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My friend Ericka – she’s a ROCKSTAR of a momma! She asked if I would photograph the birth of her second sweet baby – OF COURSE!

We had this crazy idea that she wouldn’t make it to her due date – April 4th. On April 3rd – she came over for dinner with her older daughter. We ate and laughed and watched that little baby move around. And then. She said – I think maybe I’m leaking? Maybe. I’m just not sure!

It’s absolutely crazy to me that each birth can be so different and we can forget exactly what happens each time!

So – she texted me around 10 that night and said – she was going to the hospital. And OH! Her water was breaking – so be on baby watch!

I took my phone to bed with me and went to sleep. And waited.

Around 4 AM I got a text saying that she was progressing! So – I figured I would go over and HOPE for a baby before morning when Jared had to go to work! I ate breakfast in quiet. Got a shower real quick without checking on kiddos. And left my driveway at 4:30 – getting a text from her saying she was 5 cm. I made it to Wellsboro – about 20 minutes away – and parked at the ER – got my bags – and went to the desk. Where she told me that I had to go back OUT to the car and drive AROUND the building and go in the back entrance and ask to be let in. ARGH! SERIOUSLY!

So – I got in the room – at 4:51 and that sweet baby was born at 4:49 – YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I was so sad. And mad. And then sad again.

BUT – a baby was already born and she was beautiful!

So I took some pictures!

THAT LITTLE FACE! I can’t even deal with her!

AND – she was born on her due date!

Little *R* – you are loved. You are wanted. You were prayed for. You will do wonderful things.

Ericka – YOU are strong. YOU are beautiful. YOU are brave. I LOVE you dear friend!


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Ericka and I were pregnant for the first time together! I didn’t know her then but she knew me from my photography and read my blog. We lost that first pregnancy – but she didn’t! Her daughter *J* is exactly the age our first child would be today!

She wanted another baby. And we prayed for years and years.

And then life happened and things changed. But – she IS having another baby! A little girl! Well – she’s already HAD that little baby – but we all know that I’m playing catch-up!



I’ve already let Ericka know that as long as this little baby sleeps through the night – I will help her out in ANY way I can!

But not staying up all night with sleepless babies. Did I mention that?

Ericka. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved!


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The first birth I photographed was of Aszur’s third baby – *J* – Fitzy was only 6 weeks old and everything was so fresh and new and emotional!

Her fourth birth – their first girl – was going to be a little different than her first three experiences! A home birth!

I asked Aszur if she would answer a few questions for this blog post!

This is your 4th birth but your 1st home birth, correct? What made you choose to take this route?

This was my 4th pregnancy. After our 3rd baby was born, a string of events led us to a more natural way of living. So, for almost 6 years we have been eating clean, haven’t used a microwave or even seen a doctor. So the thought of being able to go through my pregnancy and delivery without going to the doctors or hospital really appealed to me. Especially since I wanted to do a water birth and the hospitals won’t allow that to happen. We had also just spent 2 years building our home so a home birth was really exciting!!

2. How was this experience different from each of your previous births?

The home birth was more then I could have hoped for. It got pretty intense during the 15 min of pushing. I was able to work with my midwife and had zero tearing and felt the best I ever felt compared to my other deliveries.

3. Why did you choose to have your birth photographed?

I knew I had to have this birth photographed by a professional because that’s the only way you know you will get the shots! I wanted to be able to look back on this day forever and have beautiful photos that tell our story. Thank you Danielle, again, for doing such an amazing job!!

Aszur & Dave built their dream home last year – COMPLETE WITH FLOOR TO CEILING WINDOWS IN THE LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM – I say this because I was DREAMING about the light – the GORGEOUS light that would come through those windows while this baby was being born!

Aszur had texted me Friday morning letting me know that it was starting – but she labors LONG! So I took the boys to my parents and waited. I had a session Saturday afternoon – and she texted me asking if I could come up after that was over – hoping that it would happen soon!

Do you see that light – those BEAUTIFUL windows!

And the light – fading fast! I knelt down and said – I’m going to have words with this little girl! THESE WINDOWS! And she’s going to come in the middle of the night! HOW DARE SHE!

Such an AMAZING support system!

She was NOT happy about more hot water being added!

Aszur was struggling with keeping that washcloth on her head – so I ran upstairs and found a hair band – PERFECT!

Birth is so amazing! I’ve photographed a handful and done it twice – and yet it still amazes me that it can happen!

This is about the time that Aszur started to say – I can’t do it. Can you see her? I can’t.

When a woman starts saying that – you know it’s time!

When I sent the preview to Aszur – she specifically asked for some of the INTENSE pictures to be included!

And just like that – SHE’S HERE!


Her cord was a little short – so she just hung out with momma – making for some GORGEOUS pictures!


The boys woke up to meet their little sister!

If you’re a little squeamish – you might wanna scroll past the next photo! I think the placenta is AMAZING!

When a baby starts developing – we GROW an organ that sustains LIFE! AMAZING!



Aszur & Dave – thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to capture this AMAZING moment in your lives!




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My cousin Vanessa and her boyfriend Jake were waiting on their first baby – due around Valentine’s Day!


Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL! My little cousin. I was 16 when she was born. My sister and I babysat them ALL THE TIME. When I left for college – she was so tiny and it’s hard to imagine her as anything other than the chubby little toddler with the bouncy curls – asking us to spend over the night.

And NOW – NOW – she is having babies of her own. A baby that is 3 years younger than my baby!


Stay tuned for their newborn session with their little baby GIRL!


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Paul & Jennifer were patiently – well not really SO patiently – waiting for their sweet little baby to make his appearance right after the New Year!

Stay tuned for their newborn session!!


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You might remember Stephanie & Zack from their wedding – their first maternity session – and “just because” family sessions!

Another sweet baby boy on the way!

Well – I assure you – he’s here and approaching 6 months old at this point – but he certainly WAS on the way at one point!

Fall is GORGEOUS here in PA!




Stephanie – thank you SO MUCH for asking me to capture this BEAUTIFUL season in your family!


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Megan Hampton is a fellow photographer and a great friend!

And her little girl is nearly 3 months old at this point!

She’s a wonderful momma and an inspiring wife!

Baby bellies – OH HOW I LOVE THEM!

I also LOVE that dress!!

I love that smile!

Megan & Seth – I’m so thankful that we get to do this small-child-raising-while-navigating-marriage-thing together!

Stay tuned for their newborn session!


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Ericka is one of my dearest friends! We’ve been praying for a baby in her arms for several years!

And like most things in life – they come in their own time – when you least expect it!

It’s a GIRL!

Another sweet girl!

Ericka – you are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved. I cannot WAIT to see this baby’s face! I LOVE YOU!


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Kelly & Dane are such amazing people!

I’m so thankful that what started out as “can you take our pictures” turned into a great friendship!

Sometimes a mini-session is all you need!

Stay tuned for their newborn session!


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Lauren and Dan have been in front my camera for 5 years! It’s such an honor to stay with families while they grow!


For their first two children – they decided to wait till the babies were born to find out what they were having!

This time though – they decided to find out ahead of time! They said they prefer the waiting!

Isn’t she just GORGEOUS!

I happen to think that pregnancy is absolutely BEAUTIFUL – but Lauren is exceptionally BEAUTIFUL throughout her pregnancies!

Stay tuned for their newborn session!

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