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You’ve seen me post about Missy. And her husband Cody. And their kiddos.

When their youngest when born – Missy and I were just starting our friendship. I had planned on photographing his birth but he came early and I wasn’t in town.

I could have made it. I could have rearranged my schedule. But – I didn’t. And they’ve never let me live it down!

Missy and I have grown so very close over the past seven years – and when they found out that Grace would be here – the big joke was that I would miss it.

Missy & Johna are my dearest friends. Missy was due December 30th and Johna’s adoption ceremony was December 21st. I couldn’t possibly miss either. Johna was there when my boys were born. My two dearest friends were laboring and I HAD to be there for them. I told Missy that she could go into labor anytime – Christmas Eve – Christmas morning – just NOT on the 21st!!

Thankfully – she didn’t!! WHEW!!

And I was able to be there for Johna’s “birth” and make it to Missy’s!

She was induced on December 26th and I came up after my morning session!

Missy labors loooooooooooong. I got there at 11 am. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

And played some UNO to pass the time.

And face-timed with Aiden.


We help create life. We carry that life. We bring that life into this world. And we nourish is. But man oh man – or woman oh woman – does it HURT!!

Missy’s mom and I thought that we might have a baby by 8 pm. Surely she’ll have a December 26th birthday …

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