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Brothers. I still can’t believe that I have two little boys that are brothers!

Look at that little guy! He’s still a little guy – a month later! Which is weird for me. Fitzy was (and still is) such a big guy.

BE STILL MY HEART! I have a feeling I will be getting a GIANT portrait of that one on the left for our wall!

Fitzy is a FANTASTIC big brother – he’s a fantastic kid! He’s got his moments – we all do. He loves his baby ick (sometimes he calls him baby enny) and always wants to give him a big hug and kiss!

He is such a crazy goofball!

My friend Megan came over and took some newborn photos of our little guy! I had to snap a few shots!

OH – my boys! These brothers. My heart.

It’s been a month – a whole month since Enoch was born. A month of sleepless nights. A month of sweet baby smells. A month of watching him grow. A month of love. All around. I’ve written about the changes in our lives – here and at – and I am so excited to tell you that things are going well. Jared is coming back and has been able to enjoy his babies and this time in our lives! I’m not afraid of doing this whole parenting and marriage thing alone. He’s more talkative and involved. It’s a complete answer to prayer.

Our lives have been turned inside out – once again – but I expect this to happen more often than not. While I might not like it every time – I feel better prepared to deal with the changes – the challenges.

Enoch is beautiful and wonderful.

His eyes hold so much character and depth.

We are blessed.


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Rebeka & her son are patiently (as patiently as one can) waiting for Jimmy to come home!


I love love LOVE blurry black and whites!

Such a SWEET boy!

Praying for daddy! Since our session – he has come home – safely!

Rebeka – thank you SO much for asking me to photograph THIS moment in your life!


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I LOVE when families love my work and come back! Mikaela is the last of her sisters to graduate – and I’ve photographed them all!

I am SO in love with those shots!

And those ones! LOVE!



Mikaela – SERIOUSLY!

Mikaela – this is one of my FAVORITE senior sessions – EVER! Thank you SO much for asking me to capture this moment for you!