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Well – I took a two week “break” from fbook – I cheated a little by logging onto Jared’s profile a few times.

I learned a few things –


1. Yes. Jared and I sometimes go to Changos. No. I don’t drink – would it matter if I did? Yes – Jared and I both have tattoos. No. I don’t plan on waving them in peoples faces to show them off. Yes. We “attend” more than one church. No. I don’t think Jesus would tell us we have to attend one and only one. Yes. Sometimes I take Fitzy to my parents. For a week at a time. I might be exhausted. I might have sessions. Or my parents might just miss their grandson and it works out for me to stay a week. No. I’m not leaving my husband. No. We are not fighting. Yes. You can see what I do and where I go. No. I don’t frankly care if you don’t like it.

2. Yes. Please message me privately and tell me that you thought my apology wasn’t genuine. That you think horribly of me. That what I do now is between me and God. When I asked you to forgive me – that’s when I left it between me and God. Tell me that you can’t even stomach the sight of my photographs – they make you physically ill. No. I don’t mind at all that I can’t write back and defend myself or explain because you have blocked me. *At this point there may be one person out there that says – but Danielle – you hypocrite. You blocked me. Why yes I did. But that is because I DO NOT LIKE YOU. Now if the people in this point and the people in number 3 flat out DO NOT LIKE ME – awesome. That’s all I need to know. Don’t tell me my forgiveness isn’t genuine because of something YOU did to YOUR friend? I know that I am not the BEST photographer out there but I think I’m pretty dang good sometimes. So don’t tell me that you cannot stand the photo that used to be my banner – cus that photo KICKS BUTT. Don’t ignore my forgiveness and questions and just assume that I hate your face because of some stupid status that more than likely was a quote from The Office. So – to the one person I have blocked. I am sorry that you think I’m a hypocrite. I block you so that I don’t use words that would make my grandmother blush when we interact. I pray for you. I LOVE you – in Jesus.

3. Yes. I love how you rave about the importance of family. I love how you comment on my child’s photos or updates when Jared or someone else in the family posts them. No. I don’t mind that you’ve blocked me and won’t answer me when I ask what I’ve done – please forgive me – family is important – right? Oh right – I must have posted a status that was directed toward you. Forgot about that one.

4. Why yes. I love that most of my time gets sucked into checking you. I have you on my phone and every time it beeps I pick it up like a drug. I am addicted and I do need help. I will not be putting you as an app on my phone. I would love to turn off my messages but can’t. NUTS! So PLEASE – email me if you have business questions or just want to chat! I will not check you in the evenings once Jared is home.

5. Yes. I love how insecure I am. I love that I wonder what I’ve done wrong when I see a client in another photographer’s photo. When in reality – I’m booked solid. What is wrong with me. I started somewhere and so does everyone else. Why do I feel threatened. I love that feeling – thanks fbook.

REASONS I LOVE FACEBOOK (note – there will be next to little sarcasm in this section)

1. I love love LOVE that I can share my blog with so many people at one. I love that the things I write about affect real people with real issues and real emotions. I love that I’ve met so many DEAR friends because of my blog and/or fbook. I love that I can share the love of Jesus to so many at once.

2. I love love LOVE that I get to see updates of my little niece (and nephew – on the way) while we are here and they are there. I love that with one click I can stay updated.

3. I love love LOVE that I don’t have to actually call or talk to people to see what is going on in their lives. Yes – I am nosy and I prefer to not talk on the phone for hours. Or even five minutes.

4. I love love LOVE that I have gotten MOST of my clients through facebook. I love the networking between friends with my work. I love seeing my picture as your profile. I love meeting a client who has struggled the same way we have and I get to capture their miracle! I love that most of my clients have become good friends!

5. I love love LOVE the love I get. Seriously. I love that you guys love on my little guy and most of you TRULY love and care for us.

6. I love that people write to me and say – I saw your work on facebook – I read your blog – we are also trying for a baby. Please pray for us. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. Awesome.


If I can keep my boundaries that I set for myself and others in check – then I will be around for quite a while. If not – back to facebook freedom.



Comment by Michaelia

February 5, 2012 @ 2:14 am

I just wanted to say I am glad that you are back! I like seeing your photos and your life too!


Comment by Jessica

February 5, 2012 @ 2:19 am

I’m glad you still hate talking on the phone as much as I do 🙂


Comment by Katie Waters

February 5, 2012 @ 3:13 am

I am glad you are back i have missed looking at your pictures. You are an amazing photographer and an amazing person. I was delighted to have you take pictures of my family.. Thank you


Comment by Nicole

February 5, 2012 @ 3:50 am

Amen!! <3


Comment by Cindy

February 5, 2012 @ 4:31 am

I am so glad you are back, you are loved……….


Comment by Rachel

February 7, 2012 @ 12:36 pm

I’m glad you’re back, and I can’t even believe that anyone would say those horrible things to you. 🙁 It breaks my heart to know that such a wonderful, kind-hearted person would have people think poorly of her.

I love you, Danielle. <3

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