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My friend Sierra asked if I would capture the birth of their 4th child – their 1st girl!

I was so honored and excited! She was due mid-January and we were praying that snow wouldn’t be an issue!

Her mom called me around 6:45 on Sunday the 10th – letting me know that they were heading to the hospital (an hour away) for the night – snow and ice was in the forecast and they wanted to be prepared. I left at 7 – ready for a long night sleeping on lobby couches. As I pulled off the exit from the highway – her mom called again – asking where I was. She was 9 cm and getting ready. WHAT!

I made it to the room at 8 – and that sweet baby girl was born at 8:30 after just a few beautiful pushes!

(You won’t see all the photos in this blog post – but you will still see beautiful ones!)

I mean seriously – that chubby little face!

Sierra & Jose – it’s such a beautiful thing to witness!

Thank you SO MUCH – from the bottom of my heart – for asking me to photograph Rosa’s birth – but more than that – for asking me to be there.

There’s something so miraculous about watching someone take their first breath. Thank you.


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My friend Sierra is a fantastic friend. She’s also a great momma and wife. She’s honest and transparent.

She has quite the story and she’s an inspiration to experience the beauty from pain.

She has three wonderful boys – and will add a little girl – Rosa!

I’ve had this dress on hand for a few years. I’ve used it in a session already and wore it to the PA Renaissance Faire this year!

I’ve always had a vision to photograph a pregnant momma – in the snow – in this dress.

Sierra’s due date was quickly approaching – we couldn’t wait for the possibility of snow.


OH MY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot!!

Sierra – I am so thankful that you’re in my life! I LOVE YOU!

Stay tuned for her birth and newborn sessions!!


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Autumn is our PUBLICITY director at MOPS of Wellsboro!


Autumn – it’s been awesome getting to know you more! You are such a beautiful soul!


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I met with Jennifer and her family on a VERY chilly day! But we made it work!

On a side note – I am fully aware that photographing on tracks is not legal or safe. These tracks are purely decorative and lead to nothing – safe.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

And – just to show you that it’s not always perfect!

Jennifer – thank you so much for asking me to photograph this BEAUTIFUL time in your lives!


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Last year – Virginia took some family photos for us! WE LOVED THEM!

We traded sessions this year – and it was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!

Thank so much for meeting up with us – next time we swap – you’ll have a bouncing baby boy about to turn ONE! AHHH!


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I took Chris & Katie’s wedding photos in July of 2012! I was SO happy when she asked for a few photos announcing their pregnancy!



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I met Kelly when I was working at Phoenix – TEN YEARS AGO! I had a picture hanging up on the wall in the clinic – an older woman and her dog walking away from the camera – in Central Park. That picture stuck with her – and she emailed me about photographing their journey to parenthood!

She was due July 8th – and on June 24th – I got back in my car after a morning session to see a missed call from her. I called her back and her mom let me know that she was at 10 cm. I wouldn’t make it – but I could still come and do after the birth pictures. As fate would have it – Jared was off that day because he was playing in a golf tournament and then wasn’t need after all. I called Jared to let him know that I’d be going – and hopefully – making the birth!

I got there right before 11 – with no baby yet!

Kelly was SO calm.

I wasn’t able to be right up by her head for THE moment – but I did capture it!

A sweet baby girl!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!!

Kelly & Wade – thank you SO much for asking me to witness this MIRACULOUS time in your lives!

It was an absolute honor to capture her birth for you! I can’t wait to spend this next year watching her grow with you!



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I was so excited when I got an email from Kelly – she remembered me from Phoenix – where I worked as the aide & secretary before leaving to pursue photography as my REAL job!

They were expecting a sweet baby and wanted to document everything!


Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!

Kelly – I CANNOT WAIT to watch this sweet baby grow with your family! THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned for their birth photos and newborn shots!!


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I was SO excited when Kristen emailed me about maternity and newborn pictures!



I LOVE those shots!

I can’t WAIT to show you their newborn session!


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Angela WAS pregnant with her 5th baby and this was the first time she had maternity photos! I was so honored she asked me to capture this moment for her!

*B* is finally getting a sister! She’s SO excited!

LOVE those shots!




Angela – your little *A* is just a dream!! Thank you again for asking me to capture this for your family!

Stay tuned for their family session!!

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