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In February – Enoch turned 15 months. And Fitzy took some pictures.

That guy. Enoch guy. He’s certainly his own. It’s really unfair that the oldest is the comparison to all your other children. Maybe once you have more than two you stop comparing – but I tend to. And I need to stop. I want to encourage their uniqueness. And embrace their likeness.

At this point – two months later – he has all his teeth (except the back molars) and has crazy curls! He knows where his eyes are – his hair – nose – mouth – hands – feet – tummy. Sometimes ears. He doesn’t talk much. Momma – dadda – okay – da (for pa) – yes. Shakes his head yes and no. He will grab his kitchen grapes when he wants to eat grapes. He knows how to get in the snack cupboard. He gets his own shoes and coat. He loves to RUN. He loves to eat. And for not talking much – he communicates very well. He loves reading books. He loves puppies. He loves music.

Enoch – you are a darling. You love your brother. You love to laugh. You love tubbies. You are a happy guy and we love YOU!

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Comment by Brenda Barden

April 19, 2015 @ 6:28 pm

and you are our blessed grandson!! God is good!!

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