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I took pictures of *O* when he was ONE! And now he is 4 1/2 and his baby sister is 7 months old!

Vicky’s parents and sister were visiting and we took advantage of the whole family being together!

This guy – he is a tough one to photograph – but he delivers – eventually!

Cousins. Family.

When you’re four – you stick your tongue out. A lot! And this is why I love photographing people. You want to remember your life in that moment. Goofy kiddos and all!

And precious momma hugs!

Absolute sweetness!

I ADORE that shot! So sweet!

I had such a GREAT time with you guys! Can’t wait to see you are Christmas!


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You might remember this family from here & here – SUCH a gorgeous family!

They added a third little girl to their family in June! She is SO sweet and tiny!


Sweet sister moments! I cannot wait to see you guys in December – it will be here before we know it!!


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I love – ADORE – my family!

And little brown-eyed boys that give me flowers.

And bald babies.

And boys with silly string!

And my cousin Mateo!

And that sweet face!

And the excitement of childhood!

And the look on that little face. Such joy!

And those faces! My Aunt Lori & Uncle Bob and their kiddos and grandkiddos!

And blue-eyed boys!

And cousins.

And a family that loves with their whole heart!


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I’ve taken lots of photos of the boys – but haven’t had time to post them!

Here’s a look into our life throughout the month of June!

We visited my sister at the end of May and had a great time!


Sweet little Enoch guy!


My parents brought us some raised garden beds! We planted a lot. But we only got 5 sugar snap peas. Hoping for something next year – preferably a different house!

I adore that shot of him tenderly checking on his squash!

And then there’s this. If he’s out in the yard when I have a session – be prepared for him to ham it up! Or be in your family photo!




Brothers. A bond like no other.

They are both getting too big and time goes too fast!


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I’ve known Michaelia and Travis for well over 10 years now! That’s crazy!

Five years ago – I took their wedding photos! And now – their sweet little guy is ONE!

He is one of the CUTEST boys I have EVER seen!

Wouldn’t you know – we cancelled our session the night before because it looked SO MUCH like rain. And it was BEAUTIFUL!

The next morning – during our session – rain. We managed to find a spot for this little guy and his cake smash though!

Thank you SO much for asking me to capture this moment for you! Love you guys!


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AHHHHHHHHHH! I am SO SO SO SO SO excited that my sister is having a baby!

Fitzy HAD to share in the news!

I cannot WAIT to see if she’s having a little boy or girl! I guess GIRL! And I guess that her name will be Danielle! ;)


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I held mini sessions at my parents in June – James & Laura (friends from my college days) brought their two sweet kiddos!

It’s still odd to me that we are “all grown up” with kiddos!

Thanks SO much for bringing your family up!

*L* – 3 MONTHS

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Three months – already! We got together on a rainy – windy day! But *L* was FANTASTIC!

She is such a doll baby!

I am so in love with that shot on the right!

I love getting to see you guys so often! I cannot WAIT for her 6 month session!


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Sweet little *A* is such a darling babe! I love getting to know my clients and coming back to photograph each new stage of their lives!

I couldn’t decide between color and black & white – so you’ll get them both!

Honestly! Look at her – so sweet!

I ADORE that shot!

SURPRISE! Such a cute idea!

I can’t wait to see you guys for Christmas photos!


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I took a few pictures of Enoch & Fitzgerald. Just a few.

He loves his brother! Fitzy is always trying to make him smile and helping him!

Silly boys. We are so blessed.

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