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Missy was able to rest (as best as you can while in labor) for a small chunk of the evening into the early morning.

Cody, Missy’s mom, and I were able to drift on and off in the hospital chairs as best as you can imagine …

But then it started!

And she says baby … it’s 3 AM and I don’t want to push out this baby!

December 27th – 3 AM – let’s start pushing. I say us like it’s a group effort!

So tired – so very very tired – and so close to meeting her little girl – but it still seems so far!

There’s not much I feel like I can do to help. She’s going to be in pain no matter what. That pain WILL end.

BUT until then – I CAN get cold washcloths!

And it REALLY starts!

These photos – this part was hard for me.

I don’t have much sympathy and empathy in general – but watching my dearest friend be so close to meeting her daughter and feeling the contraction come and knowing that she has to push but doesn’t really want to … ooooh – that was hard to watch!!


AND I very seriously got so wrapped up in the emotion of the moment – that I forgot I was taking pictures!

The focus isn’t where I would love for it to be – but I think you can still feel the emotion in this moment!! In fact – I KNOW you can!

OH MY HEART!!! She’s here – after 2 hours & 18 minutes of pushing – about 33 hours of labor all together – and 9 years (yes – years) of waiting for this little girl – SHE IS HERE!!

That tiny tear – that FRESH baby – that beautiful MIRACLE!!

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