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Megan is a dear friend and fellow photog! We swap services when we need it – it’s a beautiful arrangement!

Speaking of – I took pictures of her sweet baby yesterday!!

They were expecting their second son in mid-March! He came into the world early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day!


There’s a spot that I’ve been DREAMING about not far from our little town – Megan was totally up for trekking there – and trek we did!

Megan – I am SO happy for you and your family! *G* is a sweet boy! Stay tuned for his session soon!!


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I’ve been taking pictures of Taylor since she was a senior – maybe even before that! It’s been an honor to capture her growing family!



AMAZING! I love love LOVE those shots!

Taylor – thank you so much for trusting my vision! I somehow missed this one and posted your girl first!

You can see the pictures of her sweet girl here!


*C* – 9 MONTHS

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I can’t believe that *C* is 9 months already! And since I’m so behind – he will be ONE in a month!


LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot!


Sweet sweet boy – you are so loved!

Kelly & Dane – Jared said to me the other day – didn’t they JUST have him? I said – I know. Too fast.


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My brother visited the second weekend in January and Samm made the trip over with little Jack – since he hadn’t met G yet!


Derek & Jessica gave the boys their extra iPads that were given to them! AWESOME!

Meeting Jack for the first time!

They are the just the best of friends! It’s so cute!


GGG and GG with their newest great-grandchild!



And now – to get one of all five of them!

We did get ONE that will work! Crazies! Well – mostly Fitzy!


LOVE LOVE LOVE those ones!

We had SUCH a great time with everyone! It was a little crazy at times – but the kids did great and love spending time together!

Can’t WAIT to get together again!


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We visited Jack the week after he was born – Fitzy couldn’t wait any longer!

Trying to take his newborn pictures while my little guys ran around – was tough! But we got some pictures of what life is really like with a newborn!


Jack – you are SO loved!


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In between and after and all around – I took pictures of our trip to see baby Jack!


He just adores his baby Jack sparrow the pirate!

This guy – he’s too much!

My mom was sick – so my dad made the trip out alone.

Xavier adores Enoch!

And Enoch adores my dad!

LOVE those shots!!

I didn’t post this one on facebook – for obvious reasons – and with Samm’s permission – I am posting it here – because it is BEAUTIFUL!

Samm and her two favorite guys!

He just loves his Sammy and his Jack. He asks every day if he can see them. Sweet boys.


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On Friday – the 26th – I got a call from Xavier – my sister’s husband – saying – COME NOW! Wait. What?

We figured it out – and Samm was being induced – so I hopped in the car and drove 3 hours to NJ. The boys and Jared stayed at my parents – which worked out wonderfully.

Samm progressed very slowly. We waited. And waited. And waited.

I went back to their apartment Friday night and slept – waiting for a phone call. When I got to the hospital Saturday morning – it had been a long night – but at least Samm was able to sleep. Saturday moved slowly – and by evening – I went back to the apartment – got ready to watch Doctor Who and eat some pizza – and a text came in. Come now – they are prepping her for a c-section!

And then the cries. Those sweet baby cries!

Isn’t he GORGEOUS!

He weighed a little over 8 lbs. Such a sweetie!


Samm had a rough recovery immediately after her c-section. It was a few hours before she was able to hold little Jack.

He was born at 8:48 in the evening on December 27th.

I went back to the apartment and slept. I knew I would have to leave by noon the next day – so I made sure to come back and get lots of love in!


I am so thankful that I was able to be there! Jack – you are so loved! You have an incredible momma and such a sweet dadda to love you!


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We got up early – which WAS the norm in this house – on Christmas! Fitzy was SO excited!


I LOVE that last picture – so sweet. Such a sweet boy!

We spent the morning enjoying presents and then my parents came over – and we went to their house! Awaiting news on baby Jack!

We keep Christmas small here – we do the 25 days of giving all month and focus on blessing others. Fitzy has gotten really excited about it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – soaked in love!


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Since my sister was due Christmas Eve – we decided to have Christmas a day early with Jared’s parents!

We found this basketball game on clearance for TEN dollars a few summers ago! SCORE!

It was a beautiful day together!



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We had a small early Christmas with my parents – which is always fun!

It was a STAR WARS Christmas – all around!

Stay tuned for more Christmas posts!

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