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Fall is my FAVORITE season!

While I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall – I’d be happy with only a few snowstorms – or NONE!


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You know by now – we live next door to Jared’s parents – and the boys LOVE it!

Brenda wanted some fall pictures with her sweet hubby!

Isn’t he ADORABLE!?!

The apples were begging to be photographed!

This fall was beautiful and lasted longer than usual – no complaining here!


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I love photographing flowers – I don’t get to do it enough!

Make sure to get out and experience the beauty around you – if only for a few minutes!


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I am certainly excited for spring – but winter pictures are a little bit of beautiful! Even without the snow!

It’s always nice when I can get a minute to capture nature – life moves so fast lately!


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Man – I am WAY BEHIND on blogging!

Here are some shots from a gorgeous fall day in Mansfield!

I’ve just recently discovered the beauty in where – meaning our exact location in our home – we live. And it’s amazing to see it with new eyes!


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Because the bitter cold bleakness of the winter seems to drag on – here are some pictures to remind us of the warmth that will be coming back – granted – it’s a warmth that brings the winter – but still.

I absolutely LOVE where I grew up – ESPECIALLY during fall!

The moon – space. I was born to be a space traveler. I hate flying. But the thought of going to the moon – another galaxy. Warp drive. Sign me up. Sigh.

What IF you fly? What if you never try. And then you’re missing out on the best thing to ever happen. I personally think we set too many expectations for ourselves and the people around us.

I want my boys to love Jesus and love people. I want them to enjoy school and try their best – but I also think that straight A’s should be the last of their worries. I want them to try. And fail. I want them to try and succeed. Because life isn’t perfect. It’s about mistakes and forgiveness. It’s about successes and grace. I want them to have a great sense of self-worth – because it’s really hard to love and be loved when you don’t. I want them to experience life. In it’s wonderful and horrible and beautiful glory. I want them to look at a sky and see so much more. I want them to live in grace.

Fear is a healthy thing – when it’s fear of the cars in the street – or getting too close to the edge. Not when it’s about trying and failing. Because you will always fail – at least once – but really so much more. BUT – you will also fly – at least once. But really. So. Much. More.


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I had a session on Armenia Mountain in Troy on a Sunday morning – and decided to take the long way to Canton for my next session and then back home – SO GLAD I DID!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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We had a BEAUTIFUL fall mist one morning – and I couldn’t resist capturing the masterpieces it highlighted!

ALWAYS look for the beauty around you!


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Doing the God sightings session with Mara inspired to me look a little closer – arrive a little early – come home a few minutes late.

Just to see the beauty.

Take the time to look around!


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Our friend – and youth pastor – Mara asked me to take the kids on a God sighting walk – find beauty in your surroundings. Find beauty in the unusual.

I had to bring the boys with me – LOOK AT THOSE FACES!

It’s been years – YEARS – since I took pictures of anything other than my kiddos or clients. It. Was. Awesome.

COMPASSION IS THE ONLY ANSWER. A little gem we found. And I need this reminder. Multiple times a day!

Look for the beauty – all you need to do is open your eyes!

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