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It has been roughly one year since I got my device for my jaw.

It has been roughly one year since my life became nearly 100% pain free.

It has been roughly one year since my dreams of becoming a photographer and a mother started to come into sight more clearly.

There were days when I didn’t think that I would be able to hang on any longer – days when I thought that God had forgotten about me.

I knew that God would provide a miracle for me in some way, shape, or form when it came to my jaw pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Robinson and his staff – for God bringing him into my life.

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Comment by Auntie L

August 24, 2009 @ 8:01 am

I LOVE it that you focus on your blessings in this entry to your blog. many difficult things seep into our lives and our conciousness. they seem to possess such power to hold our attention, that we sometimes forget about the miracles accomplished already. It is good to concentrate on His faithfulness, power, ability and grace. and its good to give the foot soldier who helped you credit for the gifts he possesses. Hopefully, because of that, you will lead others to find their answer/miracle too. 🙂

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