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I met Megan over facebook – I think (I can hardly remember anymore)!

Last year I was sick for my New Year’s Eve wedding and called her as a back-up if I needed one. Thankfully I pushed through the wedding and she was able to spend her New Year’s with her hubby! I was so thankful that she was on call for me though!

We have since become good friends – which I truly appreciate – with her being a local photographer! She is an encouragement to me in my work and my life! She is sweet and kind and loves Jesus!

When she came to take some newborn pictures of Fitzy – I remember her cradling him and saying how she and Seth ached for a baby and were waiting as patiently as they could. Little did she know that she was JUST pregnant when she was kissing that sweet boy of mine!

Little *J* should be here next month – he is one of the 5 certain miracles we had been praying for!

She had a vision for their maternity pictures – to make a prayer book for *J*! Such a great idea!

They prayed for this health – for him to always have a home – to never be hungry – to love books – to play make believe – to know Jesus’ love!

The book she made is BEAUTIFUL!

Praying that he will ALWAYS know their love!


It was CRAZY windy and FRIGID the day we decided to shoot – but they were troopers!

They pray that *J* will love learning!

They pray that he will always enjoy laughter!

It’s funny that my favorite shots are usually the last ones!

Megan & Seth – I am so thankful that our paths crossed! I cannot WAIT to see little *J* and watch you experience him!

BECCA & DEREK – 12.10.2011

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I met Becca through the contests I held in 2010 on my blog! She had won $50 off a session and booked one for her and Derek! Soon after – she booked their wedding with me!

This was my last wedding of the year and it was only about a mile from my house – SWEET!

I LOVED the Christmas bulb favors!

Grainy – but I love it – there is a time and a place for graininess (I think) and I love this picture with the grain!


Becca & Derek met at Mansfield University – so we made sure to get some shots in North Hall!

We went back on campus at the end of the night for some shots – they met working at The Flashlight!

Derek & Becca – thank you so much for asking me to photograph your day! I hope you have a GREAT honeymoon!


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We are overwhelmed! With love and joy and fear and excitement!

I have always been regular with my cycle – within about two days – and since I am crazy organized and scheduled I always keep track.

I was a few days late and again – was on the way to my parents for the weekend and needed to know what to pack. I drove to dollar general – picked up a test – took it and within 30 seconds there was a positive result – CRAZY!

Jared laughed – only to keep from crying!

I texted my sister a picture – called Ronda (if you are friends with me on facebook – you ALL know Ronda) who was VERY excited! Called my mom – who I woke up and she yelled at me – I’M TIRED DANIELLE! And then in the morning she thought it was a dream until she checked her phone! Called my bff Johna who was equally excited – called my brother – whose first response was – WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME SO LATE! Jared called his mom – who was also in bed and a little drowsy. We always say – we won’t tell many people – then we tell OODLES! I just can’t help it! My sister called me back saying – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – AND HER NAME IS SAMANTHA – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL – IT’S A GIRL!!!

You guys have been with us since losing Enoch and struggling to get pregnant and watching Fitzy be born – I can’t NOT share it with you. If something were to go wrong I would blog about it anyway – so why not get all the prayers we can! And it’s just such a joyful (and SCARY) time! We have to share!

I had to email my September and October brides first before announcing – and everyone that has responded so far has been so kind and understanding! I HATE HATE HATE to cancel on people – and the reality is – I could probably suck it up and do a few of the weddings a week or two out from my due date – BUT – I was early with Fitzy – can you imagine me calling you on the eve of your wedding and telling you I am in labor – good luck finding a photog? So I like to cover my bases and provide my clients with the BEST they can get for their day! And after having Fitzy and doing too much too early (I know – I know – you can say I told you so) I’ve decided to really cut back and focus on my Jesus and my babies and my hubby and my family – I really mean it this time.

I am still planning on taking the month of July off and now the end of August and all of September thru January! Which means that sessions are pretty much booked for the year. If you have an appointment in those months – don’t worry – I will be emailing you soon to figure out the details (most of which will just be keeping the session since so little are scheduled) – and for 2013 I will be limiting my schedule to 1 to 2 weddings a month – depending – and maybe 4 to 5 sessions a month – again depending.

I love love love love LOVE photography and I love love love love LOVE capturing moments for you! But the bottom line is – I love love love love LOVE my family more.

I am so humbled right now. Jesus loves me. I have an amazing husband – a beautiful precious baby boy – a fantastic family – and another sweet little life growing. People have been asking lately if we were gonna have more – I told them that I want more children – but I also want to be happy with just having Fitzy if that is what God plans. I truly did not imagine having more – having the trouble we did with getting pregnant!

Our first appointment – which is just a confirmation is on Friday and then we will go from there! I will keep you all updated! My sister is calling for a girl to be born on September 3rd (her birthday – since a girl will be named Samantha) so we will see if she gets her little fat girl this time around!

That being said – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for the people that I know – and that you know – that are reading this and hurting. the people who want to be parents so badly that it seems to consume every moment of every day. I’ve been there – and so have some of you – and you know exactly how painful it is. I have more than 25 names on my list right now – please please pray for them.

HEATHER & TONY – 12.3.2011

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I met Heather on FACEBOOK and she booked at the ARNOT MALL BRIDAL EXPO last January!

Her wedding was very low key and intimate – and I had LOTS of time for pictures!

Their daughter *D* is just precious!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Heather – you NEED to be an event planner! This wedding was AMAZING!

She is absolutely a doll!

Heather & Tony – thank you SO much for asking me to capture your wedding! I can’t wait to see you in the spring for more pictures!

EVA & JAKE – 6.2.2012

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I met Eva at the ARNOT MALL BRIDAL EXPO last January! When I met with her and Jake – I knew they were going to be an awesome couple to work with (and photograph)!

We met up the week before Christmas for their engagement session!


What better way to end a chilly photo session than with hot cocoa!

You guys were FANTASTIC – I cannot WAIT to photograph your wedding!



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Erin and I scheduled this session almost a year ago – we had to reschedule when she found out they were expecting!


Sisters – I love sisters!


Erin – thank you SO much for having me over to capture your sweet little girls!


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Little *A* decided to make his way into the world a little early – he knew his parents wanted to hold him!

*A* was the first of 5 certain miracles we had been praying for! I was out of town on his actual birthday so I didn’t get to photograph his birth – but I stopped by the day after to get some cuddles in!

How perfectly precious!

We met up a week later for his newborn session!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those ones!

They have been waiting YEARS for this miracle boy!

Missy & Cody – I am SO happy for you! I can’t wait for *A* and Fitzy to grow up together!


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*N* is a MIRACLE baby! He’s had numerous surgeries on his little heart and is now home!


He is such a serious little guy!

Jackie – thank you SO much for asking me to capture your moments! God is SO good!


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Little *M* was NOT into me with my camera AT ALL! But we got some mega cute shots of her anyway – I’m sneaky like that!

I love Shannon and Terry – they are some of the nicest and giving people I’ve ever met!

*M* and her cousins LOVE story time!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot!

*C* LOVED Fitzy! She cuddled and kissed him all night!

Thank you SO much for the dinner and great company! We love you guys!

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