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Last night we went to visit our dear friends *J* and *M*. Yesterday was their wedding anniversary and they were going out to dinner – Jared and I watched the sweet little *M* for them while they were out. *M* had just finished eating and if you ask her mom if she has any “cranky” time during the day – it’s at about 7 PM – when we got there. She is only 3 1/2 months old but I think she knew that she doesn’t know me THAT well yet – and she was just so gassy and uncomfortable like babies get sometimes. I put her in her bouncer and that worked for a bit – I called *J* and she said – try a bottle.

*remember that I think when you give birth you suddenly have a wealth of knowledge you didn’t before*

So I tried the bottle and she struggled through it in between little sobs. Then I changed her diaper and put her comfy PJ’s on and sang to her – which helped a little. Jared had been saying to me all along – let me take her – let me help – and me being stubborn and thinking that I should be able to comfort her told him no – it’s ok. But eventually I thought it might work. So he took her and wouldn’t you know – she calmed down and fell into a teeny little sleep – but much more content than she was.

*M* is a sweet sweet thing and I would watch again any given night – I think she needed to get to know us a little more and was just gassy. I told *J* the thing that bothers me about a crying baby isn’t the crying itself. It’s the fact that I can’t get them to stop crying. I’m not thinking – why won’t you just be quiet – I’m thinking – why can’t I figure this out.

Jared and *M* have a connection anyway – given that he fainted the first time he laid eyes on her. I think it prepared Jared a little more for a baby – the fact that he wanted to take her while she was wailing – says it all. Once *J* and *M* got home she woke up a little and then ate some more and then was all smiles and happy little sweet *M* that she is.

Thanks *J* and *M* for trusting us with your sweet little one. It is amazing to me that God trusts us to watch over His children the time they are on this earth – what an honor.

I am so blessed with a best friend who I can call when I am pregnant and say – what is going on with me – and I can call when I have a newborn and say – what is going on with me. Thanks for that friendship *J*.

Speaking of babies – My cousins – *R* and *M* had their sweet little baby boy this morning. He is healthy and happy and everyone is doing well. They live in Rochester so I don’t know when I’ll get up to see him but I am sure that you’ll know when I do by the pictures.

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