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“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for” – John A. Shedd

When my sister was on-the-fence with the decision to invest in LuLaRoe and become a consultant – I texted her that quote!

It’s scary. It’s exciting. And scary. And overwhelming. And. Scary. Did I mention that?

She did it. She said yes. Make sue to check out her inventory!!

I brought my LLR and she brought her LLR and we took some photos of each other at Thanksgiving!

This is a Lindsay cardigan – which is mine – but I’m giving it to Samm because I’m more of a Sarah girl!

Her top is a Carly and she has leggings underneath!

This is a Julia dress with a Sarah cardigan!

The same Julia dress with the Lindsay cardigan!

The Julia dress can be pulled a little up for a shorter look – or left at it’s original length!

OR – if you need a scarf – the Lindsay!

Samm has on a Lindsay again – a Maxi skirt – and a Classic Tee!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this print – This top is called an Irma! This one is a large – but I can still wear it comfortably!

Samm turned her Maxi skirt into a dress with Lindsay over top!

Leggings and an Irma top with a Sarah cardigan!

If you like a shorter skirt – DONE!

I’m wearing Samm’s Classic Tee and her Cassie skirt – which are larger than the size I would buy for myself – but still look amazing!

Nicole dress with Lindsay as a scarf again! And then as a cardigan!

Nicole with a Mimi! I gave Samm a hard time about the Mimi – I did not love it in pictures – but like most things LuLaRoe – they are much different in person! SO WARM AND COZY!

This top is NOT LLR – but the skirt is an Azure!

With a Sarah cardigan!

Black leggings – Sarah cardigan and the Azure as a top!

This dress is Ana – with a Lindsay cardigan! My favorite LLR items change – but this is one of them!

Red Irma top underneath the Lindsay with black leggings!

This is my Maxi skirt as a skirt and then as a dress! The black top is not a LLR piece.

This dress – another one of my FAVORITE pieces! Amelia! With Lindsay!


Black leggings and a Sarah cardigan! Again – the black top is NOT a LLR item!


I borrowed the Sarah from Samm for this outfit with my Maxi! The black top is NOT LLR.

Samm wants to specialize in Mommy & Me leggings eventually! The tops are NOT LLR!

Samm’s top is an Irma!

Lindsay cardigan – Carly top and leggings!

Lindsay as a scarf!

Classic Tee – Cassie skirt and Sarah cardigan!

And Cassie as a top!

Leggings with Julia dress and a Carly on top!

JULIA dress! I love that one too!

Add a Classic over the Julia for an extra POP!

The green cardigan is NOT LLR – but gives you an idea of what you can do with a Sarah!

Samm LOVES her Mimi!

Make sure to join her group on FACEBOOK – the link is at the top of this blog post!


It’s scary and overwhelming and exciting and ALL THE THINGS!!!

Tune in for her ONLINE SALE TONIGHT!!!


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