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I took Josh & Marcia’s pictures last November! I was SO excited to see them again this June!

BUT – the weather had a different idea! After rescheduling a few times and waiting for JUST THE RIGHT DAY – we got a BEAUTIFUL September evening!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!!!

There was a pink elephant in the cornfield!

Thank you SO much for having me over! I can’t wait to photograph you guys next year!



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I haven’t taken the time to photograph anything but clients and my kiddos – in a LONG long time!

These flowers were CRYING out to be photographed!

GORGEOUS! But still not as beautiful as these crazy boys of mine!

Fitzgerald – you are the sweetest and kindest boy I know. You almost always say please and thank you momma. You have your daddy’s sensitive heart and my dramatic flair. You smile and tilt your head and my heart melts. You love Star Wars and ask me questions all day. You love your little brother. Oh so very much. You teach him and help him. You are tall and strong. You have the brightest brown eyes. You made me a momma. I wish I could bottle up everything right now and save it for later. I cry at weddings – when the groom dances with his momma. Every time. Because I know that someday I will look up into those bright brown eyes and you’ll be holding my hand – instead of me holding yours. You’ll have grown into a wonderful man and I’ll still see that sweet baby smiling back at me. You are an answer to prayer. And you are loved. So very loved.

Enoch – you are the smiliest boy I know. You love your momma. And your pa trout and gramma barden. And your dadda and your brother. You love to eat. You love music and bop your little head to the beat. You would much rather giggle with your brother than drink a bottle. You babble and shriek. You say momma. dadda. baba. diddy (for Fitzy) – brudder (brother) – all done. i did it. thank you. You don’t sleep well or long. You smile at strangers but would much rather be attached to my hip than hug one. You are into everything and do NOT like to hear no. You have made my heart grow. You have deep olive brown eyes – ones that pierce right through you. You are dedicated. I cannot wait to watch you grow. You are an answer to prayer. And you are loved. So very loved.

I love watching these boys grow up together. Brothers. A bond like no other!

Enoch LOVES his Grandma!

Crazy babies!

What photo sessions REALLY look like!

Mine. I am blessed.

(thank you to my sister for taking the group photos)


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I met Sarah at Katelyn’s wedding – and was SO excited to take photos of her little family!

We met at my parents house on a windy evening – but the sun was GORGEOUS and these pictures are some of my favorite shots – EVER!


PERFECT! I am so in love with this light and this field!

And photographing beautiful people!

Perfect end to a gorgeous night! Thank you again Sarah & Chris! It was great to capture your family! I hope to see you soon!


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I was SO excited when Amberleigh contacted me about newborn photos for her little boy!

I took their wedding photos almost 4 years ago!

Such a DARLING boy!

My sister found this cradle at the goodwill store – for $15 – and I HAD to borrow it! PERFECTION!

Amberleigh & Justin – he is absolutely adorable! I CANNOT wait to see you in six months!!



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I’ve known Courtney for quite some time now – but she grew up with Jared!

The last time I photographed their family – *A* was just a little guy – and now they have a new baby!

Courtney’s parents came along – so we took advantage!

Courtney – thanks again for bringing your sweet family up!


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I LOVE this family – but you all knew that!

And baby makes FIVE!

Honestly – LOOK AT HER! So beautiful!!


Nicole & Dustin – we love you guys dearly! I can’t wait to watch *A* grow!


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I can’t even remember how I met Miranda – a bridal expo maybe? Either way – I took her engagement photos and then prayed with her for a sweet baby!

*I* is now TWO and I FINALLY got to photograph him!

Seriously. So cute.

Miranda – thanks for making the trip over! I had such a great time with your family! See you SOON!


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I was SO excited to photograph TWINS!!

And grab a few shots of their older brother!!

A sweet moment between a momma and her boy!

I LOVE that picture!

*K* was very excited to “cheese” for me!


While I loved the shots I got of the twins – I knew I needed some more of them together.

So – I came back the next week and we took these -

Can’t even stand it – just the most adorable little faces!

This is one of my favorite pictures – EVER! I love how gently Kelli is touching their faces – lulling them to sleep. Sweetest momma moment ever!

And because I love it SO much – in color too!

Such sweet boys!

Kelli & John – thank you SO much for welcoming me into your lives to capture your sweet boys!



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I’ve known Adrianne since high school – we graduated 15 years ago – CRAZY!

I took their engagement photos and then some Christmas shots of *A* when she was a babe!

She’s now a momma to TWO little sweeties!

Adrianne’s parents are AWESOME people – they joined us for a few shots!

That shot on the left – LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the one on the right! Adrianne had said – *A* is on the move – ALL THE TIME! I hope we can get some good shots! I think we captured her PERFECTLY!

The ONE picture of the two of them together! LOVE IT!


The definition of childhood!

Thank you SO MUCH for coming up to the farm and having me capture your family! Can’t wait to get together again!


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*C* is three months old! Already!

Isn’t he DARLING! Kelly – I can’t wait to see and smooch his chubbiness at 6 months!!

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