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*A* graduated from SIXTH grade! I love that her mom wanted some special pictures to remember this time!

I LOVE those shots!!

Nicci – THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking me to capture this time in your lives! Before you know it – we’ll be taking her senior photos!!


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I didn’t go to a school district where 6th graduation was a “thing”.

I’m discovering – that it’s a big deal in some schools!

I photographed *A* when she was younger – so much so – that she doesn’t remember me!

I was SO excited when her mom asked me to document her last year as a “little” kid!!

I can still see that little girl that I photographed years ago!

I LOVE those shots!! This is HER rock. She said that she has sat here with her friends since Kindergarten!

We were looking forward to spending time IN the school and visiting her favorite places – but – we had to stay outside.

And we HAD to get a few shots with her mask – because as hard as it all is right now – it’s our reality. And I doubt we will ever forget this time in our lives – but we still needed to document it.

Stay tuned for the rest of her session!!



This guy – he has short legs like his dad. But he REALLY wanted to climb this.

And then he lost his shoe. And I laughed. And I took pictures. And then I helped him up after he got his shoe.

But. I laughed.

Can you find the Enoch guy!?

I noticed birds building a nest on our light. We have LOTS of great nest spots on the back deck. But NOT here. So I put a snake up. But they didn’t care. The tin foil worked!

Boxes from the FOOD PANTRY!! Imagination!!

Enoch’s favorite snack – dry elbow noodles!! I find them EVERYWHERE!



We got LOTS of apples at the FOOD PANTRY so we made apple crisp!!

This guy – his mind RACES!! He’s getting stuck & obsessed again. It’s how his anxiety comes out. So we’re all working together.

And I can honestly tell you that the majority of our time together is joyful!

THAT PICTURE – can you HEAR his laugh!? It’s my new favorite!!

What are YOU doing to spend your days!?


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Which one will win!?

He looks VERY nervous!

SNAKES!! Thankfully I’m not afraid of snakes – because we’ve run into LOTS of them!

We lost a car – and the boys tried their hardest to find it – BUT I had to stick my hand in that hole and search for it!


Mom – will you hold my hand!? YES SWEET BOY!! Because one day – you won’t ask me!

Throwing cars off the waterfall – finding the small silly things during this crazy time!

Another snake!!


Enoch said – Mom!! This looks like a tiny little honey bee nest. It’s so cute. Can you press it in a book so I can give it to the girl I’ll marry someday!?

And then my friend Ericka told me about Trypophobia!? Have you ever heard of that!?

ONE MORE POST about our day!!


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I wonder if the memory will always be so vivid in my mind. We were at after school care playing with classmates. The breeze was blowing and spring was on the horizon.

The governor called for all PA schools to close for 2 weeks.

We went to my parents that night. I had a wedding reception Saturday. I stocked up on groceries – those that I could – before coming back home Sunday evening.

It’s been a little over a month. A month of distance learning. Almost a month of Jared working from home. A month of virtual playdates.

A month of changes. A month of less spending. A month of less income. A month of social distancing.

I decided to carry my camera with me earlier this week to document our day.

Toys that have sat in the corner are being played with.

GAMES. Carcassonne. RAT A TAT CAT. Scattergories. DOMINOES!

Enoch and I were on a team for Scattergories and our letter was L.

Enoch – we need to think of a word that starts with L – something that you are afraid of.

Losing you mom. CUE THE TEARS.

Enoch – we need to think of a word that starts with L – something in this room.


I asked the boys what words they wanted to put in our windows. Since everyone coming into town sees our house FIRST.

My mom made us some masks. And Enoch reminds me EVERY SINGLE DAY that he wants to go to Wal*Mart and get a TIME WATCH as soon as we are allowed.

Most days – I wake up and put on my robe. It’s chilly downstairs but our boys run hot. Clothes are optional at this point.

Our kitchen table has been reserved for SCHOOL. Thankfully we have an additional laptop that Fitzy can use while Jared works.


Helpers. Little chefs.


It’s been a hard financial hit for us. I can’t work and Jared is working but not at full salary. BUT LOOK AT OUR FRIDGE. It’s full.

And so is the freezer. Because of food pantries & school lunch programs!!

We brought the basketball hoop to the kitchen since Jared is working in the playroom.

So. We do schoolwork and we play games. And we do dishes. And we listen to music. And we watch TV.

And we go outside. We play in the ravine.

We give accidental crazy haircuts. And keep them. To embrace our weirdness.

We race cars.

We play.

Stay tuned for the rest of our day!!

SETH & LAUREN – 3.14.2020

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I may have said this before – but I’ll say it again – GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!

This was a first for me!! THEY CUT THE SLEEVES OFF HIS SHIRT!!


Seth & Lauren – THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking me to spend the evening with you!!!

SETH & LAUREN – 3.14.2020

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I absolutely ADORE this series of photos!



SETH & LAUREN – 3.14.2020

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It was about 9 PM but I noticed a a spot under the street light that would work for a few maternity shots!!


I LOVE capturing the miracle of pregnancy!!

Seriously – some of the BEST dance moves I’ve EVER seen at this wedding!!


SETH & LAUREN – 3.14.2020

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Seth & his mom!!

I LOVE getting different perspectives!

Lauren & her dad!!


I LOVE those shots!!


I’ve got LOTS more to show you!!

SETH & LAUREN – 3.14.2020

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In December – a rep from WEDDING WIRE & THE KNOT contacted me about being a vendor. PAYING for advertising on their websites.

I’ve been in this business full-time for over 10 years and haven’t really had to PAY for advertising. I made goals for 2020. The boys are getting older and while I do know that they still NEED me in their lives actively – I don’t feel like I will miss too much if I take on more work.

So. I said YES! It was scary. It was hard. I made a 12 month commitment to advertise – trusting that the money would be there.

ALL that to say THIS!

Lauren messaged me on WEDDING WIRE about her reception in March!! YES!!

She and Seth were married in November but were having a reception with family & friends in Owego in March.

Stay tuned for the rest of their reception!!!

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