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in 3D!

This weekend FLEW by – thanks to having Thursday off and then working on Friday. Friday night PM brought pizza and we watched movies like it was our JOB. We watched the old school BATMAN movie with Adam West and the POW! BANG! KERSPLOOSH! comments. We laughed and laughed – it was better than watching a recent comedy! Then we continued with the cheesiness theme and watched TREMORS! If you haven’t seen it – you should – it is full of cheesiness!

Then we decided to protect ourselves from a cheesiness induced coma and watch MI III – but I can no longer take Tom Cruise seriously – so more cheesiness.

Saturday we slept in a titch and watched LES MISERABLES in the morning with PM – not the musical edition – which I was a little bummed about – but it was good – I would love to see the musical now! My dad and Matt came over to journey with us and PM to Williamsport to watch BOLT in 3D! I had never seen a 3D movie – it was really cool! The glasses you had to buy were also pretty stylish!

We hit the mall and then a new 50′s style diner in Williamsport – which was really good – but way too quiet for my liking!

We came home and watched Meet the Robinsons with dad and Matt before they ventured back home.


This morning I had a senior shoot in Wellsboro at the train station – in 18 degree weather – *S* was a CHAMP! The session took exactly an hour but there were no complaints about the cold whatsoever. *S* was my girl from GALETON – which is so cool that I am branched out that far – even if it is only 1 person so far!

I love doing senior sessions in the snow and am so glad that I had 2 this year!

Jared and I taught PowerKidz this morning since the other leaders were out of town – we helped them remember the 23rd Psalm – which they knew most of anyway – I was quite impressed!

Today Jared  and I cleaned up around the house in preparation for SCHRUTE and I read some of my book РCHANGE OF HEART РJodi Picoult Рso far so good!

This weekend is the EXPO at the  ARNOT MALL Рso EXCITED and ANXIOUS! I will be going up with my dad on Thursday night to set up my booth and what not then staying with my parents Thursday and Friday night Рcoming back to Mansfield to stay Saturday night and then heading back up in the AM with my mom-in-law to come home later Sunday night.


Friday 10 to 9.30

Saturday 10 to 9.30

Sunday 11 to 6

If you are a bride – I am giving away 4 free engagement sessions – so make sure you enter for those!

If you aren’t a bride – STOP IN AND SAY HELLO ANYWAY! I will have some good friends and former BARDEN PHOTOGRAPHY brides at the booth with me!

My booth will be right across from Things Remembered!

My goal for the year of 2009 was to have on average 2 weddings a month – which I figured would be about 24 for the year – right now I have 11 deposits and 1 on the way – making 12 – HALF OF WHAT I NEED! GOD IS SO GOOD!

Hope you all had a great weekend and maybe I’ll see ya at the EXPO!

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