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If you follow me on FACEBOOK – you should know that we have a pretty awesome inner circle of people in our lives.

Sometimes I forget that Sierra & Jose are quite a bit younger than us!

In early November – Jose turned 30!! Sierra will turn 30 a couple of months after I turn 40!

ANYWAY – we gathered at their house with their people to celebrate!!

The night before the party – we got together for what was supposed to be friend-family photos around the fire pit – BUT – it was COLD & windy – so we just hung out in the kitchen eating dinner instead!

Fitzy is three weeks older than that guy in the red and about 2 years younger than the guy in the black! He considers Aaron his best friend!

Enoch & Aiden on the trampoline Friday night!!

I LOVE that our guys have each other to grow up with!!


It’s not a birthday party without some guns – right!?

That was a test shot – but LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND!!

I’m told it’s a rare thing to find people like this. It might be. I do know this – at the risk of sounding ridiculous – we are blessed!!


Jose’s little sister came to celebrate with everyone!!


THIS!! These people – this moment. We’ve all got stories & some of them are unbelievable. I have one word to explain why all these people are here in this picture – together.

GRACE. Meeting Jesus completely transformed Cody’s life. It’s not my story to tell – but I do think he’ll be sharing it sooner rather than later – because it’s amazing.

Watching him live his life & living this life with them – it makes me cry!


Before we called it a night – we are those early bedtime friends – I had to grab a few silhouette shots from their back porch – BECAUSE – look at that!!!


Jose – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – here’s hoping this is the BEST YEAR YET!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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