Day five.

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This morning we woke up and headed straight out to the beach. Jared and I wanted to find a spot next the sweet, kissing old man and his family – but they weren’t out there yet. The lifegaurd told us that the region of the beach we were sitting is was SURF BEACH for the day – so we moved down a titch so we could wade  in the ocean if wanted. I was hoping to get some awesome surfing pictures – but it is only Maryland and not Hawaii. I think I got a few of one of the surfers – we will see. We settled in for our day of reading and relaxing when we were approached by the SCOPES guy to take our pictures. This particular guy – Brandon – has been after us all week. Turns out that a couple in our church was down here a few weeks ago and had prayed for a SCOPES guy named Brandon. He came back to them the next day and felt tons better after the prayers. They had told us to keep an eye out for a blond SCOPES guy named Brandon. So when we ran into him the first day – we asked his name – and sure enough it is THE Brandon that the people from our church ran into. So we told him that he could get our pictures but not till later when I looked like a human and not a lobster. I look much better today – with the exception of my hip still – so we thought – WHY NOT? Now – Jared’s dad LOVES the beach – he hates the sand and the ocean but loves the beach. So this Brandon makes us get down in the sand and has mom B and I lie on the backs of our guys. It was great – cus dad B would never do that. We thought – we don’t have to get them – so why not. I very rarely get good pictures of me and am always behind the camera anyway.

We spent the day reading, relaxing, and visiting. We ran into the family that we were trying to sit next to and chatted with them a little. The older guy – the kisser – said something that made me think. I said something about family values and how it seems they aren’t like they used to be. He said – well I think more people care than you might think. You have to give people a chance. He said - it is like the people who need help with some things. When people are in need you help them – when you can – sometimes those people appreciate it and return the favor at some point and some people never say a word – but you do it anyway. It was a God appointment for me – for sure.

For dinner we went to mom and dad B’s favorite place – Seacret’s – and then to check out the pictures from earlier. If I had known about stuff like this in college – SIGN ME UP! This is what I know that I am meant to do – making moments into memories. Anyway – the pictures were good – one was GREAT. We got an 8 x 10 and then a keychain for Jared of the two of us. Now we are spending a night in watching Hoodwinked.

I am looking forward to my next jaw appointment on Tuesday – this week has been tough finding food to eat and with sleeping in different places. I needed this week to relax – we get back this Saturday – then on each weekend I have the following – a wedding in Athens – a wedding in Canton and church picnic – KT’s grad party and PK sleepover – wedding in Athens – visiting Trudence in VA – wedding in Wellsboro – OFF WEEK – Ren Faire with the family – wedding in Lawrenceville – Sara’s wedding – WHEW – that takes us all the way into October!

I appreciate all the prayers for my jaw and related “pains” GREATLY! With Jesus ALL things are possible!

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