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There is SO MUCH emotion in that photo!!

Patrick – the best man – supporting Corey as he watches his bride walk down the aisle.

The emotion in Corey’s mom & the excitement in the officiant!

Cue the tears!!

I have to stop here and tell you a little story.

Cait had written a letter and given a gift to Corey. At the bottom of the letter she wrote – make sure you turn the gift over when you open it.

So – he turned the box over to open it. There wasn’t anything on the bottom – so he didn’t think much of it. Must be she wanted him to open it upside-down.

After the ceremony – she asked him about the watch. Did you like the inscription on the back!?

What inscription!? She said – remember – I told you to turn it over when you opened it!!

And I realized that so many conflicts in marriage and ANY relationship are because of things like this.

Corey wasn’t wrong in turning the gift over. He understood what she said differently than what she meant. Neither one was wrong.

It was a sweet moment that didn’t turn into conflict but I thought about how many times it CAN and DOES turn into conflict.

And how even 16 years after saying I DO to my husband – we are STILL learning this!!

Cait & Corey – I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and making a point to be clear and extend grace in my relationships.

And hat I pray and hope for in your marriage is that you always strive to communicate well and give grace abundantly!!

Corey & his best man have matching wedding bands!!

Next up – pictures of the bride & groom!! You DO NOT want to miss those!!

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