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Jared’s cousin Alyssa is a photographer in Florida! She was up visiting in October and took Fitzy out for some pictures!

(ALL the pictures in this blog post are taken by Alyssa Northcutt Photography)

I am so in love with ALL these pictures – but these three especially!

OH MY HEART! He is just the sweetest boy EVER!

I couldn’t pick between color and black and white – so you’ll get both!

Alyssa – thank you SO much!

It was so great to spend time with you and restore our friendship!

The weather here was HORRIBLE the week of Fitzy’s 18 month birthday so I didn’t get out to take any “real” pictures of him that day. I’m SO thankful you got these shots to mark that milestone for us!

These photos are so beautiful and precious to us! Thank you again! We love you!


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I have to tell you something. When I found out we were having a boy – I was a little sad. For one main reason. Boys aren’t as fun to dress.

I was wrong.

I added the black and white shots because our lighting in this house is HORRID.

OH MY WORD! I am having SO MUCH FUN dressing Fitzy!

I found that the key is to not worry about anything matching! So many people told me he looks a like a little guy going off to college in this!

While I know that will happen much sooner than I’d like – he does look pretty handsome!


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I met Ericka through FACEBOOK initially! We found out that we had some friends in common and then I started going to MOPS and we became great friends! Her daughter is the same age Enoch would have been – so I always get to imagine what he is like in heaven!

Last year I took pictures of just her daughter – this year she brought her husband along (he was *SO* excited) for a family session!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Oh wait – THOSE are my favorites!

I am LOVING the leaves this year!

I haven’t been editing many pictures into black & white this fall – just because the colors are SO fantastic – but I KNEW this one would be BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE those ones!

Ericka & Jeff – we LOVE you guys! I am so thankful God has placed you in our lives – and in front of my camera!



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I’ve known Belinda since 8th grade! We both went to Mansfield and now live close to each other! We both struggled with loss and the inability to get pregnant.

Her sweet one is 3 months older than Fitzy. They are beautiful miracles! I am SO thankful we walk this road together!

Those shots make me tear up. Neither of us ever really thought we would be holding babies in our arms – and here they are!






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I met Ashley on FACEBOOK – but I’m not really sure how!

We have the same love for “guy” movies and all things nerdy. She was due with her little guy on Fitzy’s birthday. I was due on her little guy’s birthday.

She is GORGEOUS and I had a pin-up style “halloween” shoot in my head that I knew she would be PERFECT for!


Ashley – thank you SO much for being my model and totally capturing what I had in my head!

I can’t wait till our next session – be on the lookout in November – it’s gonna be AWESOME!


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When I was in college – I saw a poster for a Student Activities trip – to the Renaissance Faire. I thought – my dad would LOVE that! I wonder how much it costs. I checked – $5 for me and $10 for my dad. SERIOUSLY?! That covered the fee into the Faire and the bus ride down!

That was 10 years ago! TEN YEARS! We went with the college up until they changed the policy on who could go. Then we made our own trip!

It’s kind of like Christmas for my dad. He saves all year and makes a suit of armor. We watch glass blowing – eat giant turkey legs and soup in a bread bowl – get cinnamon almonds for the trip home – bid at the pirate auction. The first year we went – it was just the two of us. We watched the glass blowing demonstration – they made a pumpkin. I’ve always wanted one and since this year was our anniversary – I got TWO!

We were hesitant about bringing Fitzy – but he did FANTASTIC! He slept a little on the way down and chatted with grandpa. Walked around the park or caught a ride on shoulders. Posed for pictures and roared like the dragon he was! He took a nap in the afternoon and met a little friend who shared her goldfish and some kisses. He slept almost the whole ride home – we tired him out!

Belinda let me borrow her dragon costume!

Make up artist – I am NOT. But it worked – till it got warm anad melted off!

The dragon and the knight he defeated!

It got REALLY warm – so the dragon turned into a pirate!

He was too little to ride the elephant – maybe in a few years!

Fitzy met this little girl on our trek around the park. He loved her.

I love these pictures! It’s just a mango Slush Puppie people!

We switched to the dragon costume I had originally bought because it was a little lighter and I would have felt horrible if he got the one from Belinda all sticky!

On our way out of the Faire – we had SO much fun!

He is TOO big!

The dragon and the knight – friends after all!


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Tifany & Ron were the winners of a FREE engagement session from the 2012 BRIDAL EXPO at the Arnot Mall in January!

We had originally scheduled our session for the spring – it rained. We rescheduled for August – it rained. We FINALLY got a beautiful day in October – I’m glad we had to wait!


I LOVE those shots!

I hope you guys LOVE your photos! I’m so happy we finally worked it out!


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I’ve known Amy & Jim for 8 years – which is CRAZY!

We worked together at Phoenix until I pursued photography as my full-time career!

When I met Amy – their daughter *E* was just a little thing.

It was a FRIGID morning – can you see the frost on the ground?

And the twins – OH MY WORD! How it is they’ve gotten so big?

You can totally see the frost in those shots!

Thanks for asking me to capture another year in your life! Love you guys!


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I love when clients say – put us down for every June and October (or whatever months they happen to choose) – it makes my heart happy!

This family has become a favorite of mine!

*L* is SO cute! She just melts my heart!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!


Thank you SO much for having me over again! I love capturing your growing family!


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I met *K* and her family through our MOPS group! She is so sweet and kind and has some MEGA cute kiddos!

Her family welcomed a little boy in early October and she asked me to capture this moment in time for them!


And that chair! I’m having major chair envy lately!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing two older sisters with a little brother – melts my heart and reminds of me and my little sister and brother!


These shots are TOO cute!

We had to get some shots of the little guy!

I love those last shots!

*K* – I had such a great time with you guys! I hope you love your pictures as much as I do!

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