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I took photos for Casey and her extended family last spring when little *E* was just a few months old!

We met up again a few weeks ago for her first year session!


I LOVE those shots!

Have you ever seen such a cute bunny!

Thanks so much Casey! I can’t wait to see you guys again for our next session!


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I have known Christine for a long time – we grew up in the same church when we were kiddos! Her sister got her a gift certificate for Christmas!

We were able to finally fit our session in a few weeks ago!

She loved playing shy!

Thank you so much Christine! It was great to see you again!


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My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 11th!

On March 5th we had a party for them with their friends and family!

This frame was from their 40th wedding anniversary celebration! Their wedding topper and memory book!

How cute is this little guy! His great-grandmother is my grandma’s sister – I think! There were so many people there!

My cousin’s baby *B* – he is such a cutie!

*B* is Vanessa’s nephew – she is so good with him! I can’t wait to have her come stay with me this summer!

My aunt LuAnn and her sweet grandbaby!

My cousin’s son *D* – he will be 5 in September! *D* poked my belly and when we told him there was a baby in there – he looked horrified. He wanted to know if I had eaten a baby! Jared and my cousin Zach played angry birds to pass the time!

These sisters are too cute! We had a session earlier this year – finding out that we were related through my grandma! Craziness!

My grandma with her sisters!

My mom, grandma, uncle Ronald, grandpa, and aunt LuAnn!

Happy Anniversary grandma & grandpa! Love you so much!


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Two years ago today I woke up to incredible pains at 4 am – knowing that today would be the day that Enoch left us. It was painful and emotional and one of the most difficult times of our lives.

We knew for a week that we would be miscarrying – but having it happen made it so real and so permanent.

I write today to remind myself of where we are. To encourage you with our miracle to keep hoping for yours. Remember – I am that person that found it hard to hope – I still do at times! It was hard to hope without getting my hopes up – cus they would be gone every month.

Here are the blogs that I wrote 2 years ago to help get out my feelings about what we were going through.

3.11.09 – COMFORT


3.13.09 – PROMISES

3.22.09 – SPRING


We have a little more than 7 weeks until our expected due date with Fitzy – our miracle! I sit here and shake my head as I type – still in shock that there is a baby kicking me. That after two years of heartache we will be blessed with another child – this one in our arms!

I write to encourage you. I write to give you hope. I write to let you know I am praying for YOU! I am praying that God will give you peace – strength – comfort – and the ability to give up control – to let it in God’s hands.

We miss Enoch so much – but we rejoice in the knowledge that he is rejoicing with Jesus! He is safe and happy and beautiful! We will see him again someday!

We are so thankful for the chance to reach out to all of you that are struggling! We are so blessed to know all of you and pray for you!

Thank you so much for your support, love, and prayers you have showered us with on our journey to becoming parents!

I wanted to end this post with a promise of new life – a promise that God cares!

If God takes care of the flowers in the ground – He will take care of YOU!


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I love Kelly! She is the SWEETEST person I have EVER met! I took her engagement photos and will be doing a bridal session with her soon! Her wedding is May 14th – so unfortunately I won’t be able to photograph her day – but I hope to be there with Fitzy! I know she is in GREAT hands with Bridget!

Kelly has become a GREAT friend! We had lunch a few weeks ago and I met her sweet puppa – Bella!

I love love LOVE those last shots!

I also LOVE that Kelly and Dane are crazy dog lovers!

*S* – 7 MONTHS

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This is my third time taking pictures with Rachel! I love lifelong clients! And I especially love Rachel!

Her little girl *S* has the best little pouty lips in the WORLD!

Isn’t she beautiful!

She is so cute! I hardly ever get a smile out of her – but this time she gave me a few!

She is so sweet and photogenic!

Thank you so much Rachel – I love being able to watch your little girl grow!


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I met Brittany on FACEBOOK and through several of my clients! We set up a session with her little guy – *P* – at the beginning of March!

It’s crazy how we think that 38 degrees is a heat wave – but it was the perfect day to get some outside shots of the whole family!

What a beautiful family!

He is such a handsome little guy!

I love those shots!

And just how ridiculous is this series! Those toes and those chubby cheeks!

He was not thrilled about becoming an angel for us – but he warmed up to the idea!

Brittany – thank you so much for scheduling a session with your little guy! Can’t wait to see you again!


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I met Julie & Tyler when I took their wedding photos – 3 years ago in August – which is just CRAZY! They are such a fun, loving couple!

I was so excited to take their baby girl’s photos!


She is absolutely adorable!

Thank you so much Julie & Tyler! I am so excited to be able to capture the special moments in your life!


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My BFF Johna has a little girl – *M* – who I just love!!!

We try to get together at least every two weeks – and this time I took my camera!

I mean seriously – look at that face!!

Giving me her mad face!

And her happy face!

I cannot wait for her and Fitzy to become friends!


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I met Sabrina on FACEBOOK! We set up a session for her little miracle at the end of February when she was a little over a month old!

*L* is such a cuddly, chubby baby! Remember – when I say your baby is chubby – it’s the greatest compliment I can give! I LOVE LOVE chubby babies!

Little *L* and her sweet cousin *A*!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot!

I just love little girls with their daddas – melts my heart!


Purple is my favorite color and I just love this tutu my friend Sassy made for me!

Thanks again Sabrina for welcoming me into your home! I love love LOVE your sweet baby girl and can’t wait to watch her grow up!!

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