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I had a wedding in Athens on Valentine’s Day so we spent the weekend with my parents – taking Schrute with us!


He is such a handsome pup!



Playing with my dad …


We love him dearly!

Check out the blog for an upcoming post of his obedience session and pictures with Chai!


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I am so behind on blogging – and adding to the gallery! I have so much to share and have NEVER been this far behind. The computer switch has been less than smooth!

Here are the favorites from the beach during our Florida trip!



This last one is my favorite by far – I have it as the new desktop on my computer!



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This was in my inbox this morning – from Aunt L – THANK YOU GOD!

Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.

Blessed are they who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.

Psalm 119:1-2


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Jared is the one that manages this website – THANKS JARED – he uploads the photos – changes my specials – pretty much everything except these blogs!

This morning it was brought to my attention that there were some photos in my WITH THIS RING gallery that were not barden photography. I don’t know how they got there – like I said – Jared uploads the photos – I don’t even know where to start!

I checked them out and indeed they were from the Yoder wedding but not mine. Jared had taken some of Indica’s photos off her website and added her name on them – but only some of them. He then put those pictures up on FACEBOOK – every picture that he put up on FBOOK of the wedding – some of mine – but most of Indica’s ended up on my gallery page.

Jared has to go to a seperate page and upload them to my website – which he didn’t do – cus they weren’t mine – obviously!

So – if you had seen the gallery and any photos of the Yoder wedding – the first few rows of pictures in the album – some were mine – but most were not.

I apologize greatly for this – I would never try to play off someone else’s photography as my own. They are no longer up there – but if it happens again – for some strange reason – please let me know!

The past few days have kicked my butt – with photography issues and misunderstandings and misinterpretations …

So I’m just giving satan a warning – BACK OFF!


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barden photography is giving away a FREE SESSION for brides!

TRASH THE DRESS – it’s about taking your wedding dress – post-wedding – and getting dirty!

I would love to shoot some at the train station in Wellsboro – so many run down buildings and awesome shots!



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This was a forward sent by my dear Aunt L –

I know that God loves me from an intellectual standpoint.

I knew that He would think well of me when I did right and would somehow tolerate me when I did wrong. But somehow I couldn’t understand the unconditional love that the Bible says defines my Lord and Savior, the kind that doesn’t have strings attached, the kind that doesn’t depend on good behavior or a perfect report card.

For about a week, I prayed going to and from work. Then one particular day, I came home feeling very harried. I struggled to get the groceries in from the car and remain pleasant to my neighbor Tiffany and her 4-year-old son Jaelon, who were preparing to leave.

And then it happened.

After several trips to the house, I was finally down to my last few bags of groceries. I was heading for the door, when I heard little Jaelon ask in his gentle voice, “Can I give you a hug?”

I was flabbergasted that a child who didn’t even know my name, who had never spent time at my house, who I had passed day after day without saying “hello” wanted to hug ME. Who am I that I deserve a hug?

Despite my initial hesitancy, deep down I was thrilled. I actually couldn’t wait to get hugged! So I put my groceries down, walked over to that sweet little boy, knelt down, and received God’s wonderful blessing.

It was so simple, and yet such a pure act of love. A hug from a little child — no pretense, no hidden motives. Just a kid who saw a worried adult struggling and figured a hug would make it all better.

And he was right. I could barely fight back the tears of joy as I contemplated that brief gesture of acceptance. I quickly realized God had just answered my prayer in the most tangible and personal way.

If you need His touch, as I did, ask the Lord to show Himself to you.

And then, wait expectantly for His outstretched arms to bring you comfort, safety and provision.

I got this forward last week and just now opened it …

After having an especially emotional day – I need a hug – thanks God!


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When Jared and I were first married we lived in an apt. on Main Street in Mansfield – next to Crossroads Bed & Breakfast – see the nifty link on the R hand side of the page.

We only spent one winter in that apt. – Jared’s cousin Alyssa would come over and we would – excuse me – SHE would cook us dinner and hang out – when it snowed we would get in our ridiculous flannel pajamas and go out in the middle of the road and take pictures – thankfully I don’t know where those pictures are!

I do know where one of those winter pictures ended up – in the foyer of Crossroads – in the gym at Phoenix – and now in the homes of TWO barden photography patrons!

I entered the picture in the Troy Fair in 2005 and won a prize in the special category – Home for the Holidays – I then gave the photo to the Fitzgerald’s – who own the B & B – and they hung it in their foyer.

A few years later – a patron fell in love with the picture and asked to purchase it – AWESOME!

When I first started at Phoenix – my boss paid me for a few of the scenery prints and they still hang in the clinic – Amy asked if I would bring in a few more to put around the gym and treatment rooms – one of the pictures I brought in was the print of the B & B.

Yesterday a patient asked if she could buy the print – AWESOME AGAIN!

Unfortunately I don’t have a digital copy – was still working in film then – and I have no clue where the negative got to – prolly the same place as those pictures of Alyssa and I – and the scanner is seeming to have hiccups!


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Jared and I at Zach & Layne’s wedding!

Jared had such a good time – in the almost five years being married and little over 6 being together – I don’t think I’ve seen him like he was at the wedding!

Jared and Zach went to high school with Indica – she lives in Florida and has a photography business – props to her for this picture!

Out first picture together since finding out we are expecting!


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It seems that lately – things in our life – have happened one right after the other.

I knew a while ago that I would be quitting my job as a secretary to pursue photography full-time – I just didn’t know when that would happen. My first goal was Christmas – one that I didn’t announce to many people.

Then we made the almost spur of the moment decision to get a puppy. Jared met Chai one afternoon and fell in love with him – so starting the journey of getting a great dane. Within three days – we made a decision and a down payment.

I knew I had the BRIDAL EXPO coming in January and that I would make my decision of leaving based on the turnout – I came home discouraged – for some reason thinking I would get twelve bookings on the spot. I went to the EXPO with 12 weddings booked for the year – right now I have 21 – with my goal being 24 – almost there and I have 3 bookings for next year with interest in more! So coming back to work – I sent in my resignation for March 31st – giving 10 weeks notice – and making it official. It was scary writing that letter up and giving it to my boss and then sending it in to corporate – permanent – no going back – EEEEK!

Amongst the BRIDAL EXPO – officially quitting – and picking up our puppy – I managed to also get PREGNANT! TALK ABOUT TIMING! Here I am trying to not panic about quitting my job and starting a business – stressing about puppy training – something that is very hard when you are NOT home during the day – and then to find out that I need to CALM DOWN!

It was the best thing that could have happened – I have always known that I want to be a momma more than anything – and that I would quit my job once we have kids – but here it is – and I can do photography and have kids and stay home with them!

I struggle with – CAN I DO IT – WILL WE MAKE IT – IS THIS RIGHT – we have prayed about it and I tend to feel a peace about it overall – I worry way too much and I think that I have been able to keep it under control – and I know I can do it and will do it. I have great friends who support me and push me every step of the way! I have a wonderful family who supports me every step of the way!


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I haven’t been to the doctor’s yet – March 9th – but I thought I would give a little update. I typically don’t have a large appetite but I cannot stop eating! I have always been someone who needs their sleep more than not – but I cannot get enough rest! I am getting a little woozy in the afternoons but I think it is more from being hungry and tired and staring at a computer screen all afternoon!

I don’t feel like I have a life growing inside me – should I? It is such an awesome miracle!

I have been insanely emotional – I usually am a pretty “dramatic” person anyway – but it has been intense! Jared is an amazing man with patience like none other. He is handling me and my frustrations so well. I come home at lunch and have to clean up after a messy dog and can barely make it through the task only to call him and cry about it.

Other than being hungry, tired, and emotional – I feel good!

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