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I was sitting in my sixth grade classroom talking about watching Jurassic Park that night. I was so excited. I had read about it in my Disney Adventures magazine. I couldn’t wait! It’s one of the first movies I really remember watching in the theater. The dinosaurs were beautiful. The music was beautiful. I jumped and shrieked and clung to my dad. I read the book – and fell in love.

It’s been my favorite movie since that day.

One of my fondest memories is walking through the halls of Harlan Rowe Middle School and hearing the beautiful score of Jurassic Park coming from the auditorium. When I hear that music – it takes me right back to that spot. Standing on the beige tiles surrounded by yellow lockers – peeking through the heavy doors. It was beautiful. I bought the soundtrack. I listened to it over and over. It’s still beautiful.

20 years has gone by. I’ve since seen it about 200 times. Seriously. In that 200 times I’ve noticed a ridiculous amount of inconsistencies and mistakes. But it’s never made me love it any less. I love that it’s a BIG movie – I mean – who doesn’t like dinosaurs? I love that it poses the question – just because we can doesn’t mean we should. I get it – it’s about cloning dinosaurs – which we CAN’T really do – but imagine if we could. Should we? Would we have control?

Jared took me to see it last night – in the theater. In 3D.

You know – on the BIG screen! I still jump. I still cover my eyes. I still wonder if they will outrun the dinosaurs. Even though I’ve seen it happen over 200 times. The music is still amazing. I still marvel at the dinosaurs – and after 20 years – those special effects still hold up. I still FREAK out when I see my favorite scene – when the T-Rex steps in the mud and squishes it – the composition of that scene is absolutely beautiful. It’s still fantastic.

And I’m even MORE of a nerd.

I very rarely pose questions for you to answer – seriously anyway – but what’s your FAVORITE movie? Ever. Of all-time.

Why? Is it because it’s an Oscar-winning script? Is it because of an amazing character? Or is it the memory?


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Comment by Shalane

April 7, 2013 @ 2:17 am

The list is long, i have a million favorites. As a kid it was willow. fairies and warwick davis. now its pride and prejudice with keira knightley. i love elizabeths spirit, ive read the book. i love the film score! love it! and who doesnt love mr darcy?

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