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Today Fitzy is 39 weeks old – on Saturday he will be 9 months! CRAZINESS!!

LOOK AT THAT FACE! He is such a happy guy! Still not sleeping through the night – nor the greatest – but we are working on it and gaining slowly!

He says dada and whispers kitty cat – which is strange since we don’t have a cat. He loves his “toes – ears – nose” learning book – we probably read it 20 times a day!

Yesterday marked 7 weeks pregnant with our newest little baby! I am still in shock and waiting for more symptoms to show up – but each pregnancy is different (so they say) – and I do feel pretty awful in the evenings this time around.

We’ve been off facebook since Saturday morning – and I will admit I do miss it. BUT – I was/am seriously addicted and needed to get my face out of the computer and spend time with this little growing guy and my hubby and my house and my laundry. We plan on a two week hiatus but I am hoping to stay off (dare I say it) forever! I will always keep blogging about our life and my clients and their beautiful faces! I will always email a sneak peek to my clients that they can upload to facebook – but I am so sick of the drama.

I’m sick of other photographers messaging be and blaming me for their problems. I’m sick of asking for forgiveness and people using facebook as a means of throwing it back in my face. I’m sick of writing a status and people being offended thinking it’s about them. I’m sick of seeing a status update and assuming it’s about me. I’m sick of liking a video or comment and getting crap from people who think it’s offensive. I’m sick of people assuming the worst about where I spend my time. I’m sick of family members who can’t grow up and tell me what their problem is. So – I’m done! If I can convince Jared to stay off too – then we won’t be back.

PS – don’t forget about that . babies . babies . babies . special! And don’t forget to keep up with my hubbie!



Comment by Britt

January 26, 2012 @ 5:32 pm

Amen! With this sudden outbreak of “photographers” (I’m sure someone will be offended by the way I said that, oh well) tension seems to be high. I have received many passive comments from local photographers that I must learn to let roll off my shoulders. I worked hard to be a legal business and take pride in my work/not be so hard on myself and my clients are loyal so they must agree.
These are hard things to make peace with!

Congrats on your newest bundle!


Comment by Jess

January 27, 2012 @ 1:11 am

Fitzy is WAY to cute for his own good!!! I’m glad to hear things are going well for you all!!! Miss your updates and pics of the little man on Facebook but I completely understand why you left. Enjoy spending your days with your amazing family and that handsome little boy of yours!!! I’ll be checking back to see if there any updates on the newest little Barden Bundle of Joy!!!

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