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Allison was GREAT – as always!


Kris was AMAZING!


I love the song that Anoop sang – always have – always will – I don’t like Anoop usually – but last night – he was in my top three!


I’m not a big fan of Danny – but I don’t dislike him either – I thought he did his usual par performance.


Adam – I still really really cannot stand Adam – his performance was ridiculous – after his first few minutes – I thought Rocky Horror – so glad Simon said it!

(and I’ve only ever seen Rocky Horror on POP UP VIDEO – which should be brought back BTW)


Matt is my wild card tonight – I LOVE the song he sang – LOVE LOVE LOVE – and I did not love his rendition – but I would still buy his work!


Lil – the judges have played you to leave – for a while now – they told you over and over and over – sing a black artisit – then you sing Tina Turner and they tear you apart for it! C’mon judges  …

Lil is going home tonight – but not because she deserves too …

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