaurd told us that the region of the beach we were sitting is was SURF BEACH for the day – so we moved down a titch so we could wade  in the ocean if wanted. I was hoping to get some awesome surfing pictures – but it is only Maryland and not Hawaii. I think I got a few of one of the surfers – we will see. We settled in for our day of reading and relaxing when we were approached by the SCOPES guy to take our pictures. This particular guy – Brandon – has been after us all week. Turns out that a couple in our church was down here a few weeks ago and had prayed for a SCOPES guy named Brandon. He came back to them the next day and felt tons better after the prayers. They had told us to keep an eye out for a blond SCOPES guy named Brandon. So when we ran into him the first day – we asked his name – and sure enough it is THE Brandon that the people from our church ran into. So we told him that he could get our pictures but not till later when I looked like a human and not a lobster. I look much better today – with the exception of my hip still – so we thought – WHY NOT? Now – Jared’s dad LOVES the beach – he hates the sand and the ocean but loves the beach. So this Brandon makes us get down in the sand and has mom B and I lie on the backs of our guys. It was great – cus dad B would never do that. We thought – we don’t have to get them – so why not. I very rarely get good pictures of me and am always behind the camera anyway.

We spent the day reading, relaxing, and visiting. We ran into the family that we were trying to sit next to and chatted with them a little. The older guy – the kisser – said something that made me think. I said something about family values and how it seems they aren’t like they used to be. He said – well I think more people care than you might think. You have to give people a chance. He said – it is like the people who need help with some things. When people are in need you help them – when you can – sometimes those people appreciate it and return the favor at some point and some people never say a word – but you do it anyway. It was a God appointment for me – for sure.

For dinner we went to mom and dad B’s favorite place – Seacret’s – and then to check out the pictures from earlier. If I had known about stuff like this in college – SIGN ME UP! This is what I know that I am meant to do – making moments into memories. Anyway – the pictures were good – one was GREAT. We got an 8 x 10 and then a keychain for Jared of the two of us. Now we are spending a night in watching Hoodwinked.

I am looking forward to my next jaw appointment on Tuesday – this week has been tough finding food to eat and with sleeping in different places. I needed this week to relax – we get back this Saturday – then on each weekend I have the following – a wedding in Athens – a wedding in Canton and church picnic – KT’s grad party and PK sleepover – wedding in Athens – visiting Trudence in VA – wedding in Wellsboro – OFF WEEK – Ren Faire with the family – wedding in Lawrenceville – Sara’s wedding – WHEW – that takes us all the way into October!

I appreciate all the prayers for my jaw and related “pains” GREATLY! With Jesus ALL things are possible!

Day four.

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Today was beach day – all day – or so we thought. The morning started with a stranger walking into our room exclaiming – sorry sorry – turns our he thought our room was the office. Jared’s mom had been sitting out on the porch with breakfast and didn’t make the connection that he was coming INTO our room. What a way to start the day! We went out the beach and settled in for a morning of reading and relaxing. I took a little walk and snapped some pictures and read more of my book – which is another blog topic I could go on and on about. Jared and I came back in and brought out lunch today for everyone. After lunch – mom and dad B went in for a rest stop – but we determined that nothing needed to be taken back in yet. About ten minutes after they went inside – the wind and dark coulds started rolling in – we thought we would just wait it out. It started to pick up pretty good so Jared and I got up to pick up the sheet when the umbrella BLEW UP and OUT OF THE GROUND – heading for the ocean. After a few giant leaps – I caught it – ony to have our chairs start to blow over and away – about the time we righted the chairs to get them put away – the other umbrella caught the urge to head for a swim too. After a hectic few minutes we managed to pack up everything – with no sign of mom and dad B. We had four chairs – two umbrellas – two coolers – and two giant beach bags – all for Jared and I to lug back. We thought about leaving some things behind but couldn’t pick anything so we piled them up on our shoulders and managed to start lugging everything back when mom and dad B came RUNNING across the sand to help – JUST IN TIME – the lightning was starting and the clouds were funneling over the ocean – i ALMOST stopped to dig for my camera – but i am terrified of the wind and funky looking clouds. Give me thunder and lightning any day – not wind.

So we decided to go to the outlets and the Outback for the afternoon – Jared found a few polo shirts at the Gap and I found two pairs of nice chinos – near black and khaki – which will work great when photographing weddings – OH and FLIP FLOPS for TWO BUCKS. I got a really cute denim skirt from BASS – and an ADORABLE outfit for sweet Macy – even though it won’t fit her till next winter.

We ate and came back to chill on the beach – and saw lots of dolphins – till about an hour ago – day four is nearly over and it makes us sad. My sunburn is nearly healed – the only bad spot that still hurts is on my right hip. I am so excited to post pictures of our second “annual” Barden family vacation.

Day three.

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I wish I had a way to DL my pictures from my camera. I haven’t been as burnt as I am right now in a LONG LONG time. Like I said earlier – we arrived Saturday afternoon – day one – and after unpacking went right out the beach. We hung out for a while – took a few walks – snapped pictures left and right – then came in to change for dinner. We went to dinner at a pizza spot where you eat on the roof of the restaurant overlooking the boardwalk. The pizza was good – it was a little too tough for my jaw – but good.

Day two – yesterday – we got up and out on the beach by 9 AM – picking a great spot right on the water. The spot was also a witness to irresponsible parenting galore. First I have to say that Jared and I think that we tan well – but we don’t – after learning the hard way. I am burnt from head to literally the end of each toe. My stomach, hips, ankles, and feet are the worst. I will have pictures DL’ed once we get back home. I think that my pain tolerance has gotten pretty high in the past two years – but this HURTS – and it is my own stupidity. So – while I was baking myself to a lobster red yesterday – we witnessed the following — a mom who was talking on her cell phone for about 2 hours while paying no attention to her children – aged five and three – IF THAT – the little girl was the older with a cute little brother tailing behind. She would play in the ocean – run around the large expanse of beach – including our sheet – while her mom sat in the surf chatting away. The little boy would get in other people’s stuff – play with the big kites at the back of the beach – wander all over creation without the concern of his mom. At one point she went to change his diaper but decided to just let him wander all over the surf totally naked. Later I found a little girl wandering around our spot looking lost and scared. I asked her if she needed her mom – she shook her head yes and nearly started crying. Luckily Jared said they were on the other side of our little spot and that was indeed where she needed to be. Later I watched the father of this little girl shove his son in the sand after yelling at him and asking him if he understood him – turns out that the little boy – no more than 9 – was supposed to be with his sister (the same one who wandered off before without her parents missing her) and came back from the shore without her. So Jared saw the dad punch his son in the arm for daring to lose his sister. I have NEVER in my life witnessed such irresponsibility on behalf of parents. It makes me realize that Jared and I really can do it and will make it. I understand that parenting isn’t perfect and noone is – but COME ON people – these are you children – LOVE THEM and watch them. So the day yesterday ended with the first little boy walking down the street to their car without any diaper or anything on again – yards behind his mother – who is too busy with her friends and/or cell phone to notice or care. In case you cannot tell – this really disturbs me. We came back to the room and changed for dinner – at the small restaurant in the hotel we stayed at last year while we were here. Then we checked out the options for the Olde Tyme Photographs – which we will do later on in the week when I don’t look like a fresh lobster.

Day three – today – we spent all day on the beaach again – this time under the protection of sunscreen – a cover dress – and an umbrella. I read most of my book and took a few more pictures. Jared and I went out in the ocean to cool off every once in a while – where we met an older gentleman who saw me kissing Jared and asked why he had missed out on the kissing – so he promptly planted one on my cheek and I returned the favor. I went over the his wife and found out that they have been married 55 years! I told them we had just hit 4 – they said keep it up and work at it – it is worth it. Turns out that they will be our beach neighbors for the week since they have stayed in the same place for the past 46 years for 2 weeks. I think I might try and talk with them about how things have changed so much over the years on the boardwalk here in OC. OH – and speaking of OC – DID YOU KNOW that the vibrant glow of 80’s neon prints are back in style? Along with the sunglassed with the neon rims? The only thing that should be coming back from the 80’s is the music.

So here we are in the evening of day three – nursing our sunburns and trying out the couch bed for a better night’s sleep.

Arrived …

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We left at 6 AM sharp this morning after going to bed at 2 AM – thank you drive-in. We got to the beach at 3ish – which is not usual but the traffic was CRAZY – Jared and I still pretend we are “kids” and sleep in the back seat while mom and dad drive – that will ALWAYS be one of the best parts about vacation. It will be a sad day when we actually have to be the parents and let our kids sleep in the back seat of the car.

I am logging on and blogging b/c it’s only 10 PM and we can’t go to bed yet – it’s vacation! I also wanted to write about Batman – The Dark Knight. I am a “guy” movie girl at heart. I have been SO excited about this movie since I heard it was coming out. I usually don’t go into a movie with expectations – but not this one – and I was a little disappointed – not much though. I was a little too long – but otherwise good. I have to see it again too – I am so busy trying not to miss anything the first time I see a movie that I cannot wait to see it again right afterward. We went to the Elmira drive-in with PM, Mateo, dad, Derek, and Jessica. I LOVE THE DRIVE-IN – I wish there was still one in Wellsboro. The night was perfect – warm and slightly breezy. The company – most of my favorite people. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it but I will say that the origianl Batman will ALWAYS be my favorite – for sure.

The second feature was Get Smart – which we were excited to see. About ten minutes into the movie – the screen started to skip a little and then WHOOSH – the actors faces starting melting down and the whole film was melting, melting, melting. They said they would be back up and running soon – but we figured we might as well call it a night since we were already putting ourselves getting home at 2 AM – only to get up 3 1/2 hours later.

So – the agenda for the week is to lay on the beach – nothing more – nothing less. We will more than likely stop at some outlets if there is a rainy day or just hit them on the way home. I plan on getting some ideas for blogs while I lay on the beach – relaxing. I have already taken over 100 pictures but I have no way to DL them while I am here.

Beach bums …

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We are leaving for the beach at 6 AM sharp tomorrow morning – Saturday the 19th and won’t be returning till Saturday the 26th – late in the afternoon/evening.

I hope to have some interested clients – specifically senior pictures and the RAY contest – when I come back.

Also – when I get back I’ll inform everyone of the “TMJ Relief Fund” – thanks to Jessica – my sister-in-law – for the inspiring title.


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