TMJ Relief Effort

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TMJ Relief Effort – Day One and Two

Tuesday afternoon Mom B and I traveled to Lewisburg to have the final fitting for my new jaw device. He hooked me up to the TENS unit for an hour and half – which I hate – and then fitted the device to my mouth in a relaxed state. He made an appt. for Monday the 25th to check up on me and see how it is fitting and feeling. It feels awkward and bulky – but that is to be expected. I can hear a difference in my voice – but Jared can only really hear it when I say the letter S. I think that everyone can see my lower lip sticking out a little – but Jared assures me that it isn’t noticeable. I feel like I have cotton in my mouth and it’s getting pretty dry – but I have to take it out when I want to eat so I think it might cut down on snacking. He said that it should help the first night but I don’t know how much improvement I see. My ears are still ringing like crazy and I still feel full – please keep praying for me. As far as the TMJ Relief Fund – I have 14% of what I need – Thanks again to all of those who gave and are giving of their funds, time, and prayers – I cannot begin to tell you how much they are all appreciated. I pray that THIS is what God has for me. I pray that THIS is the time. I pray that you would pray with me.

Today is a little different than yesterday – I think I slept much harder and it hurts today – quite a bit. I woke up with pain in my back teeth on the L side – which is the most affected side – and it hasn’t really gone away yet – I am praying that it is just allowing my mouth to get used to this device – either way I am glad that I go back on Monday. Yesterday felt really good – other than getting used to it. Today – not so much. Thank you for praying for me and believing with me.

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Comment by Auntie L

August 22, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

How is it feeling now, on Friday?

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