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Our friend Mara is a fellow “The Office” addict, not to mention a Jim Halpert addict. Two Wednesdays ago I asked her what her plans were for the weekend. She said, “I’m thinking about going to see Leatherheads. I said, “No, wait for us and we will go with you!” She said, “Okay.”

Jared and I went to Athens that weekend to spend time with my parents. Saturday night mom and dad wanted us to go square dancing with them. We kindly declined and all went to see Leatherheads instead. Now, I know that I am the one who asked Mara to wait and see it, but I can’t turn down a good movie. I told Jared that we would just go see it again with her when we got back to Mansfield. But I thought to myself, I am not going to say anything to Mara about going to see the movie.

Monday I had to drop something off at the church, and since Mara is the youth pastor at CNC, I ran into her. The first words out of her mouth were, “Hey, when are we going to go see Leatherheads?” Now, any normal person would have confessed that they had already seen it and they were sorry, but I am not normal. So I said, “When is good for you?” It was decided that Saturday would work for both of us.

I love Jim Halpert, therefore I thought I would love Leatherheads. I did not. I’ve seen a few movies in the theaters twice, i.e. Titanic, a few of the Harry Potter’s, Star Wars maybe, but I was not excited to see Leatherheads again.

We went to Pizza Hut with pleasant dinner conversation and bought our tickets, again, for the movie. There were about eight other people there in the theater so we picked our choice seats and settled in for a repeat of a not so wonderful movie.

Cue Jared to the rescue. He leans over me and says to Mara, “Now that we have already paid for the movie, we can tell you that we have already seen this.” Mara laughed and said, “So did I.” We laughed until we cried. We both felt so bad about seeing it without the other that we thought the best thing to do was say nothing. Thank goodness Jared spoke up, ‘cus neither me nor Mara were about to.

And then we left the theater and settled in to watch 21.


Which neither of us had seen yet.

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